Spiritual Healing Arts
Born in love to Live in Love

Loss of a Loved One

“Learn to pierce the veil. None are ever truly lost. If you knew that by stretching your faculties you could reach the souls of those who loved you, would you feel the loss as much? They are no longer with you to go on picnics or do the dishes or attend your child’s graduation in form [body], but they can still see. Affection for souls does not die. How many people see their parents or grandparents dead for what they consider many, many years, and yet the love is still strong and vibrant? When one is lost, be assured all that needed to be gained has been gained from that personality. If one is lost, if a personality discorporates, take those treasures and move forward with them in your own life. Whether one dies at forty or eighty, the life has been lived as it was meant to be lived.”

Schwartz, Robert (2010-05-14). Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born (p. 226). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.


Page 228 - "Life is based on love and service. There is nothing else."


P 229 - "Why did the deaths occur specifically the way they did and when they did?" ...

"It was agreed upon by (all involved), that this appeared to be the time when the most growth could be triggered by all involved."

Chapter ? ... Our Roots Run Deep

"Love is the truth of who you really are." ... P'taah Lightsource

                             LONGING and BELONGING

When a couple has a sense of friendship and belonging, even when they only just meet, this shows that there is a life plan at play, a decision from before incarnation.



We who are One can never be separate from one another, but we can create the illusion of separation in the physical realm. In our nonphysical Home, where no such illusion exists, we know that we are cells in the heart of one Divine Being, united by Love in one cosmic pulse. On Earth, seemingly confined by the appar­ent limitations of a human body, we perceive ourselves as distinct from one another. Only the most powerful of brings can create such illusion. Only the most courageous ones challenge themselves to live in it.



Living alone is an opportunity to intensify the decision to imagine oneself separate from the unity of any one or all souls within the ONE. And, family recreates, though dimly, our feeling-knowing of the unity that is our natural state of consciousness. The experience of separation from Home, mate or lover, mother or family may bring great light to the soul, but it is not for the faint of heart. A soul's pre-birth decision to experience any combination of these is the bold act of the spiri­tual warrior.


From "Your Soul's Gift", The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, by Robert Schwartz, (pp 348-349)

When the emotion is that of generousity, of service, of unconditional love and of understanding, then benevevolent emotions can reach out and assist the personality and the soul is advanced" - Your Soul's Plan (p223-224) by Robert Schwartz