Spiritual Healing Arts
Healing may and does come in any of many ways.  Thus, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.  That's progress!


Much of the terminology used in Allopathic Healing ("Western Medicine") comes from Greek and Latin roots.  Thus, most diagnosis are simply phrases that describe the symptoms, in one of there ancient languages.  But, does that mean the doctor knows the "cure" for the disease or that they only know how to cover up the symptoms?

So, now, let's begin with The Middle Way ...


Swedish Massage is an oriental Healing Art that was brought from China to Sweden by a man by the name of Ling.  Many of the modern techniques, however, have French names, as his secretary was French.   The term "Massage" in French means, "mashing" in English.  Though we are trained and certified in most massage techniques, we are now retired from that approach and have moved on to the more energetic approaches to healing and health.

Therapeutic Massage, uses friction, stretching, rotation, rocking, vibration and shaking to move your energy or to get it moving.  Of course, as a part of this therapy, it also stimulates endorphins, blood flow, lymph and nerve flow; any or all of which stimulate healing.

THE ORIENTAL HEALING ARTS as related to the training of these healers

Acupressure & Acupuncture are both ways of unblocking the energy Meridians and Channels that run throughout the body, so a clients chi (life force energy) may flow better and bring more abundant health and healing.

Aikido - This word is formed by three sounds: “Ai” (a medium for), "Ki" (the spiritual life force) and "Do" (the practice of). Together this is "the Way of unifying with the life forces” or "the Way of Harmony with spirit."

Reiki - ”Rei” is the channeling or delivery of the “Ki” which is the spiritual healing energy (as above).

Shiatsu - This word, in Japanese, is formed by three sounds: "Shi" which is the divine life force, "Ah" which is a projection or channeling medium an "Tsu" for the "tsubo" which is ones fingers that direct the energies of spirit.

TuiNa - is another ancient healing art that uses popular massage techniques such as effleurage (or Tui), kneading or petrissage (Na), and percussion or tapotement (Da).  In addition, TuiNa uses many massage techniques, but the intent of Tui Na is totally therapeutic and thus may not be relaxing.  In Japan, this art has been called "anwu", or more commonly "anmo".

On this page, you may find how we employ Ancient Holistic Energetic methods individualized with Inspirations from the infinite divine, cosmic and quantum realms, for healing.




"While the traditions of ancient Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) consider the heart to be the seat of the soul and Ayuravedic traditions see that organ as the arbiter between heaven and earth, modern medicine remains with the antediluvian definition by the prominent Renaissance William Harvey that the heart is a mechanical pump." - Spontaneous Evolution, p 139.


 In Akina ReiKi we work with our ancient ever-loving heart ... and yours. You have the ability to connect with the Creator light energy through your heart. The energy of your heart is already multidimensional, so as you connect with those energies your healing becomes multidimensional. That energy may then spread (as light does) throughout your body, bringing light to dark areas, helping you to feel and become more healthy and happy.


SHOULD YOU DESIRE TO STEP UP YOUR VIBRATION - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically


Beyond mere time and space, as we know them, our heart chakras are already attuned to the fifth dimensional
realms without our even having to work at it.  So, as you connect with your heart chakra, your heart energy becomes more attuned to and open to directly sensing and working with the fifth dimensional energies and the divine that exists, within and even beyond all that is.

 Like the Ancients, we specialize in engaging your ever loving heart to support your  body-mind, using TCM, Akina ReiKi, Hands-On and other Energetic and Spiritual Healing Modalities.

Helping You find your own Healing ... from above, beyond and within.

The ancient Chinese who put together the arts and science of TCM (see above) knew the value of the natural flow of vital life energy and how the restiration and maintenance of this "Spiritual Emergy Force" keeps us healthy and happy.  This vital force, that we all need for life, is called "chi" in Chinese ,and "ki" in Japanese.  So, of course, ReiKi (the channeling of these ehnergies) is a part of what we do, with and for each and every client, even when we use other supportive therapeutic methods and processes.

All of creation is formed of energy.  Matter and energy are completely interchangeable.  And, all energy is consciousness in action, formed and moved by internal attitudes, beliefs, choices, desires, expectations, fantasies, guidance, hidings, inspirations, joys, kindness and loves (even if we don't yet know what they are). 

NOTE: You have just been introduced to some of the ABCs of creation (attitudes, beliefs, choices ...)


In Nature and all natural processes (including Healing): Nothing is denied access to the realms of possibility.  Thus, the only thing that limits us from realizing some of our limitless possibilities is our belief in our unworthiness or the non-existence of "other" possibilities!  Thus, we are only limited by our own denials ... which are "blocked energy"!  And, it is our blocked energies that create the basis of all pain, discomfort, dis-ease, disease and sickness in our bodies, minds, emotions and souls. 


Relax ... Release ... Relieve ... Reorder ... and Re-LIVE A BETTER EXISTENCE!

The relaxing 'reiki' music we use is a part of the healing process that we use to take you to the deepest centers of energy, inviting you to let go of your worries so that you may dream your highest dream and become more  happy, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Energy or Energetic Healing techniques, such as Reiki, Shiatsu, Vital Life Force Restoration, Laying on of the Hands, Hypnotism, Spiritual Advice and other spiritually inspired healing methods come from the ancient cultures. All these, and others, are part of John's and Martine's range of healing techniques, thus they are not limited to any one technique, like many other practitioners.  We call this Ifull spectrum energy healing.  Typically, this kind of energy healing includes a laying on of hands along with chakra balancing and polarity therapy.  Inspirationil, spiritual energy channeling and promoting the natural flow of internal healing energies are also employed by these practitioners. Influencing healing energies at a distance may also be something we may do for an individual as we, as channels of healing and health, draw on the Divine Universal Life Force, that is within all life, for inspiring healing in, around and for the client.  These forms of energy or energetic healing are often used by experienced Massage Therapists, whether their clients know it or not.  It is something that "just happens" as one opens themselves to the energies that are within and yet beyond our physical orientation, as we allow it. 

Energetic Healing helps to move and release stagant, stuck, static energies and the stress that these energy blockages generate.  Now, you can find relaxation, release and stress relief as you elect to ease your dis-eases in Prescott AZ!  As we are also aware of the latest theories about the spirituality of our DNA and biology and Quantum Science, we call what we do, Prescott Quantum Healing.

Since we human beings are composed of active physical and spiritual energies, we are energy beings ... created in love, out of light (and other energies identified with the electomagnetic spectrum), when we, as healing channels, move the Divine Universal Life Force (known as Chi, Ki, Qui, Shi, etc.) that gives us Life and movement, Thus, we may begin to understand that Living implies movment and flow.  This is The Way the universe works.  By certain movements, some subtle, some not, your healer (doctors included) is encouraging the movement of the consciousness of the divine becoming physical perfection through each and every cell, thus encouraging health and healing of your whole body, and being.  As the Healing Channeler moves the energy of the divine life force through an individual, blockages and barriers are opened for improved energy flow and health, thus releasing the stuck, stagnent energy blockages that your body has alerted you to with the pain and lack of movement that they generate.  Thus, you may feel stress relief, pain relief and renewed eneggy surging throughout your life, without leaving Prescott!

It has been known, for many millennia throughout the Orient, that if one's life force is stagnant, blocked or slow moving, thhat person has a tendency to dis-ease and over time, illness, disease and even death.  This is why energetic healing using techniques like Reiki, Shiatsu, Polarity Therapy, Hypnotherapy and even Affirmations are extremely important to aid the flow the vital life force through your body to keep your life moving, vital and healthy.

Energetic Healing Workshops in Prescott:

Are you a healer?  Do you feel drained when healing?  Or do you just want to learn how to heal?

We will conduct a Healing Wokshop in 2012, starting at $99.00 per person for 4 to 6 hours of instruction and hands-on practice. For this class to start, a minimum of 3 new students is required.  Learn how to ground, flow and not feel drained as you heal.  Other useful healing techniques will also be shared by professional healers.


"All diseases may be healed; not all people can be."

Chapman Building, Fullerton CA


This is the building where John's father, Dr. C.F.W. Kohlenberger, MD, Physician and Surgeon, had his office in Fullerton, California, when John was born.


This building was also once the home of the "Famous" Dept. store.

This is the building where John and Martine had their licensed massage practice, "Therapeutic Dimensions" and "Above and Beyond Day Spa" in Lake Forest, California.

Interestingly, John walked through this building in 1970 when it was brand new and wondered "who will be in that office" as he came to the last office in the downstairs hallway.  Thirty years later, he found out ... it was him!  He and Martine were also the last occupants of that office, as the building was renovated shortly after they came to Arizona!


John & Martine Kohlenberger have brought their professional healing talents from California to Prescott and Prescott Valley Arizona, for your stress and pain relief so you may ease your dis-ease.

Below is a Newsletter you may be interested in.  To subscribe, click on this link:  http://www.mysticalspiritualistchurch.org/newsletters.html and send your request for the HEALING NEWSLETTER to the editor, Rev. John Kohlenberger, HHP.

Now operating in and around Prescott AZ ...


RATES:  Our rates for Energetic Healing and Stress Relief vary, according to the facilities used.  In an Office has to be higher, due to overhead costs.

                At home (yours or ours) costs slightly less, as the facility is already "provided". 

    LENGTH OF SESSION    Retail Value  Our Price

    20 minutes                            $30                $25

    30 minutes                            $50                $38

    45 minutes                            $70                $52

    1 Hour               `                   $90                $65

 Normally, we do not want to work longer than an hour, so we do not over do a good thing.


You may purchase a low cost discount trial session with John at a Mountain High Mystics event (see Public Appearances Page) @ 20 minutes for $20.

Know that you are in control of your own healing process; as you are an active participant and vital energy within the Cosmic Continuum, so there is nothing you cannot do.   Every cell in your body used the divine energies of creation to come into existence in this world and in your body, in exactly the right way and place to provide its function, so long as you both shall live.  So it is that each cell has within it, the necessary "intelligence", ability and energies to regenerate and renew or replace itself, as needed.  Thus, ultimately, you are your own best healer, especially with proper nourishment (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, with positive attitudes, beliefs and connotations) and a little love from your brothers and sisters, called humanity.



Both John & Martine have been trained, certified, licensed and practiced, with experience, in most of the Oriental Healing Arts mentioned herein.  All of these are based on Energy manipulation (not necessarily physical or body manipulation), and are thus used for pain relief beyond the physical.  These Helpers of Humanity are also trained in the way of spiritual healers and mystical ministers.


John and Martine each practice their own particular Energetic and Spiritual Healing Arts.  Some of these involve suggestions for a better diet, way of thinking or belief system.  Of course, as with any advice from any source, the dicision to apply or not, consider, or even to what extent you may want to follow these suggestiona, are YOUR PERSONAL DECISION.


What we do is not a substitute for seeing a qualified doctor or other health professional. As we all have two eyes and two ears for better sensing, so too is a second opinion a good way to know better "what is and what isn't".  What we do is complimentary
to other healing modalities; thus we do not diagnose, treat or cure anybody or
any thing ... however the Divine Universal Energies that we channel are our inspirational
healing specialty.