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After living a good life, it just seems too complicated to love this and dislike that ... so we learn to just love it all!
Love is All there IS!

"When you notice things and give thanks for them, you receive more of them."   - Paraphased from contacts with Ptaah Lightsource(over 20+ years)

We have been together in love to deepen our love and respect for life ... just as it is!, in every NOW - John K with Martine's Soul concurring.


Question:  "When they were planning their lives, how did John and Martine know they would eventually find each other?"

Answer:  "It was planned.  All things are synchronous."

Here, the angels were referring to the truth that there are no coincidences. People like John and Martine who meet by a set of seeming "happenstances" are actually drawn together by their similar frequencies:

Like attracts like. "Had they not met by any of the, at least 3 ways outlined in this story, they would have met another way".

In Life, we Discover our Hearts as Love Ever Blossoms Anew

"The reason that we are all on this earth, or school (experiential laboratory) called Earth, is to make love manifest, to the best of our abilities, in all that we do."    - Rev. John M. Kohlenberger's Guidance, July 2013

Chapter 6 ... Love ever Blossoms Anew

Life is about Relationships ... to people, things, situations and events.

So it is that after each human relationship, despite our feelings of lost love, dashed dreams and unexplored life adventures, we persevere, because "Who we are is Love" ... the love of Creator expressed in human form. 

Thus, we desire to love and be loved ... forever and more.

Paying attention to Feelings


In January 1991, while driving to work, John was coming down a hill to a stop sign (in Reche Canyon, California). Suddenly, he noticed a blonde lady driving a white Honda in front of him. Something "clicked" and even though he could not see her face, he thought that he'd like to meet her, somehow. Of course, he didn't want to run her off the road to pull her over to meet her, so he decided to ask God and the angels to help and trust the universe to bring us together, if that would be a good idea. Somehow, she just "felt right", to John, even at a distance.


This was in January, which was also the same time when John and his then girl friend had broken up for a while, so he was thinking about his next relationship.  Little did he know, that this was the same time that a good friend of this blonde lady who was driving that white Honda to work through Reche Canyon, had asked her if she would like to come to a singles discussion group.  Interestingly, this lady (Karen) who asked the blonde (Martine) this question was a "facilitatoir", like John, in that singles discussion group.  

   John heard this side of this story much later.  You can read it below.

Well, as the world turns, after John and his former girl friend had gotten back togather in May, John's youngest daughter had a premature baby (at 24 weeks) that lived only 3 days. Little did he know it then, but this was another opportunity for a growth spurt on Johns life, both emotionally and spiritually.   

  Going to the hospital every day, John found himself able to feel the love of the grandparents, the mother and father and even to feel the love of that precious little one, especially when he was finally able to hold her in his hands on her final day.  For John, these were precious moments of his feeling universal love!

   So when, in the next week, his relationship with his girl friend fell apart, again, he was not devastated, because he knew that the energy of love was real and tangible.

   Thus, John trusted that this had happened because it was time to move on to a better, stronger, more meanigful, loving and lasting relationship.

   As a result, John started advertising his availability in a singles newspaper so he could meet a broad range of women anf hopefully fimd "the right one".  At the time, he had renters in his home and when they found out that he was meeting strange women, they cautioned him that any of these women might kill him. As John was now believing and Be-Livng in Love and Trust, he assured the renters that "we only meet in public places for coffee; nothing more".


Along Comes The French Girl


  Meanwhile, in 1991, there was a lady from France who was separated from her former husband, who lived about 12 miles away from where John lived. One evening after work, she went shopping at the supermarket. As she left the market, she saw a news stand with a free singles newspaper and decided to take one home. This lady, Martine, later told John that she “never” picked up these papers, but this day she did. Now, that is spiritually inspired spontaneity at work!


When she got home, Martine opened that newspaper and saw a picture of a man, that as she looked at it said to herself, "I know that man from somewhere", but did not know where from. She liked what she read, particularly the word "metaphysical", so she wrote a letter to this man's post office box. A week or so later he received that letter and called her on the pnone to set up a meeting at a local Denney’s Restaurant a few days later.

When Soul Mates Meet

When, finally, John and Martine met, at that Denney's Restaurant,they both said “Oh, it’s you”, as they had previously met in the singles discussion groups; by lottery, ending up in the same small discussion group, TWICE.

After talking for 3 hours, it seemed that things were matching up, so they decided to have a date in a week or so. This first date was Martine to the Renaissance Fair in Cajon Pass, CA, in the daytime.  As John had helped a friend set up her Fortune Teller, or  "psychic", tent the previous year, John introduced Martine (who knew Astrology very well) to his friend.

  Both John and Martine enjoyed being together, finding excitement in just "discovering" life, together.

  At Martine's request, this photo was taken of the two of them. ... in the day time.

When Soul Mates Meet



Following going to the Renaissance Fair together, John decided to ask Martine to an evening affair.  On this first might time date they were going to a Halloween singles dance, so they would each dress up … she as a middle class medieval girl and he as a surf.


(see photo)

For John's 54th birthday, Martine took him out to dinner the Medevil Times dinner theater in Buens Park California. He was surprised at her hospitality.  Then, John had trouble (from childhood upbringing) eating with his fingers. This was a new experience!

Martine had trouble viewing the impliments of torture in theor museum, but wanted John to see them as they were similar to what she had experienced in the Tower of London.

Like an Earth Angel, Martine introduced John to many surprises and new expereinces over their years together!

As we meet other souls of like heart and like mind we find an attraction of synchronicity and the feeling the oneness in "Heaven" is again realized upon the earth.  

And, so we create and find "Heaven on Earth", again and again, as love never dies!


There came a time when  Martine had lost her full-time job and was working across the nation as a temporary employee, helping with an accounting system software conversion.  One of the places she went to was Tampa Florida.  As John had never been to Florida, he flew to Florida to meet Martine. While she worked during the day, he traveled to many places that he had hoped to, "someday"!  NOW WAS THE DAY!

  Among the many places he visited, John went to Daytona Beach Speedway, Cape Canaveral, an ancient Shell Mound and Disney Epicot Center.  Together, they were able to visit a Butterfly sanctuary and the Salvador Dalai Museum in St. Petersburg.  As both were artists, this was a treat for both John and Martine.

  The day that John went to Cape Canaveral, he received a phone call from Martine, telling him that she had tickets fore a Dinner Cruise on a Paddle Wheeler at 6:30 PM.  As it was about 4 PM, John had to drive across the state, sometimes over the speed limit, to make it to the dock with 5 minutes to spare. 

(See Photo)

As we loosen up, we may Celebrate the Joys of Life!

"Life is indeed a joy when you lighten up a little more" - Dr. James M. Peebles

"When the emotion is that of generousity, of service, of unconditional love and of understanding, then benevevolent emotions can reach out and assist the personality and the soul is advanced" - Your Soul's Plan (p223-224) by Robert Schwartz

This Love Story is ... To Be Continued

Death exists as a part of life so that those of us in this life may deepen our respect for Life ... as it is!!
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