Spiritual Healing Arts
All healing is a multidimensional and interdimensional enterprise.

Take Note!

All souls exist in multiple vibrational existences, all at once, like notes and chords upon a musical score.  And throughout each soul's existence, each one creates its own melodies, complete with its own harmonious accompaniment.  And the melody is always one of love , of hope and joy.

Here upon earth, we are vibrational notes broadcast by our over-soul, taking on form, for the purpose of creating the experience of living a life in physical reality so that we may know our existence as portions of the divine energy of Life, Love, Light, God and Creation.

We are part and parcel of the music of the spheres and help compose the fabric of Life Evermore!


What quantum mechanics calls "twinning", where two or more quanta seem to act as one, is a property of our souls!  Thus, "discarnate" souls may often experience being multiple places at "once".  Even many humans, while still in the body, may experience this condition; usually termed "dementia" ... because they are aware of being in multiple realities all at once. 


This is nothing to be upset or alarmed about, as it is a natural part of the soul's progress as it is getting ready to relinquish the body and continue one's journey of self discovery throughout the universes.

So it is that the discarnate are still able to exist and communicate with us within this particular dimensional construct called "on the earth, in a body".

If you are interested in the scientific basis for these quantum-spiritual concepts (or overlap between the physical and spiritual dimensions)  go to the Science & Metaphysics Page for greater understandings.


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"When you look deeply enough into nature, you find all things hitched to
everything els
- Natural Scientist & Philosopher, John Muir

The Oneness of God and The Universe


The universe and all its elements are connected, with and by the energy of love, that is within each and every thing, situation, event and human being. Some people call this The Living Spirit, Divas, Creative Force, Divine Mind or God-Goddess. Whatever name you choose, you still cannot describe all of what this infinite, eternal, immortal and omnipresent Intelligent Creation is all about, for it is on-going, ever expanding and changing... with no borders or boundaries of time or space, for life is multidimensional and connected interdimensionally. In short, it is All-That-Is ... was and ever shall be.
Does this sound familiar?

"Spirit" is multidimensional and like what science calls "quantum", so these are not restricted by any or our linear 3D logic or biased limitations of space or time! They just ARE!  The consciousness of this synchronicity gives all that we can comprehend a bias toward love; both given and received. This is the glue that not only holds our universe together, but it also holds our lives together as we expand and grow in understanding and wisdom.

The atomic elements that make up our human bodies were made in the explosions of giant and seemingly "distant" (on 3D time and space) super Novas. Thus, not only are we in the universe, but it is in us, both literally and physically!  And the many energies of life, light and love that radiate from the center of our galaxy, are predisposed to creating life.  All that is, working together, then brought all this wonder of life together, here upon the earth, in microbial form. Then, according to the universal law of expansion, life desired to become more so the  animals and plants began to grow (and play) together in balance so that spirit might create, humanity, to experience and enjoy a physical life where we may express our highest concept of prosperity, joy peace and love.

However, within balance, there is always a little bit of imbalance.  For, in the wisdom of Creator and Creation, it was known that this is necessary for life, light and love to exist and continue.  So it is that, from the smallest atomic structure to the largest structures in the universe, there is always polarity. This slight imbalance keeps the divine energies active, in atoms, DNA, things, processes, plants, animals, people, planets and super structures, thus sustaining life, movement and expansion, thus creating more life, light and love.

The beginning of disease, then, comes from either a static balance with no movement of energy or great imbalance, causing an excess of energy.  Either way, the energy patterns that don't support life in its highest expression may be felt as dis-ease and/or emotional pain. This emotional energy of unease (a warning) generally comes from our judgments, which from our learned reactions, then create friction, fears, frustrations, angers and even wars. This can be from either our self judgment or judging others. This is why it has been said "Judge not another".

But, love is the elixir. For, true love does not judge, though it still has preferences for more life, light, laughter, joy, peace, inspiration and more love given as well as received. This is
the energy of life and healing!

As a healer, then, one must be aware of and look for the push and pull of the polarities of ease and dis-ease, as these show the way to the answers to the most perplexing issues in the
spirit and physics of healing. When polarities work in harmony, proper flow, health and healing are promoted. When these polarities of life are uncoordinated and in disharmony, dis-ease is promoted.

And we can all talk to our cells, influencing their functions and actions.  As your cells are a part of your physical existence, you are their "God". However, we all influence each other and each other's bodies so, as a healer of others, you may also influence the conscious awareness of the cells (including the brain) of those who come to you. This ability, now that you now know about it, is to be used with honor and respect, always in balance with the needs and desires of
the other person, and never as "manipulation" or contrary to their own divine sovereignty. Manipulation works from a one sided view of God-Goddess! ... thus, it is out of balance.

The multidimensional abilities and communications of our DNA (beyond chemistry) always knows what is going on, including what you think, feel and say to your world, body and cells.
It is the spiritual attributes of your DNA that create your body and allow us to retain knowledge and access memory.  These are not "brain" functions; for this organ is merely our sensory organ for these energy constructs; which are energy in formation, so we may access the "information" that is within and around us.

Being healthy is, being all you can be! This is "rightness" or righteousness - being "right" with everybody and everything, with honor and respect.  This is our  divinity .as we use it in all our dealings.  Thus, a healer uses encouragement, as opposed to discouragement, for this is what a true Healer gives self and others.

We have chosen to be here in this time and place, in this wonderful opportunity to look more deeply at life so we may reevaluate, SHIFT and remake who we are and how we are.  This is so we may create a new sense of love and honor all things, atoms, cells, organs, people, creatures, worlds and universes ... for they are all instances of God-Goddess manifesting to us and in us.  Thus, all things are sacred.


"The supernatural is the natural, not yet understood." - Neale Donald Walsch


"The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen", by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw