Spiritual Healing Arts
It has been said, "To become aware of the Divine within, one must be out of their mind." And so it is that we break the barriers that bind and limit us.

A Unique Meditation Group

Initially, this group is being facilitated by Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, a founder of the Mystical Spiritualist Church, originally in California, now in Arizona.  This igroup now affords you the opportunity to gather with other like minded Light Seekers in a Spiritual Learning, Meditation and Support Group. Take the time to meditate, focus and develop your inner senses, so we may perceive some of the infinite “gifts of the spirit” that exist both within and without.

In the dawning of this Age of New Delightenments, we shall see where this Healing Light takes those of us who seek the light of life with love.


Have you ever felt that there was more to life than just living? Now is your opportunity to learn about, meditate and experience the greatest forces, yet unknown to science, in all the universes!

Interested Seekers are invited to participate in this new Meditation and Personal Development Group, facilitated by Rev. John M. Kohlenberger. This Healing Light Seekers Meditation Group meets at 6:30 PM on Tuesday evenings at the Prescott Public Library, located at 124 E Goodwin St, in Prescott.   Check with the Library for our Tuesday evening schedule … or http://www.spiritualhealingarts.net/classesandprograms.html

No charge to participants, just bring your open mind and loving heart, however seating is limited.

A Lightworker is anyone who is particularly service oriented, towards all life.

General Outline

This outline is not "fixed in stone"!

Please leave your fears and wories at the door step so we can all enjoy a time of being in love as we all trust the Universal Forces of God-Goddess and All Goodness.



About 15 minutes before the "official" starting time. To set the Circle energy, the leader(s) meditate to set the focus.


WELCOME and thank you  for joiningthis Sacred Circle of Co-Creation as we join with the souls of Antiquity and those of Futures yet unrealized.. This is a Circle of Life, in miniature as our soul partners come together to shower us with love to help us to find our self response abilities in love.



By Circle Leader ... From an recent Inspiration, New Awareness or Inspiring Book


OPENING AFFIRMATION: ... or Prayer - Trusting that God is ALWAYS with you (us)

IThis may change from time to time.  We're not in a rut!


GUIDED MEDITATION: Relax, Release Surrender and Rejuvenate as lift our awareness, minds and spirits beyond earth, body and mind. This meditation lasts for only 5 to10  minutes .

INVOCATION: (May be a part of the Meditation) to Enjoin with Source; the Light and Love of All Creation;
 inviting our personal Angels, Guides, Gate Keepers, Loved ones and beings of the higher vibrations to participate.



About 5 minutes of sitting, relaxing, feeling, listening, seeing, tasting or tasting spiritual promptings - using our inner awarenesses so that we may experience communion and "contact" then dialog!  Initially this may be as simple as "Intuiting" Faces, Billets,  Cards, Letters, Smoke, Smudges, or other practices promoting Inner Awareness



Channeling our Life, Light, Love and Inspiration to others in, of and betond this world.


We now thank the Christ Light of Creation, our Guides, Angels and Loved ones for being here with us and invite all back here for our next gathering to build a higher level of Spiritual Vibration, Energy and Awareness.



"Suffering is not needed to promote spiritual growth.  There are other ways of becoming aware of Who You Truely Are, but you have become used to suffering in earth.  We are on the verge of a collective change, and there will be different ways of learning for humankind".

 - from "Your Soul's Gift", by Robert Schwartz (p 345)

Listen to a Channeling about "Connection": 

(from Lightsource Ptaah)

Nobody can ever "Leave God" and no soul can be "lost" ... forever!

However, we may have forgotten our connection with God-Goddess and All-That-Is; and that we are always a part of everything and it is a part of us.  This Healing Light Seekers Meditation Group is offered, to help you Remember and Connect.  All you have to do is "The Work", in JOY!

The Group facilitator

Your initial facilitator for these Meditation groups is Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP.  Rev. John will help you to go beyond the limitations that you have ppaced upon yourself, so you may contact and communicate with "the other side" of life, light and love.

Call Rev. John Kohlenberger at (928) 776-1686 or contact him on Facebook or email at John.Kohlenberger@Hotmail.com  for further details.