Spiritual Healing Arts
Here are your keys to healing ... so simple we may have missed them as we were doing our busy life.

A Path Toward Healing

The path to healing is
the path of life itself. Healing is a journey, whether in ones mental, physical, emotional, spiritual state or some
combination of these. 

And as with any journey, those going through this course will sometimes go up, down, right, left and sometimes even stop or turn around, just to reorient, retrace or
correct their path, while keeping a vision of their eventual destination or outcome in mind.

ACRONYMS to help you become more Healthy:


DNA: Your, on-board, innate "Divine Natural Awareness"

HOPE: comes when we "Hold on to Our Positive Experiences" -

EVIL: Everything
Valuable Is in Life

EVIL: is simply the mirror image if "LIVE"  ... so just turn it around!

FAIL: Fearful
Attitudes Inhibiting Life."


FEAR: "False Expectations Appearing Real"
"Forgetting Everything's All Right"

 "False Expectations & Assumptions Revealed!"

   “Fantasized Energy Afforded Reality"

How do you get beyond fear?
"Find Every Act Respectful"

GOD: "Getting Over Denial"
"Getting Over Division" 

 "Getting Over Divisiveness"

... "Gettion Over Defensiveness" 

HELL is a a way for: "Healing Everything Little by Little".


HOPE: "Holding Omnipresent Positive Energy"

 "Healing with Omnipotent Potential Energy"

Ultmately, your health and healing is not exclusively about your body; the foods that you eat or don't and the exercise you get or not.  It is about exercising your spirit; what you put into your mind and what comes out of your mouth, as you practice growing and sharing your heart.  For, Love is the Grand Elixir!  And as each one of us is a part of All-That-Is, we and our world heal together, as one.  We and our universe are expanding together!
As you each are more hopeful, then there is the reaching for the highest
star, and then to understand your greatness and grandness; to understand the divine magic and miracle that you are, walking this earth
- Dr. Peebles, 1966

A Divine Marriage Has Taken Place!

Every cell in your body uses the divine loving energies of Creator and Creation to create the reality which allows it to come into existence in this world and in your body.  This process, that some call Intelligent Design, is driven by the spirituality of your biology ... and of the universe ... which comes into being through certain processes that we now see as "quantum", which are the workings if All-That-Is at the smallest levels we can conceive.  Thus, the energies of Creation have conspired to help your body-mind and your entire being come together in exactly the right way and place to provide you its function, so long as you both shall live in a loving relationship. 

So it is that each cell on your body has within it, the necessary "intelligence", ability and energies to regenerate and renew or replace itself, as needed.  Thus, by your attitudes, beliefs and choices (the ABCs of Creation), you are ultimately your own best healer, especially as you supply your body-mind the proper support (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and motivate this with your own self-love ... aided by a little love from your brothers and sisters; called our family of humanity.

Besides all the pills, potions, prescriptions and manipulations your doctor or health provider may give you, when you meet, you always exchange some sort of love!   The more love; the more help.

All Healing is allowed, benefited, condoned, desired and enabled by the Powers of Love!


Know that you are in control; as an active vital energy within the Cosmic Continuum, you are One With The Great Creator. So as the co-creator that you are, there is nothing you cannot do.  

(Even though you were told otherwise by others who may not have been so wise.) 

Your Subconscious Mind

What is the physician in your world doing?

It is important to understand that your subconscious mind is your mission on-board computer, physician and healer. And as you understand this physician analogy, you will also begin to understand that the subconscious mind is a natural force and a perfect servant.  This creation of energy is like a beautiful natural garden and creative growth medium, for whatever you plant in it from the conscious mind, grows.  The subconscious has the ability to grow only gardens of flowers and beautiful forests, but, because you have chosen to reincarnate into a  world with the seemingly negative ele­ments of hardship. lack, war, famine, poverty and disease—the subconscious mind has attuned to this negative environment and grows things accordingly.


Hoverer, your subconscious body/mind still has the ability to absorb positiveness and create perfect health. Negative elements are all creations of humanity, for your learning and growth on this plane.  So, as you understand and overcome these negativities, you become the Master of your life. 


So it is that yoursubconscious relies upon what your conscious draws to it or puts in it. However, your conscious is also like a computer programmer analyzing each situation and then telling the subconscious what to do about it. Your subconscious can only act on what it knows or has been programmed to do. Thus it simply follows the dictates of the programmer (with your genius) blindly.

As the genius that you are, what are you telling or putting into your computer?

Yes, you are the Creator of your life, the way it is now ... and the Creative Genius who may make it into anything you desire, including a healthy, happy, wealthy and whole existence! 

“As the creators that we are (made in the image and likeness of Goddess-God), we take on our challenges in life to force us to go deeper so we may learn to draw from our deepest strengths.”  -  Jean-Marie

Seeing the Illusions as illusions - Neale Donald Walsch

Discovering your Illusions of Separation - Dr. James Peebles

Using the ABCs of Creation - Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP

Now, in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about  Who You Are. This is the process you have called evolution.


Yet you need not be affected by this process in any nega­tive way. You can be  in this world but not of it.    When you are, you will begin to experience the  world as you choose to experience it. You will then understand  expe­rience itself to be an action rather than a reaction;  something that you are making, not something that you are  having.


When you understand this, everything in your life will change. When enough  of you understand this, everything on your planet will change. 

[This  will be enlightenment or shift that you have been waiting  for.]

Those who have understood this secret have been called Masters. Those  who have taught this secret have been called avatars. Those who have lived this  secret have been called blessed.

Therefore, blessed be.

From the book, "Communion with  God", Page 113

"What you are really trying to do is to come to that place or that part of you that knows itself as a Perfect Eternal Expression of  Creation, that is in harmony in a way with the Unified Field of Consciousness.

 - P'taah Lightsource


Water is considered necessary to life, and your body is mostly water. It is important to have good water, especially water that has a lot of minerals in it, not water that has been chlorinated or fluoridated. The individual gets water in many ways: through food, through cooking, through absorption. The best water comes from vegetables that have digested and eliminated a lot of the chemicals that are less than healthy for the individual. You get a lot of water that way.


Each individual should have three to four glasses each day.  And, if one is experiencing urinary tract issues, including prostate problems, plenty of water is necessary (possibly 8 glasses a day) in order to cleanse, refresh and flush the stresses or toxic build up  in the tracts and tubes involved in eliminating properly.


Those that want to keep good teeth should have the equivalent of six or seven glasses, and make sure that they wash the mouth out with water after each meal.


Children should have as much as eight glasses.


The best water is a spring or natural water, not a fluoridated water.



Know that many illnesses are the result of dis-ease and disharmony, caused most often by our fears, frustrations, angers and judgments.  Thus, these negative elements may be replaced by positive thought, changing dos-ease to ease, disharmony to  harmony while bringing positive vibrations in the mind, the emotions, through your attitudes, beliefs and what you concentrate on.  This changes and improves the functioning of the cells and organs of your body.

Most illnesses have to be treated with correct nutrition first, so people can see their body functioning well before the internal, conscious, subconscious, mental, emotional and spiritual healing takes effect. It is possible to heal they self even while taking terrible nutrition, but again, ultimately, you have to deal with the causes of being ill-at-ease, illness, dis-ease, disease, chronic conditions and even the choices of death and destruction.

Love, however, is the Great Elixir of Life Lived!



Humankind has the inborn ability for a 240 year lifetime and through ancient methods of regeneration, even more!.


However, from the very beginning, even as a child, you hear phrases like, "Wait till you get old, you will feel aches and pains."  Or, you ask someone how they are today and they will tell you. "Oh, I 'm fine, for an old man."  These thought forms create weakness, disharmony, illness and decay by creating rigid paths within the mind. An individual of any age can feel youthful in the mind, and the body will react accordingly, but your society consistently says, "When you are old you must retire."  And so you look in anxiety upon that date. You say and think things that cause you to  begin to deteriorate even before you reach thirty-one!


Frank Lloyd Wright said, at age 92 said something like, "It's only a number.  You are only as old as you want to be.".

Rebuilding your subconscious mind
How much do you value yourself and have confidence in your abilities?


How strong is your subconscious? How important are you? What are you doing? What are you feeling? Your subconscious controls you in many ways but you have the ability to rebuild your whole life, to heal yourself, no matter where you are.

First, you must deal with yourself; to think only positively. But you say, What is there positive to think about? This world is in terrible condition. We, in spirit, hope that your world is in terrible condition, for that is why you are here; to learn to step above that terrible condition in love and to then have peace within yourself.


In regards to the little words, the innuendoes, that cause your body to fail, situations like someone saying, If you run too far, you will be sore tomorrow. Or, someone may say, If you lift all of that weight, you will hurt yourself Or, Pregnancy is a hard experience; it is filled with pain.  Someone may also say, Understand that I do not mean any harm, but you shouldn't do that or you'll break your leg. Or you say to your child, Don't run out into the street, or you'll get killed.


 NOTE: These are all negative thoughts, coming from the programming of small and large minds.   However, you can change all this to the extent that you change your attitudes, beliefs, concentrations and have faith - in yourself or an external power working within you.  Either way ... THE POWER IS WITHIN ... YOU!