Spiritual Healing Arts
Each human lifetime is our gift of opportunity to learn more about Who We Really Are and our relationships to and as a part of, All-That-IS.


Education and Experience:

AA Computer Science with Mechanical Engineering minor

Over 35 years experience in Science, Engineering amd Mathematics as a Computer Programmer.

Over 10 Years as a Professional Technical Writer and Illustrator

Practicing Artist, displaying & selling my works to the public, for over 10 years

Editor of various Newsletters for over 50 years.


Ordained Minister, Certified Massage Therapist (licensed practitioner 9 years)

Holistic Health Practitioner (1000 hour diploma)

Owner/Operator of Therapeutic Dimensions, Holistic Health & Massage Practice, open 8 years and certified Hospice Volunteer.


Student of self help, positive thinking and spirituality; Learning and Practicing Positive Spiritual Attitude, Beliefs and Choices since the mid 1960s


Facilitator, Presenter &   Group Discussion Leader  for a  Singles Recovery & Self Help Group  (4 years)

Based background on my education and experiences ... I was chosen by the group leader

Presented an uplifting topic based on experiences, books and other sources, about once a month

Facilitated small discussion groups, discussing what was presented or individual "singles"
personal problems, weekly.

Spiritual (Inspirational & Energetic) Healer, for over 20 years

Ordained Minister in the Mystical Spiritualist Church, for nearly 15 years

Guest Speaker/Minister & Healer before that (7 years)



In the FALL of 2013, Rev. John will be leading a Prescott OLLI class: in a 6 week read and discuss format, based on the book, "What God Wants",written by Neale Donald Walsch.



John can Help!  As Rev. John has been through 2 divorces along with several other close relationships, and now the death of a spouse.  He has EXPERIENCE "coping" with loss, and thus has some expertise in conveying a spiritual perspective about these issues.  For last the 4 months that his late wife was in several Phoenix hospitals and care facilities, nurses, doctors and friends remarked, "you sure have a positive attitude".  This is what Rev. John can bring to you and your loved ones.

John is willing and able to share, his insights, positive attitude and expanded outlook with others going through potential or actual loss, so you can be on your own personal journey sooner, with less delay and hang ups.


You have not found this web page by accident!.

Qualified by spiritual sources:

Dr. Peebles, in spirit: You father (also in spirit) is wanting to say hello.  He says that you've been doing really good work with your grief.  You've turned it into a beautiful painting.  And, he says, you're coloring the world with it, rather than holding it inside and letting it fester.  And so he's really proud of you.    And, "Really proud"  of you doesn't emphasize it enough for him ... for what he's sharing here.

Me: Well thank you.  I thought of him sometime (this morning), while walking into the room or something.

Dr. P.: Yeah

Me: So, I thought he might be around.  Anyway ... Um ... I've been doing ... should I call it my own version of  channeling (?) recently and writing things down, and I'm just wondering if you have comments about that sort of thing?  

I invite you to surf to my other web pages to find out about this!

Heartache and Grief

Why?  We create and co-create our lives, loves and circumstances from deeply held, often unconscious, attitudes, beliefs and choices.  Thus, everything we experience is a co-creation, often part of a larger pattern with other people, including situations such as loss of loved ones or mass events that we have been taught that we "should not" be involved in, like wars and famines.  All of this is the cirruculuum in this school for each soul that comes to this Earth to learn more about love, both given and received.


Thus, we are enrolled in this School Called Earth, where all must go through what they (we) must go through to experience what we (and our souls) have come here to experience, energetically (emotionally), and thus become greater and grander in our love and light.


So, when we can finally accept and acknowledge the love that is within us, each situation, each human being and that this is a gift for us, we will transform what previously seemed to be put upon us, immovable and cast in stone; and find new cholices, freedoms ... and flight of our souls.

John's Helper

My former wife, Martine ... now on "The Other Side".  However, some of the hospice patients I visit have met her ... even though we believe her to be on the other side of some flimsy veil of forgetfulness ("thinner than a hair on your head", so she tells me.).  BUT, it's time to remember, now!

Where is that Hole ... Really?


So often I hear people talk of their departed loved one and "the hole they left in my heart".  But, as I have found along my life and death journey, we often misstate the truth!  So, here is my truth!


When my wife moved on into the greater light, life and awareness, because of our love I knew that she was (and is) still in my heart, so I actually felt the hole in my life ... not in my heart!  And then I realized that often my tears came because I could still feel her here with me, but I could not touch her or hug her!  The "hole" was thus a physical hole in my physical life and not a hole in my spiritual heart. 


So, I offer this for your consideration as you grieve; If you feel your loved ones coming close to you, you don't have a hole in your head or in your heart.  What has happened is that your heart has just "opened" to greater realities and stronger feelings. It is this heightened love that will help you heal, as you learn to love yourself as much as you have loved (and still do) this other one.


The amazing thing was that though we couldn't hold hands any more, we still visited each other in our dreams.   And as she told me, "I may be dead, but I'm not gone", I still caught golden orbs of her energy in many of photos.


I invite you to look down the menu bar to the pages below "Martine's Healing" for my stories, photos and graphical representations of what I have experienced since my wife Graduated beyond this School Called Earth and is now engaged in other courses, learning more about love, in some of the other schools and colleges within this Universe-ity of the Divine.

Love knows no boundaries, not even death!

Angelic Golden Girl
Celebrate Life - not just the holidays


A Source of Great Grief, Sadness ... and Joy!

Have you ever felt close to your loved ones who have gone on before you?  While the "old school" said that your grief and sadness push them away, this may actually be the best time for feeling the love and closeness with your departed loved ones.   Thus, "The Class of 2014" says that this is when they are nearest!  Most times, what starts this feeling of sadness is the fact that they are near and loving, and you would like to be with them on the same wavelength and attunement, but you realize that you are not.  Yes, this is sad.  But, in fact, all you have done is created an energy envelope around you that acts as a wall, and deep within, you understand that they are not only near, but also very dear.

So, what  you really need to do is relax, and let the tears wash away that wall of sadness, so you may pierce the veil and feel their love and possibly even their touch.  After all, they are as near to you as your own breath at these times, and deep within you feel that, you know it in your heart.  As this doesn't fit our well ordered straight line human logic, the head objects.  And this is where your sadness comes from; confusion, frustration, anger and fear ... that you and your religious teachers may not know all the answers.  They tell you one thing, yet you feel something different in your heart! 

And then you may judge yourself about crying (especially men) and/or start trying to blame yourself for (in fact) things you could not control.

This is time to stop all that, relax, breathe, let go and Let God ... your soul, higher self, guides and angels through!  And as you rejuvenate, you'll find the joy of love lost and then found again ... on both sides of the veil!


Since all things are connected, all you have to be is open and trusting that you do have or can make that love connection.  So, as you may sit in tears and sadness,, know that your loved ones ate right there with you to comfort you, but your dispair may blind you from seeing, knowing, feeling or being touched by them.  They really didn't go anywhere when their soul left the body behind; their world just expanded, but it still includes this one and you, just as your inner world still includes them!


Love is all there really is.


Understanding and Transforming

Many people have experienced lost; of a job, of a home or of a loved one and in each case there is a spiritual lesson (as you may have heard).  So if you have experienced a loss, please look at the difference between sadness and grief.


Sadness is a very natural arising upon loss. It's based on the open heart and on the love that was there, and missing it.  Looking at the loss of a loved one (our focus here), the following is intended to help you.

Grief is based more on fear. 'Is he or she okay? Will I be okay? What will I do without
them?'  There's always a contracted energy associated with grief, a tension. Become aware of and look at that tension whenever it comes. When you are feeling grief, know it as grief and see if you can find the sadness that's openhearted and uncontracted underneath. It's okay to be sad and it won't last fore


At some point you will find that you have passed through a lot.  Then, ss you reflect upon the loss of your significant other's companionship in your life, the loss of their literal hug, smile and hearing words or phrases of theirs, find that of this person that is still with you; that which can never be lost, and enjoy your moments and memories in your heart.  As you think of them in love, it nourished both of your souls!

So, watch when grief with contracted energy and fear and grasp­ing come, and simply
note, 'This is grief. This is fear.'  These are not who or what you are.  These feelings are the mind creating some kind of story then, trying to get away from anger or some other kind of pain.  


Do you understand the distinction, now, between grief and sdadness and how to transform darkness to more light?


NOTE: The above outline is based on text found in "Your Soul's Gift", a book written by Robert Schwartz, on page 427

SINS & PUNISHMENT ... from Neale Donald Walsch's book,

Home with God, CHAPTER 10, page 61

"There is no such thing as "punishment" in what you call the Afterlife. It is those who are left behind who are seemingly punished.  They experience an incredible shock, from which some never fully recover. All of them feel an enormous loss. Many spend the rest of their lives blaming themselves. They wonder what they did wrong, they agonize over what they could have said or done that might have changed things.”  However, this is self-punishment.

And as far as "Hell"?  “A void does not exist.”  (p62)   So you cannot avoid life and living!