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Here are some books that can help you understand life from a deeper, yet broader "spiritual" perspective\.  These "books" may be found on the book shelf as a new hard cover, paper back, used book, Audio Book or Kindle download. 


Many of these books have helped me along my path and so I share. - John K


You are invited to enjoy some of these books containing the inspired writings of their authors.

FACILITATOR: John M. Kohlenberger

Over seven years ago John retired as a Holistic Health Practitioner in his family owned alternative healing office.  He has also been retired for over 15 years from his former job as a computer engineer and technical writer in the Aerospace and Defense sector. In addition, he has also been a facilitator for  singles discussion groups, art show coordinator and president of an art association. Over twenty years ago he servied on the General Plan Advisory Committee for the growing city of Moreno Valley, CA.

John and his wife, Martine, moved to Prescott Valley in 2006 and he soon became an OLLI student and opened their California born Mystical Spiritual Church in Arizona.

Today, and always, John loves exploring a wide range of ideas and classes at OLLI, including, art, music, philosophies, science and even geology. 

In addition to facilitating prior classes about the French Impressionists and Concersations with God, book III, he has also been a T/A for a computer class at OLLI.

John and Martine are founders of and current the head ministers for the Mystical Spiritualist Church in Prescott, AZ.

John was told over 3 decades ago, by soirit, that "God is alive in us" ... each and every one of us!



Through OLLI (John - 2010-2011):

  • "Conversations with God" - Book III


These offerings are helping you and me to discover our Higher Selves and More of Who We Really Are - or aren't.

As it turns out, even the French Impressionists were almost Artistic Metaphysicians which helped them bring societie's values, art and politics to new, broader levels!  Some of them even knew, deep within, that God is alive in us ... and was working through them.


Discover your divine personal response abilities, beyond what your parents and teachers defined as "taking your responsibly"!
Learning about Love with books and coffee
For your reading pleasure

You are invited to enjoy some of these books as you relax and absorb the wisdom and miracles described in them.


" ... as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - Hamlet

"In my father's house are many mansions." - Bible (John 14:2)

Start with simple books, easy to understand, with your feet on the ground!

Introducing Patricia A. Murphy and a few of her books


Pat has a long history with metaphysics and spiritually oriented subjects.  She has had "the gift" since childhood.


As you see in this recent picture, she loves to work with horses and their owners.  However, she also works with humans and their pets, giving spirituial perspectives about what is happening in their relationships.


Pat was an early supporter of the Mystical Spiritualist Church that John and Martine started in Costa Mesa California in 2001.  She was also a minister in this church while it was still meeting in California.

Learn to communicate with your four legged loved ones:


In this book, Pat Murphy's first, she tells how your pets communicate, among themselves and if you are open to it, with you as well.  This is a no holds barred book, even telling us that our pets even know family secrets and always speak their truth.


Pat has decades of experience in this field and still loves to help pet lovers, from race horse owners to owners of unruly dogs and independent cats by telling their human companions what is going on in their lives.

Book summary:


Since she was a child Pat Murphy believed in Angels and that they guided her daily. 


Over the years this proved to be a  valuable aid to her when dealing with life's challenges.  It was because of her belief in their existence, that the she found the courage to move from a sheltered home life to a career as a healer and spiritual consultant. 


Her honesty in presenting her life's challenges in this work is both inspirational and, an excellent example of courage and faith.

Thrilling Adventures!


In this novel, Pat Murphy takes the reader on a journey to other worlds.  It is not only action packed, but also has spiritual lessons burried between the lines so that even spiritual seekers will enjoy the story.


Reverend Martine couldn't put it down once she started reading this book.

"Gratitude is the attitude that changes everything."

- from Friendship with God

by Neale Donald Walsch

A GOOD BEGINNING for the seekers and novices.

Conversations with God (CwG) is a sequence of books written by Neale Donald Walsch, written as a dialogue in which he asks questions and "God" answers.
The first book of the Conversations with God series, Conversations with God,
Book 1: An Uncommon Dialogue
, appeared on bookshelves
in 1995
, and quickly became a publishing phenomenon, staying on the New York Times  Best-Sellers List for 137
weeks. The succeeding volumes in the trilogy also appeared prominently on the List.


CwG's basic messages in his "Trilogy" (the first 3 books) ...

In Friendship with God (page 373), Walsch writes that God presents four concepts which are central to the entire dialogue:
  1. We are all One.
  2. There's Enough.
  3. There's Nothing We Have to Do.
  4. Ours Is Not A Better Way, Ours Is Merely Another Way.


Parallels in other belief systems:

In the dialogue many philosophical ideas are presented that had already been advanced earlier by major Eastern and Western thinkers, but Walsch presents the information in language for modern readers and does not specifically cite any of these philosophers. In fact, Walsch claims that he had never known most of these ideas before his revelatory experiences. Since the beginning of the series, and especially in the latter volumes, Walsch and "God" acknowledge that most of the concepts presented are previously known to humanity, but are profound enough to warrant being explored repeatedly, and put into this cohesive unified form. Since humanity is still mired in strife and conflict, there is value in their\ restatement. It may be noted that fundamental parts of Walsch's writings are mirrored within other well known spiritual writings and traditions.

Conversations With God, Book 1   (1995) ... An uncommon dialog

The dialogue begins . . .

I have heard the crying of your heart. I have
seen the searching of your soul. I know how deeply you have desired the Truth. In pain have you called out for it, and in joy. Unendingly have you beseeched Me. Show Myself. Explain Myself. Reveal Myself.

/ am doing so here, in terms so plain, you cannot misunderstand. In language so .simple, you cannot be confused. In vocabulary so common, you cannot\ get lost in the verbiage.

So go ahead now. Ask Me anything. Anything. I
will contrive to bring you the answer. The whole universe will I use to do this. So be on the lookout; this book is far from My only tool. You may ask a question, then put this book down.


But watch.



The words to the next song you hear. The
information in the next article you read. The story line
of the next movie you watch. The chance utterance of the next person you meet.  Or the whisper of the next river, the next ocean, the next breeze that caresses your ear—all these devices are Mine; all these avenues are open to Me. I will speak to you if you will listen. I will come to you if you will invite
Me. I will show you then that I have a/ways been there.


All ways.

    Conversations With God, Book II  (1997) ...

Living in the World with Honesty, Courage and Love

Lighting up the World
Lightening up with Conversations with God


Conversations with God is all about the spiritual path of humanity. Your path, my path, and the path that our species is taking collectively.


That last part, our collective\ path, is the main focus of this, the second book in the CwG series. Here, a challenge has been placed squarely before us. This text makes it clear that the way we are "doing life" on this planet is not working. Not very well. In some cases and some places, not at all.


There is another way, yet we will not find that way by searching for it. We will find it only by creating it.\  And we will not create it by staying stuck in old beliefs but only by being open to new ideas, new ideas about God and about life that can truly light the world.


—from the new "In Closing" section

"[Conversations with God, Books 1 and 2] touched many readers who found truthful insight and loving warmth."

—Bodhi Tree Book Review

Conversations With God, Book 3 (1998) ... Embracing the Love of the Universe

Given the world that we live in and the stories we have told ourselves endlessly about this world, it is hardly surprising
that some people have found it challenging to embrace and implement the messages found in the Conversations with God series.  As you read this book (Book 3) and we consider its contents, you may find that life as we are living it is counter to all of our best intentions and interests. Life truly ebbs and flows, and the tide of events may sometimes seem to run counter to the way we thought we deeply understood Ultimate Reality to be.

What we have convinced ourselves about love does not ring true in our heart and what we have told\ ourselves about the God of our fathers feels deeply uncomfortable in our soul, today.

This third book in Walsh's trilogy "Conversations with God", Embracing the Universe. discusses abortion, assisted suicide, auras, chakras, death, dis-ease, fear, heaven, hell, love,
sex, souls and Who We Really Are and who we dream of becoming.

This book may give you an opportunity to think again and possibly make some new decisions and create new realities as you to learn about Donald Neale Walsch's dream of a New Spirituality.

Who is Neale Donald Walsch and why did he write the  "Conversations with God" books?


If you have seen the movie, "Conversations with God", you have seen how Neal was down and out, living with the street people in a park, when after much soul searching and praying to a God that he did not know if it even existed, started hearing "answers" to his questions about life. Then, following the advice of his new-found girl friend, he started writing this material down. In parapsychological terms, this is a form of automatic writing.  Like the Impressionists, by writing these books, Neale is moving society one more step forward.


In the writing of these books, Neal wrote and wrote, almost giving up several times and finally, following the advice of his girl friend and a few others, he submitted his material to publishers. Finally, when he was about to again give up, again, one of them agreed to publish "Book 1". Then, books 2 and 3 of his "uncommon dialog" series followed within a few years.  In his books, Neale stresses that not only is God alive in us, but that we are alive within God at the same time.  Thus, we never left God and cannot, even though our memory and awareness of such things may be dim.  Is it time for you to awaken yet?

The path of light and enlightenment is lit by joy, compassion and healing love,

which then raises the frequencies of all who follow along in the future.

What God Wants ... an uncommon dialog

What could Creator not have?
What God Wants

What God Wants ...

What could or would The Creator of All that Is want ...

that He, She, It, They, We couldn't have?

This book What God Wants, a later addition to the "Conversations with God" series by Neale Donald Walsch, looks at where society, religion and politics are now and what it might take for us to create a better tomorrow. No holds are barred in his book, so it looks at a wide range of societal values, from many stand points.  It addresses such subjects as: God, God's Word and Messengers, Heaven and Hell, Life itself, Male and Female, Marriage, Sex, Homosexuality, Love, Free Will, Suffering, Money, Morality and even Death. This book is not for the faint hearted, but it is for inquiring minds. .

Home with GOD , in an Everlasting Life that Never Ends!

What is, Coming Home?
Home with God


This book continues the discussion of the uncommon dialogs found in Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God books.



"This book confirms those things that my soul knows to be true. You can't really  explain these things to people who aren't open to such things and we don't even need to. We will be with the ones who left before us again. We will continue our
journey forever. Life and Death are not separate but the same. This is a great  book. It took me three days to read it and I am now reading it again with a pad of paper and a pen so that I can take detailed notes.

It's not going to be for those who are adamant that there's a place called Heaven and a place called hell, but it's for those who have an open heart and a soul willing enough to remember that there is no death in God."

Peace & Blessings, children
of Love.


A Personal Note:

Now, I feel very much like the situation that Neal describes on page 286:

This Book, "has given me some wonderful

spiritual insights and deeper understandings

and awarenesses that have brought me comfort, that I had hoped to bring to many others - especially to people who are dealing with the

death of a loved one, or those who themselves

are approaching death."

"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."

 - Albert Einstein



 a Channeled Spirit Entity

(Me) I seemed to be guided to a book, "Proof of Heaven", because two incidences in the same day 1) introduced me to the book and 2) then I found it.  I found the book interesting.
It seems to me that I was guided to it partly because Martine may have had some experiences similar to this doctor (Alexander) that wrote the book. Is this true?


(Dr. P) Yes, in some respects, yes.  But, it has been, most of all, it is a reassurance to you.

Her experiences were quite fabulous, but very quick. She says the problem with death is that it happens so quickly. She says, the transition is so glorious and then all of a sudden you're over on the other side. She says "I could have taken that ride again". She liked that a lot, she says that was a lot of fun and the journey out of the body, too.  She says she just surrendered and the journey was incredible. She says "It's the magnification of love beyond your wildest dreams" and then she says "pop and then you're on the other side. It just happens!"