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Since my wife, Reverend Martine, moved on into the Greater Light, through the door that we call "death" on 30 January, 2013, I (John, the webmaster) am rededicating this website and its contents to her and our dog "Spirit" (shown in the picture).


However, it is the life, light and love of conscious energy, that we call consciousness, that creates the body; not the other way around.  Thus I know that she lives on in the Greater Light of All Creation and loves on as well, for like the soul, love never dies.  For, the soul is another manifestation of the energy and awareness of love, also called "God", Creator or God-Goddes.


And, as we both still live, on either side of what our religions call "the veil" (of forgetfulness ... of Who We Really Are, which is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE), we can and do still communicate.  Thus, Martine has told me, "I may be 'dead', but I'm not gone."


Now, consider your friends and relatives who have "gone" before you!  They, too are still quite alive,, but the are just not in our conscious awareness, in THIS reality.  We forget that there are trillions, and even more "realities throughout the universes and dimensions, so the possibilities are literally mind blowing and endless. 


Do not even try to "wrap your head " around all this, but do, as the Virgin Mary did, "ponder these things in your heart", and you'll soon begin to understand.!

Our Webmaster is a man of many hats 

Reverend John is a native Southern Californian and is a Mystical Minister and a Spiritual Healer, now in Central Arizona.  He still often visits Southern California as a Speaker, Mystical Minister, Spiritual and Inspirational Healer.  So, how did all this come about? 

   John was born as the son of a Doctor and a Nurse. His grandfathers were a farmer and a minister.  Thus, he has a spiritual heritage (or genetic, if you prefer) for what he is doing.  Since birth, John has been trained in the mystical arts of vibrational and energetic transformation and has been further tutored by Jack Rowe, a Spiritualist and Spiritual Healer in California.

   After that, John earned a 1000 hour degree as a Holistic Health Practitioner and was board certified by NCBTMB in the Alternative Healing Arts so he can ease your dis-ease and give pain relief.   He performs his intuitive healing arts by employing a range of methods, including his: Mystical Ministry, Spiritual Healing, Meridian Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Auric Cleansing and Quantum Energy manipulation.  Some of these techniques are similar to the popular oriental disciplines of ReiKi and Shi-a-Tsubo which have brought pain relief to many around the world.  John is practiced in distance healing, near body and hands on techniques that increase the circulation of one's vital life force, Chi, Shi, Ki, Qui that are also known as Holy Spirit in western religious terms; thus easing dis-ease and bringing pain relief.

   John wears many hats; as a creative artist, engineer, scientist, mathematician, philosopher, teacher and a preacher and has lead classes about healing and the arts, including one about The French Impressionists.  John will be leading others, based on the works of Donald Neale Walsch or other authors.

   A book about these subjects is also in writing.

Working with computers and creating websites has become so easy, compared to what computerized creation of meaningful content used to be!


When I became an engineering computer programmer, in 1959, everything was either "hard wired" or command driven ... on IBM Cards.  I soon found out that computers were the "perfect servent", as they followed every command given, even when it was wrong or not intended! 


Later, I had some brief exprience with "wiring up" computers (both digital and analog) to create the mathematical models of physical life so that we could produce the results we hoped for.


Digital computer programming was taking over as we moved to interactive interfaces and could begin to see more immediate results; easily, faster and cheaper.

Then came the Apple Lisa, the first commercial computer with a graphical interface, and finally, I found a computer that I could easily do everything I ever dreamed of doing on a computer.  One problem: I filled up the 5 Megabyte hard drive in two weeks, in 1980, but I knew that this was the next great step in computing!


Well, personal computers have grown faster, more capable, cheaper and easier to use ... thus you are able to read this brief history of how it is that you can see my picture and read my thoughts ... from anywhere around the world and you can also respond while sitting comfortibly at home.


If you can believe it, the computer you are using right now is more capable, easier to use and faster that the $15,000,000 super computer I once worked with!

A Wizard of OZ?

John M. Kohlenberger is also the webmaster for the www.MysticalSpiritualistChurch.org website.

Reverend John M. Kohlenberger, HHP, shown above, is our capable webmaster, who also manages one of the top rated Spiritualist Church websites: www.MysticalSpiritualistChurch.org.



If you want to learn of his spiritual or religious views, we recommend that you also surf over to that website!

By Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP

   This Website and any books that I write are dedicated to all those who have contributed to my life of self discovery.  I must thank my wives and lovers for their contribution along with my teachers, whether channeled, inspired, imagined or physical for their part in this process.
   Of special mention are Ethel & Jack Rowe who introduced me to Spiritualism with the word Mystical attached; to Jack for taking me on as his apprentice in Spiritual Healing and to Ethel for allowing me to speak from my heart from the pulpit, in a church.  Also, there are two other ministers, in spirit, who have influenced my path in this life.  The first is my own grandfather, Rev. John William Kohlenberger, who before I was born was a German Methodist minister in Anaheim California (not far from thr location of Ethyl & Jack's Mystical United Spiritualist church).  The second is Rev./Dr. James Martin Peebles whom I discovered in a book, "Dancing with Angels", in 1989 and have since heard many teachings and had many conversations with through several spirit mediums and/or channels.  Of course, there are many others in the Spirit Dimensions who have been there when I needed them, such as my own guidance, the Old Chinese, P'taah, Seth and many others.
   I am dedicating certain portions of this work to my own parents, as well.  First to my mother who was a nurse that had a heart that was full of love and understanding.  It was she that, when I was sick at age 11 and was bored laying in beb "with nothing to do", that ecouraged me to try painting with some old dried out paints, so I would discover that I could draw pictures. [Since turning 45 years old, I have sold some of my art works.]  Then, when I was a 14 year old boy, she found my precious books on what I thought were the world's 5 major religions, and she threw them away.  Later, she told me, "A good Christian boy like you doesn't need books like that".  [Little did she realize that I would go on to study even more of the world's religions and philosophies.] 

   Secondly, having a father who was a "Physician and Surgeon",  I appreciate being brought up with some of his logical scientific and medical outlooks on life, so that years later I could find out that while physical knowledge supports earthly pursuits, there are wisdoms that can warm the heart and soul that are beyond cold straight forward logic ... and the same is true for healing.  
   My course of self discovery has made me aware, of late, that I have also been a Spiritual Healer as early as 1971 when I picked up a dog that had just been run over by a truck, gave him all the love I could and he survived!  This was before I trained with Jack Rowe in 1991 and later earned a Holistic Health Practitioner diploma in year 2000, while running a Holistic Healing Office & Practice (doing Spiritual Massage as well) in Lake Forest California.     

   Thus, today I am increasingly appreciating the process that leads me (and each one of us) through lack of understanding, to knowledge and then on through wisdom to love for all that is ... and who we are.  Thus, these are some of the influences that I have brought to this website ... for your growth in love, joy, healing and admiration of the beauties that we are as well as trhe beauties that surround us in this wonderous creation we call earth life.

 let in the light!
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