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What we know today about Cathartic Healing is sorely misunderstood.  This webpage attempts to set the record straight - spiritually.

About Cathartic Healing


In theory, Cathartic Healing is supposed to lead to a Therapeutic Catharsis, letting go or healing. The word "Catharsis" comes from Greek and means "purification" or "cleansing".  it is thought to be the purification and purgation of emotions, especially pity, fear and such.  It is thought that by going through old situations and emotions that one as not fully dealt with, that somehow this will result in a change that will bring renewal and restoration of wholeness and health.  This idea comes from a metaphor originally used by Aristotle in the Poetics, where he compares the effects of tragedy in the mind of a spectator to the effect of a cathartic preparation on the body.


More recently, scholars have taken the meaning of this word "catharsis" to mean "intellectual clarification".  While this is a nice "scholarly concept", therapeutically it doesn't not fully address deep, pent up, of long forgotten (stored) emotions.

Through the Spiritual Healing Arts, there is a better way!

Joi de vie
The New Way ... promotes Joie de vie!
Discovering The Way ... of the Cathars

It hit me as I was traveling from Carcassonne to Toulouse, through Cathar territory in southern France:

Many Cathars were healers and though some of them took people through their fears, dramas and traumas.  But, they did this with the new Christian Gospel message of love and forgiveness in mind, in order to step beyond the old game of blame and shame. In this way, those needing healing could see, reexamine or re-experience their past fears, dramas and traumas in a new light, in a more positive way, thus "driving out the demons", as Jesus did.
Though this word has been appropriated by some of our modern day religions, it comes from and goes far beyond religiosity!  For, the meaning of the word "Repent" (in the original Greek, before English came along to reinvent its meaning) ) was to "think again", rethink, or see things in this New Way of Light.  This means that the one desiring healing abandons the old "dark" thinking and re-views life with lightness and love, for both self and life.  What a burden lifted!

For, these Gnostic Christians knew that when you change your thinking, you will change your life.  Or, when you change your beliefs about life and you will change the way you are being and living your life.  You will see things with "new eyes", in a new light.  And when you add love to the equation, which Jesus did, now you add joy and abundance to your life and those around you, with little or no effort.

This is not something you have to go out and sell people on, for it is Good News for those open to it.  And no one needs to convert anybody else to their (or your) version or "The Gospel", which in Greek simply meant "good news" ... and when you truly "love your neighbor and yourself", this certainly must be good news to your neighbor, to you and your soul and thus to God-Goddess.
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Medium Well Done
Chris Meredith

People tend to think of the earth plane as being separate from the ethereal worlds of spirit, but this earthly experience is merely the beginning of the journey in awareness.  So, just because we are incarnate does not mean that we are separate from spirit or that we are cut off from help and advice from other realms.

A medium's message to me, for you:

  So, we are here so that we might develop and experience our being, our essence, soul or spirit at its most potential.  And that will never change.  So, we are merely having a unique experience that allows us to interact emotionally, to have physical relationships, to be able to have the opportunity, if hit is in our path, of bring souls into THIS VIBRATION OF LIFE so that children may be born into this world.  But it is also a unique opportunity for us to come to learn more about ourselves, TO ENGAGE WITH LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS and therefore, often, to find ourselves challenged.


 But, in those challenges, we come to work upon ourselves.  We come to make changes for an elevation in our consciousness.  Thus, we come to be able to work through and let go of old fears; those things that have imprisoned us.  If we are coming back from a previous incarnation and we have the opportunity to return to a place or situation after many lifetimes, we are then able, karmiclly, to put things right.  And through the Law of (Original) Grace, to be able to see and do things differently and, to connect with souls that we’have connected in previous lifetimes, where we have not fulfilled the destiny with them and so sometimes, coming back in different forms, in different dynamics, to be able to find the fullness of the experience of our totality. 

NOTE:  The above is a short summary of where I have been and am, leading up to, during and following my 2017 trip in France!

Thus my trip into the Cathar areas of France, where I may have been imprisoned, tortured and even killed (for being Who I Am) was a way to step beyond some of my fears.