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This is the story of how one wedding comes full circle, even with some participants coming from the grave, 20 years later.

About This Page

This page tells of a love story that begins with the wedding of John and Martine and ends with the wedding of John's Grand daughter, Rachel, to Cody, beginning in 1995 and continuing through 2015, and possibly beyond.
The deeper message, though, is a story about love, weddings, family and life connections, that extend even beyond the grave, for love is transcendental, not restricted by time, space, life or even death!
The 1995 Wedding

Below are the main characters who participated in John and Martine's wedding in the forest, in 1995.  

As both John and Martine always wanted an outdoor wedding, with the livingness of nature as a participant, this was the ideal place their wedding.
Pictured are (left to right) Lois, Carla, Peggy, little Rachel, John, Martine, David, Christopher, Bill, Patrick and Phil.

Of particular note, for this story, are John, the groom, Martine the bride and Rachel our flower girl.

Photo to the left...

This is Martine's favorite photo of Rachel, taken at our wedding.

You can see that, she is holding her flower basket with joy!


When my granddaughter Rachel asked me to be the minister at her wedding to Cody, I was deeply honored, but as Rachel was the flower girl at my marriage to Martine, nearly 20 years earlier.  But due to the strength of family connections, I "knew" that my former wife, Martine  (now deceased), who was a part of the formation and running of our Mystical Spiritualist Church, would be there at the wedding in some way, shape or form.

Several days before the wedding, I was told by a medium that Martine was now flying with the birds and butterflies, seeing what kind of lives they lead, so I thought that we might see a bird or a butterfly at the wedding.  

The morning of the  wedding, I went to breakfast in the breakfast room of the motel I was staying in for the wedding weekend.  After breakfast I had to return to my room to pick up something and as I approached the door to the room I heard a noise overhead,  When I looked up, I saw a humming bird, looking down at me!  Was this Martine saying, "I'm with you today and watching overt you"?

I took this to be a sign from my former wife that she was there to support me, whatever I do.

As the wedding was to take place in the afternoon, I drove several miles away to have lunch with a friend.  On the way there, driving a route that I had driven many times over several decades, on my way to work, I suddenly noticed a hillside, across the canyon, with exposed dirt capped by green grasses, lit by the sun in blazing glory and beauty.  I had driven this route thousands of times on my daily travel to and from work, but never saw this beauty!  As I felt the joy of beauty in that moment, I remembered Martine saying, though a medium, "That's Me!", referring to the joy I sometimes feel, since her passing.  Yes, she was "there with me", the bride and the family in many ways that day; for those who have the eyes to notice and the bent of mind to understand.

Above is a photo was taken by John as the bride was being escorted by her father, to the alter, as another outdoor wedding ceremony, taking place out in nature,was about to begin


On the left of this photo, you can see what many call "sun glare".  But if you'll notice the shape, it certainly resembles a lady of light in a pretty white dress, watching the bride and her father walking down the aisle!  You can even see the lady's arm  (as a different color) coming from her shoulder.  

And as I examined this photo, it seems that Bro Bill, who was in te 1995 photo and is now deceased, may be visable as an orb of light on the right.  Deceased family always attend weddingsm because that is one time they can easily see "family" all in one place!

However, at the wedding, I saw no birds or butterflies.  However I did take this photo which I believe showsa Martine's presence as a lady of De-Light: