Spiritual Healing Arts
Science and Spirit meet here, as the spirituality of science is glimpsed, along with some scientific understandings of how spirit works.

This is your DNA

The Quantum Source for your

Divine Natural Intellegence

within the innate proceses and workings in the healing of your physical body.

Quantum Numerology

This is a modern, yet ancient, science of looking beyond the simple number at hand and becoming aware of not only the components that make it up, but the processes that help create it to become what it is now ... and what it has the potential of becoming.  Besides that, when we become aware of where and how this number and all of its attributes fit into an active life lived, the pieces of the puzzle, laid out in spirit before what we call "the beginning", begin to fit together.

Ki and Chi are Divine Energy, which is also Quantum or Spiritual ...

 for All Energies are Inately Divine forms of Love

We are each a potential universe unto ourselves, yet never separate!

"All is Illusion" - Buddha

What we perceive as existence is a patterning of vibrating energies  in a way that we sense these energies and make sense of them and call it "reality" ... as illustrated above


"Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature." - Neal Donald Walsch


"Spirit" is multidimensional and like what science calls "quantum",  is not restricted by any or our linear logic or biased limitations of space or time! 

Science and Spirituality are ONE ... meeting here often

Hear ye Oh Israel (meaning: "all hopeful people"); thy Self, thy God and thy Universe is Unified!


Who you are, indeed, is grand and wondrous! 


Who you, and we all are, is a facet of the God/Goddess, Creator, Creative Energies and All-That-Is, else you would not even be here.  So, that which we call the universe is part of who you, I and we all are.  You are the God-Goddessness.  You are the universe. Nothing else really exists outside of you, except those things, events, situations and people that may show you who you are.  It is as if we each live inside a grand mirror, a reflection to show you, me and we how wonderful and how magnificent you and Creation are.


P.S. This is the "Unified Theory", of Spirituality!

A Quantum View of Realities


So ... What is "Quantum"?


What we call "Quantum", here, views life as a process, composed of many other
processes and sub processes.  Like the old concept of "The Living Spirit", it is always active, not simply passive, sometimes seen or felt or heard yet not completely visible. Thus, these processes may not always appear in what we call linear order or seem to occur in logical sequence , one after the other, in steps, as in the process where we see that 1 + 2 = 3.  In our ordinary every day lives, this all works very well, doesn't it?


Spirit, working through the energies in what we call Quantum processes, however, has a logic of its own; so like many of the spiritual things, even miracles, you've heard of, these active, unseen, living processes are an aware energy that "knows", moves and acts beyond what we think and believe are our limited, logical 3-D linear, limitations, or are the limitations of the world around us.  This energy field, that we are part and parcel of, is abundant, benevolent and IS, infinitely being beyond our limits of time or space ... always loving without judgement, for it knows you as part of its livingness, too!  Does this begin to resemble the Cosmology of Spirit?  I hope it inspires you to not only look beyond, but at the same time, look within, for that is where this all comes together!


It's Now 2012


It is time to begin to release all the past beliefs about limits, borders, boundaries and constrictions that have helped us build our pr4esent perceptions of "reality", that limit what we accept as "real".  We are in the beginnings of a new age of awarenesses, which will bring new inspirations and dreams of possibilities beyond our wildest speculations into OUR present reality, as we let go of the old limitations and build our dreams with higher frequencies that transcend what was,so that what shall be IS in our new NOW.


Let go of the old ways as you can and may, for this opens your hand to enable you to grasp the new and more nourishing things that may and do come from the abundance of this wonderful, on-going, forever process of Creation.  And as you are part of it, you are also a co-creator, so grasp your steering mechanisms (as you learn more about your own personal response abilities) and direct your life along the way, the life and with the light that you desire.

"Modern medical science seems curiously incurious about the intangible and invisible characteristics of illness and healing."

- from "Spontaneous Evolution" by Lipton & Bhaerman

Quantum Healing


As you may already begin to real-ize, healing may be experienced as a result of association with one or more mediums or sources of inspiration.  But, ultimately, it is a personal journey, somewhat like a learning tool, inspiring your 3-D self to contact your Greater Self and find a new awareness of who you really are that leads to a new, more healthy, place in life, or even in what we call "life beyond".  For, sometimes, death is the ultimate healer, for in that spiritual transition, one again becomes aware of their quantum, multidimensional roots and attributes, in the Love of All-That-Is ... which is True and Complete Healing (again).


This small "article" only begins to awaken you, if you haven't already been awakened, to the possibilities of spiritual (possibly with religious connotations) and quantum (based on the science of modern physics) as applied to the healing arts.  Indeed, these two views of life are truly one, for there is but one life, exhibiting in its many, even infinite, aspects.  Many call that "God", Love, Light, Life or Living, but we are always within it and it is in us.


You are now invited, if interested, to browse more of this website ... for greater understandings of Life, Love and Living!

Quantum Astrology


This is a modern science, based on the ancient, sciences of astrology ... yes, this was "science" back in it's own day ... where we not only look at where the planets were at birth and where they are today and the influences these create in one's like, but also where you fit in all this.  Martine will then intuit beyond the simple signs and energies at hand and help you become aware of neighboring influences, interactions and the processes that help create who you are and want to become in this present now lifetime.  As you begin to see where and how you fit into your active life p5rocesses, you are better able to see where and how the pieces of the puzzle, laid out by you in spirit before what we call "birth", may now begin to fit together.

Every cell in your body used the divine energies of creation to come into existence in this world and in your body, in exactly the right way and place to provide its function, so long as you both shall live.  So it is that each cell has within it, the necessary "intelligence", ability and energies to regenerate and renew or replace itself, as needed.  Thus, ultimately, you are your own best healer, especially with a little help from your friends.