Spiritual Healing Arts

Here are some pointers to helping you to take care of yourself so you may still take care of others. 


As you heal self, so you heal the world.  We often forget and get this backwards.


What Happens When You Die?


This is so complicated, so I'm going to divide it into
two parts, both spiritual. The death of a Human, which all of you have experienced before, is not the end. This is intuitive within you, because you've gone through it before, but the truth of it hides just under the surface. So, you're not really quite sure what will happen to you, but your intuition
tells you it's not the end.


There is no sting in death; not for you, but there may be for the ones around you. So the first thing I want to tell you about death is that those around you often suffer. Sometimes that is appropriate, for it brings them to their knees, especially when you seem to leave too soon. Sometimes, because of that, they will discover what is inside of them, incredible spiritual solace and then realize that your death was the catalyst for their enlightenment !. Do you understand that process? Sometimes you are partners in this, with
agreements in advance for potentials to help each other, even through Human death. So it's not something to mourn at all. Often, it's the completion of a beautiful arrangement. r

To, now, whappens when you die physically?
That's easy — your body returns to the dust, the chemicals and elements that have come to the planet from the universe. What more do you want to know? Corporeal? Easy. That's just part of the Gaia process.


But let me tell you about the moment of transition. Your body loses three ounces of something that no one knows about. The three ounces is quantum information. It's the quantum part of your spiritual core, everything that ever was of you.  And it doesn't go up — it goes deep within trhe Heart of You. It goes back to the cave of creation and beyond.


- The above text is based on information from Kryon, in the February 2013 issue of "Sedona Journal".


ACRONYMS to help you become more Healthy:


DNA: Your, on-board, innate "Divine Natural Awareness"

HOPE: comes when we "Hold on to Our Positive Experiences" -

EVIL: Everything
Valuable Is in Life

EVIL: is simply the mirror image if "LIVE"  ... so just turn it around!

FAIL: Fearful
Attitudes Inhibiting Life."


FEAR: "False Expectations Appearing Real"
"Forgetting Everything's All Right"

 "False Expectations & Assumptions Revealed!"

   “Fantasized Energy Afforded Reality"

How do you get beyond fear?
"Find Every Act Respectful"

GOD: "Getting Over Denial"
"Getting Over Division" 

 "Getting Over Divisiveness"

... "Gettion Over Defensiveness" 

HELL is a a way for: "Healing Everything Little by Little".


HOPE: "Holding Omnipresent Positive Energy"

 "Healing with Omnipotent Potential Energy"


Self Care for Hospice Volunteers

Here are some "pointers" to help you help yourself:


•  Bend correctly, as you pick lift or up things. Do not strain your back. And, do not pick up heavy things. Ask for help when necessary.


• Staying hydrated with Water is necessary to life and your body, for cooling, cleansing, flushing, lubricating, transporting nutrients throughout your body and more.
• Eat nutritious foods; keep a balanced diet in mind.  Though
fats and sugars pack energy, you don’t need to over energize ... and store all that energy as bulk and/or weight.  However, don't worry about an occasional excursoin into "fun foods" that bring you JOY!
• Exercise 20 minutes a day, preferably in the sunshine to absorb the vital energies of the universe. Walk in Nature and release what no longer serves you – give those things to God and the Universe to resolve or dissolve.
• Do not carry (or Release) the burdens or negative beliefs of others.
These are energies for you to use or let go of.  This is your choice.
• Look for “what is right” with those you work with.  As a hospice worker, you need to realize that death is as much a part of life as birth; and "death" brings complete healing of what ever dis-ease anybody chooses to make their own transition.
• Allow life and your “patients” to be who, what, where and as they are with loving allowance.  The greatest gift you can give them is your love!
• Be gentle on yourself and others ... reduce and release all your dis-eases ... or what even inspires your unease.  For, dis-ease always precede disease.
• Stretch your muscles … along with your mental and spiritual self.
Regular massage, tai-chi or other rejuvenation techniques can help relax, release and rejuvenate your whole person.  And wholeness is always healing.
• Know when you are getting tired and rest or sleep as needed.
Listen to your body/mind, as you would to those of a hospice patient.
• Challenge your mind. Read interesting books and/or take classes and engage in creative adventures.
• Find or create a social support network, with people of similar interest, through church, synagogue, mosque, hobbies, schools or classes or other interests of yours.
• Allow your Emotions to come alive as Energy in Motion.  “Energy loves to move”!  Listen to your emotions.  Though they do not exist in our material world, they still matter.  A complete life, as a human being “simply human” includes laughter, sadness, joy and all other emotions.
• Learn when to say “Yes” and when to say “No”. Don’t take on too much.  As at the dinner table, it is best to fill your plate with just enough to satisfy, but not so much that  it cerates pain.
• Take time for yourself, to refill your cup ... read, write, enjoy beauty, art, music or a hobby; do what makes your heart sing ... so your cup can run over to help others who are in need.

An Affirmation for Health-Care Workers

May I be a clear Channel for Divine Earthly and Heavenly Energies of
Light, Life, and Love, so that these energies manifest in, around and through
me in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and lives of those
whom I come into contract with this day.

Celebrate Life!

Life is to be celebrated, not celebated!

• Only as you heal yourself and find wholeness within, will you be more fully able to heal others or the world. And at the same time, you may open your heart and know that it shall be refilled as needed.
• Release your cares by De-Stressing.  Life is a combination of stress and relaxation, push and pull, giving and receiving; so after a busy day, take time for yourself to Relax, Release and Rejuvenate. 


• Be Good to yourself. “Treat” or take time to pamper or reward yourself for all that you do for others. Practice spiritual “tithing” by giving 10% back to YOU; you are part of Creation and worth it!
• Become aware of the ABCs of creating your life: Your Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices. Some of these work 24/7/365!   You may even want to surrender to the Universal Forces and allow them to nourish you from the inside-out.
• Take care of your Spiritual Self as well, through relaxation, regular prayers, times for meditation, affirmations,  Relax with Self and love who you are, for you are a part of All-That-Is.
Without You, this world would not be the same!  So, please take care of yourself so you can take care of those who need your care, caring and love.

“ The key to health is to make your plans and then don’t worry about them".

- from The Way to Health, by Robert Butts & Jane Roberts


Water is considered necessary to life, and your body is mostly water. It is important to have good water, especially water that has a lot of minerals in it, not water that has been chlorinated or fluoridated. The individual gets water in many ways: through food, through cooking, through absorption. The best water comes from vegetables that have digested and eliminated a lot of the chemicals that are less than healthy for the individual. You get a lot of water that way.


Each individual should have three to four glasses each day.  And, if one is experiencing urinary tract issues, including prostate problems, plenty of water is necessary (possibly 8 glasses a day) in order to cleanse, refresh and flush the stresses or toxic build up  in the tracts and tubes involved in eliminating properly.


Those that want to keep good teeth should have the equivalent of six or seven glasses, and make sure that they wash the mouth out with water after each meal.


Children should have as much as eight glasses.


The best water is a spring or natural water, not a fluoridated water.

Ultmately, your health and healing is not exclusively about your body; the foods that you eat or don't and the exercise you get or not.  It is about exercising your spirit; what you put into your mind and what comes out of your mouth, as you practice growing and sharing your heart.  For, Love is the Grand Elixir!  And as each one of us is a part of All-That-Is, we and our world heal together, as one.  We and our universe are expanding together!



Know that many illnesses are the result of dis-ease and disharmony, caused most often by our fears, frustrations, angers and judgments.  Thus, these negative elements may be replaced by positive thought, changing dos-ease to ease, disharmony to  harmony while bringing positive vibrations in the mind, the emotions, through your attitudes, beliefs and what you concentrate on.  This changes and improves the functioning of the cells and organs of your body.

Most illnesses have to be treated with correct nutrition first, so people can see their body functioning well before the internal, conscious, subconscious, mental, emotional and spiritual healing takes effect. It is possible to heal they self even while taking terrible nutrition, but again, ultimately, you have to deal with the causes of being ill-at-ease, illness, dis-ease, disease, chronic conditions and even the choices of death and destruction.

Love, however, is the Great Elixir of Life Lived!



Humankind has the inborn ability for a 240 year lifetime and through ancient methods of regeneration, even more!.


However, from the very beginning, even as a child, you hear phrases like, "Wait till you get old, you will feel aches and pains."  Or, you ask someone how they are today and they will tell you. "Oh, I 'm fine, for an old man."  These thought forms create weakness, disharmony, illness and decay by creating rigid paths within the mind. An individual of any age can feel youthful in the mind, and the body will react accordingly, but your society consistently says, "When you are old you must retire."  And so you look in anxiety upon that date. You say and think things that cause you to  begin to deteriorate even before you reach thirty-one!


Frank Lloyd Wright said, at age 92 said something like, "It's only a number.  You are only as old as you want to be.".