Spiritual Healing Arts

Dream your dreams of happiness, joy and love, and do not stop.  For, this is the way to a rich and fulfilling life!

This page tells about such lives and every story is true!


The truth is that there is no separation!

You are a human, being in this realm, and you are expanding in many wondrous ways; all to know more about love!

Thus, your "perfection" is to simply be the human that you are!

If the all powerful God had wanted you to be anything else, you would be!

With every situation you have had to deal with, you can look back and say "I should have",
"Maybe I could have" or "If only I would have".

However, we need to realize that in each and every moment we
have always done the best we know or could IN THAT MOMENT! However, it is entirely human to look back and review our life, seeing
things in a new light because of the experiences that you did not have before that
event or situation.  Thus,  you now are aware of other options, and some may seem "better". This is called "Growth" or evolving perfection, for what you did in each moment in your past was perfect for that time and space. 

However, since now you may believe that you know "better" so it is that your perfection is now reaching new hights. Thus, while being a perfection of creation incarnate, even in the past, we are constantly on our path to greater perfections and higher vistas!

The best is yet to come!

You are the King or Queen of your life
John's first birthday with Martine, an event fit for a king!

About Us


The stories you are about to read are of these characters, acting upon the stage of life.  Most recently their names were John and Martine.  However these love stories truly begin somewhere within the mists of the quantum fluctuations, coordinations and synchronicities of what the ancients call "spirit", that are beyond what we know as time and space.   Thus, these two come from beyond time and space and continue beyond this world, for energy can neither be created or destroyed; it just IS!  And, so are we, all ... forever!

Once upon a time, there was a little 4 year old boy that had a desire. He came to realize that one of his greatest desires was to marry a French lady, some day.  This was his heart's desire and his boy-hood dream.


Then he was yet 53, he saw a blonde lady driving a white Honda, while on the way to work, and thought, "I'd like to meet her.  It feels like we could be good 'mirrors' for each other."  And then he prayed, or put out a request to the universal forces that he might meet her some day.


Then, about 6 months later, when he was 54 he met a nice French lady.  Later, on further analysis, he realized that this was "The blonde lady in the white Honda" and they were "drawn" together.by the universal forces.


So, never stop dreaming for dreams are what life is made of!

Across the mists of time and space, there was a young French maiden whose life at 30-something, seemed to be turning upside down and inside out.  Both she and her husband were at wits end.


So, she went to see a psychic for counseling and advice, to see if she could straighten her life out. This was the lady's introduction to the realities of the unseen or spirit where we may transcend beyond what the eye normally sees and certainly beyond our limited straight line, unbending logical mind.


The intuitive psychic helped this young lady understand what was happening and why. Then, the psychic told this lady about a dark haired man with a beard that was in her future that would bring her new happiness. When asked "when will this happen", the psychic sad, "You'll meet him in your late 40s and marry him when you're about 50".


Martine met John when she was 47 and married him when she was 50.


So, don't limit what God and the Universal Forces can say or do for you. Predictions can come true ... if you like them and then allow them life and action, so they can come true for you in your life.  God and spirit are unlimited!

Dream your dreams!  As you allow the natural freedom and flight of your soul you may indeed reach for your Dreams so you may fly higher than the eagles.  Then, as you reach for the highest Star you may Shine the Heavenly Light that You Are!

Helping each other pursue our dreams, together!

Celebrating Life!
Toasting our trascendental Marriage



By mutual agreement, in 1995 we married.  In stead of in a church, we chose to be  out in nature, out in the forest, in the out of doors with the sky as the roof of our temple and trees as pillars, before God-Goddess and human kind, in the mountains of Southern California near Lake Arrowhead.  To us, this was honoring our lives right along with all life!  And on our invitations and also the Marriage Programs at the service, Martine had me put the words, "Today I Marry my Friend".

Paradise on Earth!
Honeymooners in Waimea Valley, north Honolulu



By previously purchasing and trading time shares, we spent two glorious weeks in paradise, in Honolulu and the big island of Hawaii! 

John had dreamed of traveling to Hawaii since he was a small boy and a doctor friend of his father's had traveled there and shown movies of his adventures.Martine had wanted to go to Hawaii ever since her first husband promised to take her there some day.


AND as Martine's mother had departed her body in France, the night before, she traveled with us in the empty seats next to Martine on the airplanes we traveled on and sat in the empty seat next to Martine at the Luau we attended.  According to an English Medium, that Martine consulted later, Martine's "departed" mother and father were "the youngest ones there" at our marriage.

Dreaming of her for Centurfies
John's Flower Girl


Here we were at the Mache de la Flours (Flower Market) on L'Isle de Paris in about the year 2000.  This is a picture of John's "Flower Girl" ("that I just had to take this picture")... connecting with memories from a past life.


When John stepped out the back door of the Flower Market, he connected with the memories of a lifetime in about the 1700s, when he was a poor boy who worked here.  This was a very short life as he was very depressed.  But. the alley was exactly as he had seen it in a dream!


And Martine helped all this experience to come together!

John's French Dream Girl!

John's childhood dream realized
John & Martine in the Eifel Tower, Paris
Martine, being of French origins and having family on the outskirts of Paris, helped set into motion the conditions for John to visit the Eifel Tour ... another childhood dream of the young boy who would someday become an engineer, the same profession that Gustov Eifel pursued.  And he made it to Paris several times with his dream girl and up into the tower in 2002!  A childhood dream realized!
Angles in the sky!
Childhood Dreams Realized

We went south of the Tropic of Cancer, to the city of Urapan in the state of Michoacan Mexico, and did some work for the avocado co0mpant that Martine worked for.  While John assembled the computer systems and networked them, Martine got the accounting system running and the employees trained ... in about 1998. 

John wanted to go south of the Tropic of Cancer since he was a little boy and Martine helped him to reach that dream!

The butterflies in the Parke National were spectacular and in many colors.  And then John remembered reading in National Geographic, when he was about 4 years old, that California Monarchs come from Michoacan.  John's childhood came full circle, thanks to Martine.

A childhood dream come true
As a child in France, Martine dreamed about Grand Canyon

When we (John and Martine) went to the Grand Canyon for our third time (the charm?), in 2009, we took Martine's niece and her family,  who had come to Arizona from France.  This was likely a dream of Martines.


As we were watching the sunset with Martine's French relatives, that evening, Martine said to me, "This has been a child hood dream of mine.  And you know the best part?"  I said, "No I don't." She then said, "It is everything I thought it would be".


I can't tell you the joy I felt in my heart, as I heard those words.  For, being a part of helping another human being to reach their dreams (especially one's lover)  is PRICELESS, as it is Love in Action; enriching both hearts!

Past and Present
A Sphynx in France

Chateau Chenonseaux

This is Martine's favorite chateau, made from an old Roman fortress, it has two gardens; one for Louis IV wife (Catherine de Medici) and one for his mistress.

Several places in the chateau seemed very familiar to both John and Martine.


Pictured is what Martine felt was an Egyptian connection as she stands with John ... maybe where they both stood in the distant past.


Martine "just had to have this picture taken!"

Out of the mysts of time
Martine took this picture of John at Stonehenge
Since his teen years ...
Ever since hearing the name "Stonehenge" at about 16 years of age and then seeing a picture of it at 18, John wanted to visit this sacred site.  Finally, in Year 2K and again in 2002,m Martine and John visited this "Dream Location" on their way to France, to take care of family matters..
A childhood dream realized
On Top of the World, 1999!

On Top of the World

John got the opportunity to travel to Alaska and do some work, through his job with a Government Contractor.  Then he got to take Martine along with him!  What an opportunity!

In their spare time on the weekend, they traveled to the Arctic Circle , saw Mount Denali and ate at the Salmon Bake in Fairbanks.

John had wanted to go to Alaska ever since he was 4 years old and saw pictures taken by his father's friend Dr. Gobar!  And the Universe heard his wish!

As thy left Fairbanks, John got to see "Arctic Air Conditioning", a picture that everybody laughed at back in the 1940s.  However as it was 92 degrees in Fairbanks, that day, John found out that air conditioning is definitely needed ... in Alaska of all places!


Upon returning to the lower 48, John sold his 19 year old house.