Spiritual Healing Arts
In this set of pages you will find living examples and illustrations of how one couple has reached toward "The Impossible Dream" of Loving each other and expanding that love to include All-That-Is!

The love connection can never be severed - thought travels faster than the speed of light and light energy lasts forever, and travels everywhere.


AS WE MEDITATE - We may work with Martine or other loved ones who have passed on", using our telepathic connections to the InnerNet, which exists within the Unified Field of Consciousness (some call "God") that we are all bathing in, and which permeates our beingness, so that we may be alive, active and aware!


A mission impossible?

These pages are an honoring of Rev. John & Martine Kohlenberger and our wonderful dance through this life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, together.

Our legacy:

According to some channels and nediums, "John and Martine have been working on bringing some new awareness, from the spiritual and energetic side of life to earth, for centuries."

So, after their "present" lifetime adventures, they're going on to do other things ... having fun together, in the infinite joy of the wonderous journeys and adventures of everlasting life ... as I, you, we, they, God-Goddess and All-That-IS discovers more of Self ... and the Love that We ALL Are ... and "brings it to life"!

MORNING SONG Prayer - from LightSource P'taah (edited)

From the God/Goddess of my being I give forth thanks for the love that I am.

For the feeling of love in my life and the love that surrounds me, thank you.

Thank you for the miracle of life that I am and

thank you for the miracle of life I see and feel reflected all about me.

Thank you for the gift of life that I am.

Thank you for this perfect body, my health and well-being, thank you.

Thank you for the abundance that I am and

thank you for the abundance I feel and see reflected all about me.

Thank you for the riches and the richness of my life and

thank you for the river of money which flows to and through me,

thank you.

Thank you for the excitement and adventure of the millions of wondrous

possibilities and wondrous probabilities, thank you.

Thank you for the wonderment and thank you for the joy.

Thank you for the beauty and harmony.

Thank you for the peace and tranquility.

Thank you for the laughter and thank you for the play.

And thank you for the privilege of serving and sharing the gift that I am.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our Soul Group


John and Martine have worked together often over the centuries and millennia. We have always shared the common interest and understanding believing in the divine origins of humanity and the sanctity of all life, for it too comes from divinity.  Thus, we believe, humany is on a spiritual quest to reach a divine destination ... to understand, give, receive and thus  experience and become LOVE, once again.


Thus, here they are, again, in love.


Love is a Quantum Electrodynamic Magnetic energy, and is a Light factor.  So, it lightems our hearts!  

Further, love is multidimensional and esists, as does "God", within, throughout and beyond the multiverses.  Thus in the natural progression of All-That-Is, love is expansion, as light, life and conscious awareness constantly expand, forever.


"We who are One can never be separate from one another, but we can create the illusion of separation in the physical realm. In our nonphysical Home, where no such illusion exists, we know that we are cells in the heart of one Divine Being, united by Love in one cosmic pulse. On Earth, seemingly confined by the appar­ent limitations of a human body, we perceive ourselves as distinct from one another. Only the most powerful of brings can create such illusion. Only the most courageous ones challenge themselves to live in it.

- from Your Soul's Gift", by Robert Schwartz, pg 348


A Love Story – to bring more awareness of love in this world

What is love?



Love comes from within, the heart of the earth, of humanity and the heart of each creation upon this earth, including each human being.  It is our soul source.


Love is Gravity, it is unification. It pulls and draws people and things together, creating family, community and communion, one with another.


Love is who we are and why we are here!

Be prepared for some new awarenesses of Love, its properties, powers and the energy that it really is.



"Your mission, should you accept it, is to love it all, all of life; the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, along with the joy and the sorrow.  Do you accept this mission?"


LOVE: The mission impossible?

These webpages are meant as an honoring of Rev. John & Martine Kohlenberger and our wonderful coming together, dancing together through life and then parting in Unconditional Love

"It's the love that holds everything together, and it's the everything, too." Rumi

An Acronym for LOVE


 to help us remember ...

 who we are and why were here ...

Letting Our Vitalities Engage!

Outline ... Chapters ... Sub Pages?:

  • In the Beginning: This story began many centuries ago,
  • Meeting: John meets Martine in Love and Marriage ... A marriage made in Heaven?
  • Dating
  • Marrying
  • Traveling
  • Working together
  • Healing
  • Love It ALL!
  • The Bond of Love: In the end, an Unconditional love and support for our journey.


... Wonders to be discovered along the path of Love


My life has been a journey of love ... so I will talk or write of that here and now, in a continuing nerrative.


  • Poets have described love as magical.
  • Most religions talk of love as if it as a goal.
  • Metaphysicists have described love as creative and even transformative.
  • And in this modern age, Love may now be described as a Quantum energy, for it is a mysterious and energy that allows diversity and yet connects us and unifies us, in many wondrous ways, within All-That-Is.


Love is our connection with All-That-Is, which then allows a stem cell to become what it needs to become or a baby human being to become the adult they need to become, without even thinking or worrying about it.  Love is a part of our DNA (Divine Natural Awareness).  Thus, love is also what allows us to become more, better and even transform ourselves onto something or someone new.


Thus, all life is love that wants to love and be loved ... to experience itself, realized.  In our earth experience, it gives rise to the yin and yang the giving and receiving of the vital energies of creation - LOVE.

Love is what Jesus not only taught, but lived. "Love thy neighbor as thy self" requires loving self and sometimes it requires loving others so much that it seems that you don't.  And, this is a portion of loving your connection with the source of LOVE within, that expresses through your heart, mind and soul.


One on my teachers once said, "Life is all about relationships, with all of creation; including things, events, situations, people and self."

- Reverend John M. Kohlenberger, HHP


Life is a drama set upon the stage a web of time, as we weave the tapistry of life with the energies of our infinitely creative, divine souls. Thus, the story I am about to tell you may take a short time to read or listen to, but it spans many places and decades ... even lifetimes.



Love is a path and a quantum process that has existed before time was, and continues forever beyond time and space, thus knitting the tapestry of life together. Isn't it grand that we are a part of it?


The story of these two souls began eons ago. These two have always worked together, sharing the common interest and understanding that all of humanity comes from a divine origin and a divine destiny, thus leading humanity as a whole, whether consciously or unconsciously, on a spiritual quest or journey. Thus both, the male and the female, are divine in their nature.

Many people tend to speak of the physical world and the spiritual world as if they are two separate entities. However, these two souls and thus this book, is being presented in such a manner as to be revealing the unity of these worlds, that has often been called the "Unity of God-Goddess". However, within the greater reality of All-That-Is, these may be conceived of as reflections within the infinite field of divine conscious awareness which lead to multiple worlds within many multiverses, all of which coexist within and beyond our modern cosmological framework of a time-space continuum.

This is now a modern analogy for what the man Jesus described as, "In my Father's house are many mansions".

And so, this school called earth is where a portion of our soul essence has come, for now, to be in this lower vibration that is within an infinite range of vibrations manifesting in a myriad of forms. This school exists as part of a College within the greater Univers-ity of higher life, learning, love and laughter, so that we may have our experiences and the emotions they produce, thus allowing our human energies to enrich all of the electromagnetic and gravitational vibrations of the whole. In thia way all its parts may be raised in vibration. This educational experience raises all vibrations throughout the multiverses and thus inspires greater wisdom, building greater and greater love throughout All-That-Is. And, as there is no time or space in many of these realms, light, life and love are nourished throughout whatever was and ever shall be.

It is hoped that this love story gives the reader a greater feeling of your part in this wondrous loving creation, called by such names as LIFE, LIGHT, LOVE or GOD.  As you are a part of it and it is a part of who you are; in action, body, mind, feelings, soul and beyond any boundaries or judgments, you may enjoy "it" as you enjot "self".

Chapter 0 ... Leading up to a Lifetime of Love

Some Past Life aspects of Pre-Life Planning, in Love!


A German Connection 

As lovers in Germany, before WWII, he was a German soldier (Karl) and she was his "other" Jewish girl friend, (Susan? Reymonde?) whom he had made pregnant. He talked of marriage, but didn't really mean it and didn't know how to get out of the situation, and tell the other, more German and thus respected, girl friend and her family that he was not loyal to her only. 

NOTE:  I, John, have since met all the major "players" in this story - in this present life - while at a Christmas Party in Orange County, California.

When this young couple's relationship was discovered by the German authorities both were to be punished and then executed. "Germans do not associate with Jews", Karl's German officer told him.   So, together, this couple tried to flee to where people were tyere was more understanding about love and lovers; a place less racially and religiously oriented. Though Karl was ready to mary this girl the oficials would not allow it, so the couple fled, over many obstacles and were shot and "killed"; she was shot in the back of the head in the occiput and he in his posterior or glutes ... where each has had a birthmark in today's, most "recent", lifetime.

She and her unborn baby were killed before successfully escaping, but he seemingly made it "over the wall" to fall into the arms of people waiting "on the other side"; to accept him just as he was, in love and peace.  

This story was corroborated by both John and Martine, as John had experienced it in a dream and Martine had encountered it while experiencing a past-life regression in a Hypnotherapy class.  The group waiting for Karl "on the other side" were friends and relatives in "heaven". 

NOTE: Though Karl had escaped that situation, a promise made is often a promise kept.  In this lifetime he married that girl!


And a French Connection

So it was, also in France, where this couple were married and had a farm. He was the gardener and farmer while she concentrated on the foods and cooking, often suggesting a nourishing crop that should be planted.

And then the war came. They talked it over and decided that he would go off to war while she tended the crops. He enjoyed learning how to fly biplanes, after all they were the "state of the art" and he loved new ideas and technology (still does). Then, as you may have guessed, already, though he had a lot of life force and courage, he was killed while flying his airplane over water, doing what he thought at the time was his "patriotic duty". A heroic deed, indeed!

However, this Frenchman left his wife heartbroken, as he made his transition earlier than she anticipated. It was hard work for her to tidy up all their affairs, while she tried to run a farm and sell her nourishing foods to the locals.

In this present lifetime, it is now quite the oppositee, as she preceded him into te Great Beyond into the Boundless Creativity of Life, ???Light and Love.

Lady Chapel, Glastonbury
John & Martine at King Arthur's Grave

Life Planning

And so, the soul that was expressing as "male" in the above lifetimes decided, while in the energetic or spirit state that maybe leaving before his lover first was not "fair" to her, as she had a lot of work to do, just "cleaning up and tying up the loose ends after their life together". Thus these two souls decided to come back to the earthly physical environs, in new bodies, so that together they could balance out this situation that some call karma. Keep in mind, however, that this balancing was chosen in love for each other, and not forced on this couple by some uncaring God. Thus, they came in service to each other and the world.

In the planning stages of their most recent earthly lives, these two also agreed to bring some of their spiritual awareness into the earthly experience so that others may find "a little bit of heaven on earth". Thus they became teachers and formed a church. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHURCH THESE TWO FORMED AT: www.MysticalSpiritualistChurch.org

PHOTO: Taken in front of Lady Chapel and St. Joseph's Grotto, in Glastonbury England

WE MET by the workings of "spirit" (a quantum entanglement)


It's important to understand that when Martine came into John's life and he into hers, that this was two hearts coming together to create a new whole, a sub-soul group. Thus, they were searching for each other, on unconscious but divine levels of awareness.  However (as John was aware of before marrying Martine), each had to go through their own separate experiences, adventures and come to certain understandings before coming together at the right time for the two to meet and marry.


This story is an indication of the old adage: "When the pupil is ready the master appears".  And as this story indicates, the two may come together in many, many different guises.  And, sometines the role of teacher and student reverse, as we each learn something from the other - always. 


And as our teachers have many guises,  not all teachers wear white robes, some even wear dog suits, like Martine's dog Darty did; so he could teach his own concepts of love to John.

P.S. Martine is around as I relate this today and of course she knew that I would be here today exposing a little more about the workings of spirit in a material world and in our relationships with each other (everybody's relationship to each other).  As such, this is my tribute to the world, for Martine on this Father's Day, 2014. -  John K

Despite suffering the pain of the loss of Martine's changing her focus away from the physical, I now am more aware of the joy of knowing her, loving her, being loved and living with her! And, so, I wouldn't trade our short time together for anything. Our times together were so enjoyable that I said to her more than once, in her last days, "Let's do this again sometime". Of course, I know that the universe never repeats anything exactly ... only Xerox attempts to do that!

                                            What is this stuff, this love?

Well, it is the glue, the life force that holds the universe together. It is Goddess/God is what it is. Love is just another name for Goddess/God, All-That-Is. Love is the creative force, without which there are no multiverses and certainly no humanities. - Lightsource Ptaah

On with our Love Story

You have now been exposed to some of the background or a little bit of the unseen spiritual side, of this love story between these two souls.

Could these lives, just described, be concurrent? Absolutely, as the old saying tells us; "With God and spirit, all things are possible"!


This is a portion of "The Art of Dreams and Dreaming" as given by Dr. Peebles, as channeled through Thomas Jacobson in 1966

... We will review with you here the nature of God. And in one word, God is Gravity [and/orLove].  There is gravity in each and every element of the universe; a little and a lot. And through that union of one there is license for explosion, predicated upon the implosion caused by the gravity [called love]. That explosion is the Grand Adventure [Expansion of Consciousness – also called Big Bang] we speak of here. The greater your security with the gravity of God within you, the greater you’ll recognize the realized license to fly high as an eagle and to reach for the highest star!

As you encounter a locality of the universe you have the option, within your soul, to become part of that locality for some little time. This can be called “incarnation”,
although the form and function may be diverse, depending upon the locality of the universe.


On earth, in incarnation, you are attracted to the dilemma on earth, which is separation.  [And, so] Rather than celebrating the differences; as there is fear of these differences [with] illusions of separation therein, each of you, here, [will] embrace those illusions of separation. That’s why you’re here, in the body, on planet earth. You are seeking to awaken to those very same illusions of separation and lift from the cycles of incarnation. Not for [sin or] failure on your part, but for the opportunities to explore, to experiment with the parameters and possibilities of the Divine [both] within you and around you.

In this illusion of separation, the first priority, collectively then individually, leaned and not by nature, is safety, sanctuary and security; safety, sanctuary and security that is then fearful of anything perceived as foreign, rather than native to itself.\

And in that hesitation is calamity; if not now then tomorrow. It is through the pain of that
calamity; [which is] resistance to intimacy, then, you see, that one learns. [For] Pain gains greater attention than pleasure. Pain, then is the divine messenger, not imposed by God, but allowed by God, and imposed by self and each other.