Spiritual Healing Arts
Enjoy the healing beauties of spirituallu inspired art and fossil sculptures in your own home
The image above is a rendition of the famous Bell Rock, near Sedona Arizona, created in the spirit of Vincent Van Gogh, by John M. Kohlenberger. 

John is an extremely modern post impressionist artist, often working with the modern technologies of a digital camera, a computer with MS Paint and Photoshop teamed with a wide carriage printer - artistic tools Van Gogh never had at his disposal.  

Here, in this past-life bleed through vision, Van Gogh's understandings of the energetic connectedness of all things is portrayed in a modern, "sans French" way and medium.
About The Artist

Walks with Spirit ...

Seen here (2014) with his dog Spirit, Rev. John M. Kohlenberger was raised in the Presbyterian church, has been a student of the Divine since age 14 when he began exploring the 5 major religions of the world.  Later, he became a scientist, engineer, professional artist, computer programmer, metaphysician and student of the Tao, earned a degree as a holistic health practitioner (HHP), spent 8 years as a licensed massage therapist in California and became a Spiritualist minister before retiring to Arizona where he now continues as a minister, hospice volunteer and quantum life-force energy worker.


In early 2013, John had an SNDE (Shared Near Death Experience) with his wife, Martine, just before her transition.   He is now a messenger of the healing light of love, which creates the multiverses.

In case you want to contact John, electronically, you may use any of the following methods:

Email: John.Kohlenberger@Hotmail.com

Or you may click on “Contact Us” … at either



 or  Facebook.com/John M. Kohlenberger
Another image of Bell Rock, near Sedona, transformed with modern technologies by John M. Kohlenberger into a spiritually inspiring work of art.  Van Gogh would have loved this medium, too.
A Student of the Divine, pondering Life as he stands between earth and sky, with Mother Ocean assisting.  This was a portion of "me" and who I found myself to be, several decades ago.                  - John M Kohlenberger
The original pen and ink version was created in th 1970s.  This is a computerized and colorized version of this "dream image".

Fossil Sculptures

I have about 30 fossil sculptures left over from my deceased wife, Martine's, former Fossil Art and Jewelry business, looking for loving homes.  Many similar pieces were sold at retail by my now deceased wife, Martine, in Sedona.  These remaining fossil creations are now being offered at wholesale prices.

SORRY Many of these sculptures are no longer available, as they were stolen from my garage, but I do have a few left, if you are interested.

I have various ammonites and Orthyoceras sculptures availkable, while my supply lasts.

You may contact me for viewing and selection at (928) 776-1686 if you are interested in 1 or several pieces.

Buy your selections on the spot and save shipping!

Mothers are the source and nourishment of all humanity. Without Mothers, men, boys, and girls could not exist.

Mothers and Women are too often overlooked in our society and around the world except for this day


Time for Changes

Some of the smaller pieces may be priced  in the $3 to $5 range.  All have sold at much higher prices and of course certain pieces are "priceless".