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This is the Second Book of John; a New Revlation of John.  It is all about a journey of a soul from this life into death ... from darkness to light ... and how all this takes place on the frequencies of Love! 

THE INSPIRATION for this book ... giving a new Reveletion about what The Apocalypse really is, came from a conversation with Dr. Peebles (DR.P):

ME:  I was given a (voluntary) Reading by a lady (Tina), several weeks ago, and it seemed that behind what she was talking about, there is a "divine coordination" (synchronicity) that allows things, even between different people's lives, to occur simultaneously or at least in a coordinated fashion; even though looking at them one at a time they seem to be independent. Is that true?

Dr. P: Yes, yes that's very true.  It's really a matter of predestination and free will working together, all in one, in harmony.  It's not one or the other, as many religions try to preach.  This is because you have your own free will, but my goodness gracious, you're all made of the same stuff (called love).  But, it is easy to be attracted to people with like mind and like heart, doing similar activities and whatever, but the soul and the breadth and the depth (of it all), the human mind really has a hard time comprehending.  But the bottom line, and you do know I harp on this quite considerably, is that at your core, the core of everyone, is love.  And those that are looking for a lover or somebody to be with and dance through life; it can be the first person you meet in the day.  There's no reason why it shouldn't be, you see.  But all the pretexts and expectations that people put upon love, on planet earth, is part of the explorations (of love).  And you say, well that one's not lovable, and that one is. (40:00) and you separate it out and then you say; you know it's an awful lot of work to try to separate it out; why not just love it all, you see?

Me: Yeah, well that came to me several years ago... just to love it all.

Dr. P:  Yes.  That's beautiful.  That's a great title for a book!

Me: Yes, "This mission, should you accept it, is to learn to love it all. [Mission Impossible?]

Dr. P: Yes, exactly.  Write the book, it'll be fabulous, my dear friend.

Me: Yeah, I've considered that a few times (for 10 or more years).  I just haven't considered what to put in the book.  It's something about love ... a book of love.

Book Previews:    NOTE ... This "book" is basically "written" in my mind, but needs to be transcribed into readable text and then edited.  Hopefully it will be in print in early 2017.

In it, the reader will find new meanings for old Christian terms, making them more relevant to today's world.


God, Spirit and the Angels did not die 2000 years ago and our “departed Loved Ones” are not “Dead”, either!  For All is One, in life, light, laughter, inspiration, beauty and love.  As I believe, Jesus (actually) said: "As I am in you, you in me, so are one in the Father".  We are all connected by love.

In this book, I share with you some of the moments, memories and gifts that I have received during my life, basically since my wife's epiphany;her apocalypse and eventual new revelations.  This happened as my beloved wife Martine began her transition to expand and more fully realize her spiritual beingness as she perceived realities beyond earthly awareness and the limitations of the earthly human body and learning and experience patterns.  I believe that we will each experience some similar situations as we approach our time for expansion, when we too approach "death"


As Martine has shared her memories and moments as she made her way out the door of this life, and beyond with me, so I may share them with you here. 

  •  I have heard her words, both direct and through mediums. 
  •  I have seen her presence (presents) in the sky on more than one occasion and woken up to spectacular views, as presents from Martine.
  •  She brought me flowers on more than one occasion.
  •  Other people, unknown to me, have bought my meals on special occasions, for no particular reason other than they were prompted by spirit.  
  •  I have also received dream images, given as a Christmas Card, Welcome Home, Fathers’ Day and many more.

And, now as my former “wife” is moving on, we are aware again of the lovers that we always have been and always will be, but now, in much broader terms, beyond earth, body and intellect.

So, in this presentation I share, in words and pictures, some of my experiences and insights about gifts and communications across the veil that I have had … so that you may become more aware of the many gifts in life that come from the bounty of spirit and our Loved Ones, both near and far; for as the Americans told us, we are all part of the Great Spirit.

The way I see it at this writing, is that this book began 4 years ago, when my then wife Martine was in the hospital in Phoenix, 92 miles away from our home.  During my drives to and from Phoenix, I deduced that life, like my drive, is a journey, with ups and downs, side to sides and even roundabouts on occasion.   And, even if you don't know how you're "getting there", or even don't plan the steps or route, you will get there as long as you focus on where you want to be, despite the unexpected road blocks or detours that may lie along your route.

However, the steps on my spiritual journey, outlined in this book, began with the realization of the Unconditional Love that existed and still exists between us, later reinforced in my SNDE with my then wife Martine, which included her cleansing baptism.  This was closely followed by her epiphany, her baptism, her apocalypse, her resurrection, revelations and my inspired and spiritually guided journeys, since ... each chapter may awaken you to new meanings of old Christian terms - fitting them in to a modern living spiritual context.  And following those events, her soul-self began her journeys into the light and into delight, with long lost friends and animals, some of which I will relate.  


I now invite you to discover some of the grander realities of what we call light, life and love, as you read this book.

Journey into De-Light

This book is dedicated to the spiritual progress and communications from Rev. Martine, our church and the emerging  new perspectives of spirit in life, death and beyond.

The photo is of her Memorial Tree in Fain Park, in Prescott Valley, close to where she lived the last 6 &1/2 years of her earthly life.

She lives on in De-Light.

Dear Friends,

You may have been wondering, “What the heck is going on in the world?" 
Are you saying to yourself, "I cannot believe all this is happening!"
 "What am I to do in this crazy world?”

You are not alone and many of us are searching for answers to heal this conflict in consciousness that is affecting all of humanity and the systems of our beloved Earth.

The human systems are breaking down and collapsing right in front of our eyes. The human-made constructs are dying and falling apart. Much of what we have been told in schools and in books is not working and no longer relevant to many of us. We are witnessing the death of the old age as the new one begins to emerge, sometimes with great pain and pressure.

So it is that many things have to “fall apart so they can come together “ in new and better ways! ... REFERENCE:  Neale Donald Walsch in "What God Wants"


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We're never alone!
Message from Heaven
My dearly departed wife is not far away!