Spiritual Healing Arts

As we do not posess all the "keys to the kingdom", we are providing Links so you may find some keys to their life-path.

Akashic Readings
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Reverend Bob Copeland

of Sun Spiritualist Camp

in Tonapah Arizona


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Reverend John will be offering workshops and classes on various aspects of spiritual and Quantum healing ... a breakthrough mode for the New Age of Understandings.  


Yes, you can go beyond Reiki attunements, as you learn about and attune to the greater Quantum Spiritual Dimensions of the Infinite Mind through the Multiple Universes.  This then helps us turn possibilities into probabilities ... and probabilities into new realities. 


This is how God and the Cosmos works through the Multiverses of which we are apart of!  Thus, we also exist and live in these realms, at our forgotten inner levels of being and BECOMING.




2 Hour Class: $50


4 Hour Workshop: $100 each.


8 hour Experience: $200 each

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On this page, we are providing you with a brief description of other websites and people who may also help you heal, find peace with your life situation and become more of the Grand Being that you already are.

Find a better Way
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So, "What is a Lightworker?" you may ask.  Put very simply, a "Lightworker" or "Light bearer" is a lover of life, in all of its infinite forms and variations and thus seeks the furtherance of the creative process we call "life".  These people generally work with (rather than against) "The God Force, or Light, Life and Love".  Many are channelers of light ... in any one of its many forms.


If any of this description interests you, you should check out the church website by clicking on the image above and finding out more ... about Who You Really Are!

All energy is consciousness and all consciousness is divine energy.

You are Creative Consciousness
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Ronald L. Vinal, ChT, near Palm Springs @ 1-760-424-8524,     will be moving back to Sedona Arizona in 2014

Ron encourages us to "Reach beyond the veil of the Ego to connect with our Higher Self/Soul and seek harmony with the Universe." Ron's published book "Journeys to the 10th Dimension
(Dynamics of the Spirit World)" is an exploration into the Spirit World showing us what awaits us when we are no longer in physical.


Ron Vinal is a lightworking hypnotherapist with a positive attitude ... for positive results.  Now living near Sedona Arizona, he holds workshops, classes and takes private appointments. Ron is writing a third book.


Some of his specialties are:

  • Create a positive "Spiritual Ego," through hypnotherapy
  • Connect your current ego to your higher-self
  • Create Your Own Positive Life Changes
  • and many more
Clairvoyant Consulting
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by Patricia A. Murphy of Orange County California


Pat Murphy is a psychic, author, clairvoyant, animal communicator, teacher and medical intuitive.


For your convenience, especially for her world-wide clients, she does personal Readings by phone or Skype.  Pat and her husband Jim also teach classes in psychic awareness and healing , in tghe Orange County area of California.


Patricia A Murphy has written several books, amomng them, "Talking with the Angels", Cats/Canines can Communicate" and a series of novels about the "Karrigan Adventures".

"Death is the last fear to be overcome" - Edgar Cayce

The Veil of Forgertfulness is thinning.  Isn't it time to learn more about the Greater Life ... with fewer and fewer limits, then Freedom and Flight of Your Soul?  LIVE LOFE with NO MORE FEAR OF DEATH !

Your Angels Speak
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The Angels still speak to humanity, as in the days when the Holy Books were written.  They have never stopped speaking to us and never will.  But, are you listening?


Rev, Debby A. Taylor of Prescott Valley, AZ, has over 22 years experience as a medium for her band of helpful angels that are available to assist you in finding your way through life's situations.

Learn more about Rev. Debby Taylor ... Angel Communicator at: http://www.YourAngelSpeaks.com

Find her on Facebook ... http://facebook.com/angelcommunicator

Check out her E-Book, 

"Born To Hear Heavens Helpers" at: http://traveleronthepath.com/healing-guidance/your-angels-speak/ebooks 


Make an appointment:

Call 1-800-793-1403 ...
or in north central Arizona call
(1-928) 772-6826

Click to Email her at: dtconsultant@cableone.net
Hear what an Old Spook has to say.
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EXPERIENCE the WIT & WISDOM of Dr. Peebles


DeoxyriboNucleic Acid or Divine Natural Awareness?


In Quantum terms, it is both, as DNA has both chemical and quantum properties. Our scientists see the chemicals that carry genetic information through electron microscopes, but miss the main (inviable) energetic components which are the information that tells each cell during the cell division process.

Through Quantum Healing techniques and therapies, along with other listed modalities and our thoughts and yours, your DNA is all repairable and reprogrammable for more health, abundance and even a longer life.

Classes,  Workshops & Experiences ... in Quantum & Spiritual Healing ...

ranging up to $150.00 per person. To hold these events, we require a minimum of 3 new students.

Your life changing experience  is all about believing in, knowing of and directing the loving divine vibrations of creation that are beneficial for growth and healing, in your body, life and your relationships (with them). When you realize that all things are connected, consciously and unconsciously, throughout  and by the creative energy of Love, we begin to connect with the multidimensional realities that are within and around all life, as we know it,, you become The Magician.  Of course, this is interconnected with all that is, was and ever shall be and there is also a unity of individualities throughout this Unified Field of Consciousness. 


These are some of the basic concepts in this new healing process, as perceived and still being developed by Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP, with the assistance of Rev. Martine R. Kohlenberger (now in spirit).