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According to your beliefs shall you be healed.

This was true 2000 years ago, as well as before that and it is even true today. Thus, the more confidence and trust you have in your healer, their techniques and abilities (whether they are an MD, PhD, Therapist, Practitioner, Assistant, Shaman or Medicine Man/Woman), the more you can be helped ... or the more you allow their healing energies to be effective.


So, while drugs, surgery, radiation and other modern healing methods have their
place in this world to help you heal, they all work by inspiring the body-mind-emotions & soul to know that it is OK to heal itself by using its own divine natural awarenesses to let go of the vibrations or conditions that have brought on the dis-ablement or dis-ease.  Often these conditions are merely static or negative charges that are blocking your hatural energy flow, thus creating dis-ease ... to get your attention so you will balance your energies and heal..

As one opens the body-mind-emotional selves to let go and unblock the natural energy flow, one is now open to receive and to bring to oneself what is needed, to heal.


AND ... Your powerful mind-body-emotions, along with your organs and cells are
electromagnetic; meaning that they all have the ability to attract what is desired and needed and repel that which is not for your best healing, growth or development. This is the basis of an spiritual healing, and is very important for healing at the quantum levels of creative energies that we use to heal.



Did you know that all that "junk" DNA isn't really junk, after all? Everything in life has a purpose! Actually, this DNA activates divine, quantum creative energies ... the energies that allow our stem cells (yes, we all have some) to create, repair and replace healthy tissues.  This is a beneficial aspect of our DNA, thus "divine" is a truly appropriate term.  And no matter how old you are, in time, you still have stem cells, so let's get started stimulating them to come alive and heal!