Spiritual Healing Arts
There are many wonders to be discovered along our paths of love.  So, here is a Love Story to be remembered!
Love is All there IS!

"It is humankinds right to give and to receive love in each and every lifetime."   - Paraphased from contacts with Dr. James M. Peebles (over 20+ years)

Through the Ages

Learned religious men have been debating for eons whether life is lived according to "Free Will" or if "Predestination" makes all the rules. 


Here you can see that the One and Only answer, that they have been seeking and fighting about is "BOTH".  Thus this is everybody's "Right"!


You see (I believe), within the infinite mind of God, "everything is True" ... for somebody, sometime.  Else, we would not have an "infinite" Creator. 

What is Love?


Love is another word for God/Goddess, All That Is.  Love is the building block of all life and all existence.  Love is who you really are.  It is the TRUTH of you.  All that seems not Love is simply the manifestation of the fear within which is a temporary illusion of separation from you and the Love that you are.
  So you may say that Love is about your heart.

 - Inspired by Light source P'taah

Life is Love Lived

"The reason that we are all on this earth, or school (experiential laboratory) called Earth, is to make love manifest, to the best of our abilities, in all that we do."    - Rev. John M. Kohlenberger's Guidance, July 2013


In the beginning of this love story, if there ever was a time when love did not exist and so it had to "begin" sometime so that love could exist, throughout what there was of the
universes, as a presence and a present, in every present.


However, now it is obvious that Love loves itself and thus creates its own life, existence and reality so that all that could feel it, and in theat experience know themselves to be themselves, each a portion of The All-That-Is and the Love-That-IS.

Though, it's quite possible that this Love-That-Is, always was and always will be, for it ever was and never knew itself to not be.  So, even if there was a time when it was not it did not exist so it could not know its presence until it thought and desired existence and
expression.  So, then, in that expression therbecame an expansion, as it became and
felt and realized itself, so that it might know itself, in all its realities and parts ... forever.

This is what we call The Big Bang of conscious creation, for all creation is conscious in its own way ... aware of the love that it is, wants to feel and express, so that it may
discover itself, again and again.

So it is that a few million years ago, in humanity's time, there were two such consciousnesses, aware of self and its desires, and each other. We shall call these energy constructs souls for want of a better term, for they were in the environs of Yufon, somewhere in the in the near earth star cluster that we call the Pleiades, located in the constellation of Taurus. You might say that these two, and many others, were born in the stars.

So, these two souls found each other's vibrations to be sympathetic and so they chose to
journey together, at least from "time" to "time" and "place" to "place", in love, throughout the universes and other realities, for they enjoy sharing their finds along their way, on their journey of discovery of; "What is Love?".

And as they traded and merged their thoughts, realizing "There is so much to discover", they agreed with each other, "This is so exciting to be a part of this infinite expanse of everything and yet nothing".  So together they thought, let's stay in contact and journey together, helping each other along our ways, sharing the beauties of common appreciation across all time and all space.

This all was and is known to stem from the Creative Passion for and of God, Spirit, Life Lived, Experienced and Known or to be known at all levels.  This is the Passion that is The Rapture - integrating with life, not fearing, judging or putting expectations (or limitations) on anything or anybody; knowing and trusting that everything (not just the opening of a bud or a flower) unfolds in right order!

Thus, these two souls did not have to say everything to each other, for they knew many things in their hearts. plus they knew that they are one within the consciousness of all. And so, they've been relating this way for a very long time - a time even beyond "time", through spaces that you would not even call "space".

Welcome to the Great Continuum of Love Eternal ... and how it becomes, if it already wasn't, while it is "Everlasting".

Chapter 1 ...  ...  BIRTH & CHILDHOOD

In the Beginning ... of the Physical lives of these Lovers



This present earthly love story started when John was born, as he came into the world with love in his heart, a love for life itself! Then, when John was about 3 or 4 years old, one evening he heard his parents talk about a couple and their marriage; their ages and backgrounds. Thus, later when he went to his room for an afternoon nap, he thought about his future in this lifetime and when should he marry and whom would he like to marry. What kind of woman would be his "dream Girl"?

John's bear
Johnny with his bear

John's Marriage Question

From the conversation that his parents had, it sounded like an ideal marriage should take place somewhere around age 23, give or take 3 or 4 years, and the couple should have some common interests, along with similar religious beliefs. So, as John was laid down to bed for the night, he thought about what kind of woman that he might like to marry. The first thought was a girl with a Southern accent, as he rather liked the way Southerners talked. However, there were likely some past-life and life pre-planning remembrances here, too. Secondly, he thought about a girl with a French accent, as he thought that that was also a pretty accent. And, lastly, he considered a girl with a British accent. Obviously, John liked accents or women from some place other than his native Southern California! But, then as he reviewed these options, he thought that he would never travel to the South, let alone Europe, so he might just accept who ever came up in his life. Little did he know then how this story would turn out! But, now, his marriage plans were outlined by the time he was 4 years old, and the parameters for at least one of John's future marriages were set into motion.

Across the Oceans of time


About a month before John was to turn 7 years old, a baby girl was born to Pierre and Alice Queyssac, in a suburb of Paris France.


This girl, as she grew up, had visions of becoming a dancer (see photo).


We'll learn more about how all this came to be significant, later.

Chapter 2 ... Learning the Ways of Adult Love



So, when John was 21, nearing that "ideal time" to marry, he married a cousin (option 4, above) and had two daughters with her. Things went well for over a decade with this young family. Life went blissfully along, until it seemed, one day John had this vision of being in "the bottom of the barrel". In this vision, he knew that he couldn't stay as he was; he had to move sideways, down or up. And as he explored each possibility, up, to the light, seemed like the only viable way to go.

Soon, it seemed that John and his wife were headed two different directions and something must change. Yes, this was the beginning of the end of that marriage, but not necessarily the love and concern these individuals had for each other. Thus, John released all thought that he must control his wife and family and left in love, so that he might grow in the ring of light that he saw at the top of the barrel. "Let go, let God" was his new motto. It was then that John realized that, though society tells us that "love means holding on and staying together", there are times when letting go is the most loving thing you can do for another ... and/or for yourself.

Needless to say, in the intervening years, life just like all journeys had its ups and downs, but that is what it took for John to actually experience even more and greater spiritual growth. As he was told early in that process, by an old Chinese sage, "Sometimes when it seems that life is hardest and you aren't growing at all, is when you are growing the best." Though these words did not exactly fit into John's logical brain function, they seemed to be understood very well by his heart!

Meanwhile ... Things were Moving, Across the Ocean


There was a French lady who left her native homeland and family to strike out on her own, find her own strength and, though she had learned to read and write in English as a part of her European education, she went to London to learn to speak English.

There, while working as a waitress in a Pub, she met a young American G.I. who was on leave from Germany. They fell in love, she went to Germany, soon finding employment there, and got married.

After his tour of duty, this G.I. came back to his native California and was able to avoid being sent to Korea for another tour of duty, through the intervention of a politician. So, now, this French Girl was now in the same country and even state as John ... in the early 1960s!

In the fall of 1967 as John followed his line of inner searching, he was meditating every day, trying to make contact with spirit. Eventually, he sensed what seemed to be the spirit of a Frenchman, whom he called "Lucky Pierre". Many years later, John learned that Pierre was the name of the father of his French wife, Martine! AND Pierre left his body in that same year, 1976.

Chapter 3 ...  The Dance of Love Continues

The Steps for this dance are often felt in early childhood


Spirit Guides Bring John and Martine into Greater Harmony:


When Martine arrived in the United States, in the early 1960s, she found a job as an accountant. This accounting job was close to following her Father's footsteps as a Mathematician. However, Martine's supervisor believed in Astrology. Thus, over the years, Martine began to see value what Astrology had to offer, so she began to study it and became an astrologer in her own right. One of her spiritual mentors at that time was Isabel Hickey, as Martine read her writings and found value there also.

In the late 1960s, John was wondering, "Is this all there is to life?" He felt that there must be more and better!  So he joined the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) and also the Rosicrucian ... looking for a better way to pattern his life.

Feeling that life was getting beyond what he could logically handle, John started to meditate, so that in 1971, after 3 months of nothing happening, finally one day, he saw and heard the words, "GOD IS ALIVE and hiding in Eachoneofus". Immediately after that experience, he felt peace and love, beyond what he had ever felt in any church, though, it took about two weeks for him to begin to figure out where "Eachoneofus" is. John was entering a new branch of his life-path.


The Bachelor


After parting ways with his wife, in 1972, John started heading where his heart led him. An aid in this process of discovering Who John Truly Is, was the teachings of an Old Chinese Taoist Sage, through a trans-medium.

A little later, in 1973, John discovered the esoteric teachings of another entity named Seth, who came through trans-medium sessions with Jane Roberts.  So in the early to mid 1970s, here was John, a still married bachelor in his mid 30s finding his way alone (or "all-one").  However, as his church and parents had taught him that "marriage is forever", he had a lot of sorting out to do to put his life back together so everything would "fit", again.  It was during that time alone that John discovered "The Great and Mythical THEY". You know who THEY are; They are the ones that you worry about because of "What will THEY think", something that John had heard often from his parents, who by now were both dead. 

But, that day, he suddenly woke up to realize that THEY must be mythical, as he did not actually know who THEY are. But THEY were also very powerful, for he had let "THEM" run much of his life up to that time.  Thus the title "The Great and Mythical 'THEY'".

In the years following his first marriage, while keeping his full time technical job in the Aerospace/Defense research business, John pursued his interests and abilities in spirituality, music, philosophy, art, finding much self fulfillment.


It was also that year that Martine birthed her son, Pat, and started having a feeling of some strange entity following her around that wanted to kill her. Martine needed help.  Her husband recommended seeing a psychiatrist, but Martine thought "He'll just lock me up", so she chose a psychic, instead.


Note: Both work with the "psy" or soul, but in different ways.


Martine's "helper" was a lady named Shirley. Shirley helped Martine free this dis-incarnate ex-husband from another lifetime. And, as Martine was having troubles with her current marriage, she asked Shirley if there was another man out there that she might marry someday. Shirley's response was something like, "Yes, he has dark hair and a beard and you'll marry him when you're about 50 years old."  Then, Martine asked, "Oh, can't we meet sooner?"  Shirley's answer was, "Well, yes, but you don't really want to because you're married right now and so is he".


John was separated from his wife, but still married, at that time.

"And, then, when it seems that life is not headed where we may feel good and at our best, we choose another path ... towards greater and greater fulfillment in love (in its many forms)." - Rev. John M. Kohlenberger's Guidance, July 2013

Chapter 5 - Exploring More of the ways of Love


Exploring Love is the greatest of all pursuits


So, in 1980, John married again, mostly for companionship, while pursuing his interests as he moved on, into a new home and changed jobs to work with a new employer. During these times, he expanded his interests and influences into the community as one of its leaders.

But, this marriage, too, lasted as long as the two needed each other and could exchange the energies they had come together to share. Keeping this in mind, there are no "failed" marriages. It is just the way of God-Goddess and the Universal Workings of spirituality. It is All God and all good!

Then, in 1990, John picked up a book with the teachings of love and joy, as brought to earth by a channeled entity named P'taah. This was an event that brought John a whole new way to view the world. Thus, a new phase was opening up in John's life as John was ending his second marriage, meeting new women and beginning to think about marriage ... for love and joy ... again.
Later on in this process of exploring some of the many avenues of love, by the mid 1990s, John was working as a "facilitator" with a personal growth discussion group for singles, eventually striking up a relationship with one of the single women in that group. 
He learned much about himself and "relationships" within and from this relationship, which lasted about 3 years.
During this relationship with this girl friend, John heard of and immediately found a book called, "Dancing with Angels", which told about a channeled entity named Dr. James Martin Peebles, who was a philosopher, teacher, doctor and a bit of a budding mystic during his nearly 100 year life span on this earth. This was the beginning of another chapter in John's life of questing for and in love. And so his tree of life experience was branching out again.

"“John and Martine (and all the rest of us) exist in a sea of consciousness.  Furthere, it is the matching and synchronization of the individual vibratory patterns brought these two together.  Further enhancing tyhe likelyhood that they would come together, they are of the same soul group.”

 - This quote was inspired by Robert Schwartz in nis book, Your Soul's Plan (p288)