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A Source of Great Grief, Sadness ... and Joy!

Have you ever felt close to your loved ones who have gone on before you?  While the "old school" said that your grief and sadness push them away, this may actually be the best time for feeling the love and closeness with your departed loved ones.   Thus, "The Class of 2014" says that this is when they are nearest!  Most times, what starts this feeling of sadness is the fact that they are near and loving, and you would like to be with them on the same wavelength and attunement, but you realize that you are not.  Yes, this is sad.  But, in fact, all you have done is created an energy envelope around you that acts as a wall, and deep within, you understand that they are not only near, but also very dear.

So, what  you really need to do is relax, and let the tears wash away that wall of sadness, so you may pierce the veil and feel their love and possibly even their touch.  After all, they are as near to you as your own breath at these times, and deep within you feel that, you know it in your heart.  As this doesn't fit our well ordered straight line human logic, the head objects.  And this is where your sadness comes from; confusion, frustration, anger and fear ... that you and your religious teachers may not know all the answers.  They tell you one thing, yet you feel something different in your heart!

And then you may judge yourself about crying (especially men) and/or start trying to blame yourself for (in fact) things you could not control.

This is time to stop all that, relax, breathe, let go and Let God ... your soul, higher self, guides and angels through!  And as you rejuvenate, you'll find the joy of love lost and then found again ... on both sides of the veil!

Love, which is the Living Spirit spoken of in the olden times, supports life, absolutely!  Thus the cards are stacked in your favor and the Universe supports you absolutely.  This support by the Universal Energies even allows you to disbelieve all the above, and instead, believe in accidents, randomness, uncertainty and fear.  The choice is yours!
Science has discovered the physical workings of creation, which we know emotionally as love.   So, as science does not deal with emotions, they label the properties of this love energy "Quantum Entanglement".
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Love the website John, congratulations!!  Keep up the good work, Lynda.
How do Psychics, Clairvoyance,  Psychometry, Psychokinesis, Channeling, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairgustance work?
Because, as John Muir observed, "When you look deep enough into nature, you find everything hitches to everything else."  Quantum physicists are just beginning to verify what Mystics and metaphysicians have know for millennia.

VIEWER COMMENT about the watercolor Impression on the "Going Home" webpage:  (Quatores Julliet 2014)


Oh, that is SO beautiful! The way you describe that everything was a live…the trees, the rocks! Yes! And, your watercolor captures the vibrancy of the colors (beyond our wildest dreams)…it took my breath away! :)

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