Spiritual Healing Arts

These Advanced Holistic Quantum Healing and drugless Pain Relief Techniques employ the vibrational properties and creative potentials of Universal Creative Energy, as now being discovered by modern science.


Love is a Quantum Energy!



We are now available for drugless pain relief in an office in Prescott ... by appointment only.  As clientele picks up, we will be full time  in late 2012.

Watch this website for further announcements or call or email us to schedule an appointment.



 Pricing:       Value   Special

20 minutes    $30        $25

30 minutes    $50        $35

45 minutes    $70        $50

1 Hour           $90        $65

You may purchase a low cost trial session with John at a Mountain High Mystics event (see Public Appearances Page) ...     20 minutes for $20.


As John intuits and understands this breakthrough mode of healing, he will begin to put together a book and workshop to help others understand the process of attunement (not Reiki) to the Quantum dimensions of our universe which help us turn possibilities into probabilities and probabilities into reality. 

This is how the Cosmos and Multiverses work, and so do we at inner, forgotten, levels.


COST: $200 each

This will be a 4 to 8 hour experience.

More details as they develop!


We believe that we exist on a skein of time. We are like a thread in the tapestry of life. Thus, we believe that our life is linear, time is linear and constant and so is space. But all of what we believe we see, touch, taste, smell, hear and experience in any way is truly an energy construct and not purely physical.

We are quanta of conscious energy within an endless grand field of consciousness, which is not random, but totally unified. Some call this field "creation", "Creator", "spirit", "God", "Deity" or a "Quantum field", depending on how they choose to view it.

And, then, there are some people who are more attuned to the arts and music, who have observed that these quanta of energy are moving and vibrating at different frequencies. Scientists currently call these quanta of vibration energy, "strings". However, believing in physical strings begins to limit our concepts of the potential abilities of these quanta of vibrating energy. NOTE: You are both one and many of these.

The tapestry of life - and of lives - is within and a part of this unified field of consciousness, thus We and this universe are eternal, interconnected, with each part and portion included in the ALL ... the Universal!

The "bottom line", or is it really so that this process continues forever, is that there is great cooperation and thus synchronicity (that you can't see unless you are aware and observant) between ell forms and quanta of this Divine Energy - that you are.


Helping you discover the healing energies that you were born with!

LIFE created the Big Bang, so we as portions of that life, can get a Big Bang out of Our Experiences in Physical Reality!

Some scientists like to think that the quantum domains are separate from physical life, but it is the energies of the quantum realms that are the cause of this physical world as it emerges from the infinite interdimensional domains of "Quantim Spirit".  For this is what is behind, within and all around all that is.  And all that is, is fueled by the Gravity of Love, which transcends all space and all time.
"Your reality as we see it in a quantum state is a series of potentials that are all together, happening all at once. The lines that connect them are free choice, and these are not known, but only are layers of potentials."
- Kryon through  Lee Carroll
"Up to now, our religions have excluded science, and science has omitted the spiritual.  Now in 2012, the two are coming together, getting ready to come full circle and join again, as they once were in Atlantis.  Our scientists are beginning  to recognize that there is intelligent design in the Cosmos, and our religious leaders are beginning to acknowledge that 'we are not alone.'"
Quantum Spirit of Love
There is more to this than meets the eye!

Quantum Healing employs the subtle divine energies that naturally exist in the Unified Field of Consciousness, many of which are hidden in the energetic structures of reality, including atoms, sub atomic energies and even in your DNA.  All of these may be used for health and healing, of self and others; each in their own way.


The Universal Energies of Light, Life and Love are infinite in time and space; thus unbounded!  Based in the belief that everything is composed of energy (now called "String Theory" by many) or  quanta (the smallest amount of physicality that may interact), vibrating at different rates, with different intensities and wave forms;  infinite energy patterns are created throughout all that is, might be and was. The slight variations in movement and momentum of this Divine Energy (that used to be called "living spirit" by the Greeks, "sound" by metaphysicians or "Logos" by priests) creates the infinite varieties of form, color, smell, sound, feeling and even life itself, that we observe, plus much more within the many dimensions and multeverses that we are not yet aware of. This has been described, of old in very simple terms, as "The God Force, or Light, Life and Love".


By working with these energies a channeler of spiritual energies may use personal love to work with All-That-Is, Was or Ever Shall Be for healing, wisdom and the betterment of life with the only limitations being those we humans might put on "possibilities". Remember the expression,"With God, everything is possible"?  So as we channel Universal Energies, this facilitates these benevolent creative energies to move throughout your body, mind and soul, thus miracles may happen ... limited only by our own attitudes and beliefs. 


Yes, Quantum Healing uses elements of Scientifically Verifiable Energies and Divine Spiritual Energies (which are all part of the same universe) for Healing, holistically unifying them to go beyond our imagined limitations, to create a force that is greater than the sum of its parts.  In this way, all the energies and processes that are known to science and religion, physics and metaphysics, at this time, are brought together in a holistic coordinated synchronicity ... for the purposes of healing and the betterment of humanity and the world ... in this New Age of Aquarius.

"All energy movement is consciousness in action.



The Physical Body: We can see, touch and smell, even taste and hear sounds from a physical body and being.  But life does not begin, nor does it end in the physical world.  We are, in fact, multidimensional beings that can think, imagine, create and be inspired.  Thus you are not just a biological accident happening in a "random" universe.  You are a conscious being!


Consciousness: Consciousness creates energy, so all or any energy is a sign of consciousness at work!  For instance, every cell in your body has its own consciousness and every consciousness is linked. Thus, not only your cells. but your consciousness is separate from nobody and no thing.  This is the beginning awareness, in a spiritual sense, of the power and prom ice of "Soul Healing".


Spirituality: Spirit is unseen energy; the consciousness o9g God-Goddess, the saints, spirit guides, angels, teachers and loved ones in your past and future.  This is conscious energy and it is real, even though you may not be aware that you sense it in any way, as most people believe that they cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch spirit because they are taught that the only thing that matters is "matter".


Enter, Quantum Physics: Like "spirit" and "consciousness", "Quanta" is a node of creative energy, like a :God Particle".  Quantum processes are nonlinear, so in Quantum Healing, we use the intuition of creative mind and apply Metaphysics ("Beyond physics") to go beyond the limits of linear logic and physical knowledge to find and even create new breakthroughs in health and healing.    In this healing practice.  Rev. John is also putting many concepts of science and spirituality together, holistically.


Supportive Healing Modes: You will also find support through Rev. Martines' abilities, addressing your lifestyle and physical needs using the natural and ancient sciences of Numerology, Astrology, Hypnotherapy, Herbs, Oils and Natural Foods.


Holistically ...Together  we do all this for the benefit humanity, and you.  This is your golden opportunity to experience a better life through natural ways of pain relief without drugs, without physical surgery, using your Creative Mind along with a little coaching, mild exercise and possibly some psychic advice and/or energy shifting.

As you each of us is more hopeful, then you begin to reach for the highest star, and then to begin to understand your greatness and grandness; eventually understanding the divine magic and miracle that each one of us is, even as we are walking this earth! - Inspired by Dr. Peebles, 1966


You may have heard about photons or sub atomic particles becoming "entangled". or acting as if they are one even when they are far apart in time or space.  If not, it's time to break out of our old limitations and think outside of your little mental box.


Spiritually, love is an entanglement.  Further, all entanglements (even seemingly based of fear) are a form of the divine, universal energies of love! 

Messenger Particles:

So, even inside your body, there are "messenger" energies (possibly particles or wavicales,  like invisible photons) that relay the needs of each cell to other cells, organs and hormone producers - even to your brain.  Some scientists believe that these energies act within the workings of the "weak force".  These messengers may even be mass less "gravitons" ... working with the forces of love - possibly even traveling greater than the speed of light ... as some say "thought" and "emotions" do.!

Hypnotherapy Helps


Using the properties of your own Creative Mind, Martine helps you go beyond what ails you, to find and create a different mind set, for drugless healing.  This therapy may help you with pain relief without drugs, weight management goals, shape change desires or even advancement toward your lifetime dreams. 


Edgar Cayce often claimed, "Mind is the builder" of our life and lifestyle.

What is Piezoelectric Vibrational Therapy?


This is a hands-on technique (with slight pressure - not associated with acupressure) that promotes pain relief without drugs.  John has been developing and using this technique for years. Light pressure on painful or spots where the energies are congested, where there are energy blockages, causes piezoelectric changes to the tissues, thus releasing the blockage, allowing toxins to move out, freeing the tissues of static electricity so the energies can flow again, relieves pain and increases tissue health, along with better emotional and spiritual health.


Vibrations, in general, create densities or scarcities of energy and, thus of matter.  The world we know is composed of dynamic waves, in one form or another.  In this view, darkness is merely a density of light and matter is an even more dense form of light.  And each disease has its own vibration, which can be raised or lowered to change it into something else ... with or without drugs, surgery or other physical means.


When necessary, John uses these techniques along with hands-off energy movements to redirect and balance or rebalance your chakra, kundalini and/or chi in your meridians.

Healing Oils, Herbs and Foods


These are some more of Martine's "specialties" for fortifying your body, improving your health, bringing greater abundance and providing you pain relief without drugs.


Martine (born in France , with a Chef's diploma from San Diego) will also be offering healthy cooking classes.  IMAGINE: You can learn how to make tasty meals that also help you heal and stay healthy!

String Theory

Everything is true within its own reality and untrue outside of theat realm.  Thus, there are no strings attached to anything!  There are only nodal points of energy that create all the multiverses!

Quantum Healing Disclaimer

Our healing techniques are complimentary to other disciplines and are not a substitute for consulting with a qualified doctor or other health professional that you trust.  Hoqwever, we each have two eyes and two ears for increased awareness, so a second opinion is a good precaution. What we do is complimentary to other healing modalities; thus we do not diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure anybody or any thing ... as our inspirational healing specialties come from the Divine Universal Energies, that are available to all.

In the beginning, if there were such a time and place, we are told in our holy scriptures that "God moved" .  So it is that, today, waves of energy are constantly moving and changing through interaction in each now moment, creating and recreating all that is, was an ever shall be in the infinities of Creation.  Thus, Creation is on-going so we constantly evolve and expand, just like the universe around us ... for we are a part of all that is, oncluding that God of Creation, and can never be apart from it - except in our wildest illusions, fantasies and imaginations of separation. 

Thus, the universe is all one, yet acting as the many.

What is Your DNA?

DeoxyriboNucleic Acid or Divine Natural Awareness?


In Quantum terms, it is both, as DNA has both chemical and quantum properties. Our scientists see the chemicals that carry genetic information through electron microscopes, but miss the main (inviable) energetic components which are the information that tells each cell during the cell division process.

Through Quantum Healing techniques and therapies, along with other listed modalities and our thoughts and yours, your DNA is all repairable and reprogrammable for more health, abundance and even a longer life.

Classes on Quantum Healing will be offered in late 2012, starting at $200.00 per person. To teach this class, a minimum of 3 new students is required.

This is all about believing in, knowing of and directing beneficial, the good, divine vibrations of creation and your relationships with them, realizing that all things are connected, consciously and unconsciously, through the creative energy of Love. Thus, we have multidimensional connections with all life, as we know it, interconnected with all that is, was and ever shall be.  However, there is also a unity of individialities throughout this Unified Field of Consciousness. 

This is a basic concept in this healing method, as perceived and still being developed by Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP.

An Introduction to the Theory of Quantum Mechanics as applied here;


NOTE: The following is based on modern Quantim Physics

  • All things are vibrating energy, thus matter has wave properties usable in a particle-wave duality in the Multiverses.
  • Light is a vibration that has both wave properties and discrete particle properties (photons).  Light also has a particle-wave duality and is part of the EM (ElectroMagnetic) spectrum of known energies that pervade our known universe.
  • Instead of "reality" being composed of continuous deterministic fields (as science has assumed up to now), the more modern view now is that Creation is composed of one great unity (space? light?) that may be described as existing in mathematically discrete statistical fields e.g. one may use probability waves to predict the location of a particle, but not always know "exactly" where it is.
  • Thus many things exist in more than one place and/or time, in which case these may become artificial limitations to any possibility.

The Physics of Quantum & String Theories, as applied to Quantum Healing:


Using modern Metaphysics

  • Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, thus the energy of Creation is still here and still active - forever, throughout the many dimensions of all time and all space!
  • All Matter is formed by the density of vibration or in density nodes caused by crossing waves.  This vibration may be called "space","magnetism & gravity", "light",  "love" or what some call "God".  Like a rose, it is the same, no matter what the name,   "What is, simply IS!"
  • The love and light (vibrations) of Creation formed all that is and thus may (and will) change anything in the great forever-now that we call "time", at any time.  Thus "what is" is unlimited by "what is".
  • Change is constant so our desired changes (as in healing) are shaped and directed by our co-created attitudes, beliefs and constant thoughts, acting (physically) through the EM (ElectroMagnetic & Light) fields.  This may bring "instant" change, though all change happens in its own (quantum) time - and in its own (quantum) way.  Many, in the past, have described this as, "God acts in strange ways."


The Result:      Drugless Pain Relief through time.