Spiritual Healing Arts
Life is alive with activity and constant change.  We experience this every day in our lives, our earth and our bodies ... as all living things are supported - within what ever reality they exist. 

2014 Epiphanies

Comments, experiences, awakenings from January 6th 2014 and beyond.

By John M. Kohlenberger

An angel that came to earth
My Earth Angel now in Heaven

I believe that January 6th, 2013 was my wife "Martine's Epiphany", as she received the gift of "Ultimate Healing" that we call "death" (I became aware of this awakening when I was working as a Massage Therapist in California), without any more pain, hassle or surgeries.  She essentially was committed to leaving her body that day or evening, for a long rest and "vacation", especially as I told her, "Now you know what 'No matter what' means", referring to my telling her several times earlier that I loved her, "no matter what".  She "held on by a thread" (litterally) until the 30th of January, which was the day after she shared a dream with me about her final preparation for leaving, finally telling me, "I'm going out the door, but you can catch up with me later".

You can read that story at:
http://www.spiritualhealingarts.net/martineshealing/goinghome.html ... if you haven't, already.

TODAY (5 January 2014): I went to an OLLI presentation of "The Cave of Dreams" (A Gouffe in the Alps-Provence area of France).
Afterward, one of the older (than me) ladys was remembering being in my OLLI class right after that.
My epiphany today was when she told me that she feels that I am healed, now.  (well almost)
And, just yesterday I was reading [in the book, "Your Soul's Gift"] a chapter about death of a loved one where the advice was to go with the emotions, don't deny your humanity and eventually the tears will include the joy of remembering good times and moments to savor (YES I HAVE BEEN THERE FOR A FEW MONTHS NOW) as the trauma of the event transforms.  As tears are cleansing, then, according to the author, you will get to the point of letting the loved one progress in their own way as you let yourself move forward in yours.  However, I believe, we shall meet again and share our stories in joy and love.

So, now I'm ready to start the "Hospice Volunteer" training so I can share some of the love, experiences and knowlege I have gained through this whole process. 

Finally, I can thank Martine for leaving me me THIS GIFT OF LOVE, in her life and in her

A Living Memorial
Visit Fain Park; feel Martine's love-light.

Martine's Memorial Tree 2014-01-23

As this living memorial tree was planted at Fain Lake Park in Prescott Valley, AZ, we buried some of Martine's ashes with the planting and Martine's love for all of life was anchored in the earth, thus nourishing her eternal soul forever.

- Rev. John M Kohlenberger


CONNECTING THE DOTS:   Martine's last employer was the Fain family, who donated the land to the town for this park, down the hill on Second St. in a beautiful valley along Lynx Creek.  Another connection is that the Fain family came from France, several generations ago, and Martine came from Paris, France in the 1960s.


Martine wants you to know that she 'loves' her tree!


By the 4th or 5th of October, 2012, the day we were told that the doctors had punctured Martine's intestinal tract, I knew that she might die due to sepsis, though one of the doctors assured me that "today we can pretty well keep that under control with drugs" or words to that effect.  That night I went to sleep crying at the prospect of that my wife might die, and then I thought of the words of Jesus ..."Father, take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.”, thinking that there might be a golden gift that I might receive, that I could not see right then - even if it meant Martine's death.

Have I found that golden treasure?  I don't know, but there have been many gifts along the way, during this past year of my life.

Do I miss her, today?  Absolutely, and yet I sometimes know that she is "right here" beside me, too.  This is a new experience (another gift) for me as well.  And, likely, this was all arranged between our souls before we came into physical reality ... so that I might grow.

In 2012, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, before moving to the "Rehab" hospital, Martine had me bring in a boom box so she could hear "Christmas music".  Several nurses (at the critical care hospital) told me that they enjoyed coming into Martine's room, because "it feels so good with that Christmas music".  She left many in good spirits.

In the end, Martine's body did not die due to sepsis ... her "release" was started by dehydration, aided by a leak in her abdominal incision (made to "clean her out") and possibly an under staffed "Rehab" hospital, not giving her water to drink, though she was "cleared" to drink and not watching her body fluid levels closely.  But even that "science", so they told me in the ICU (back at her original hospital) is not exact.  The dehydration, then caused an electrolyte (sodium/potassium) imbalance which, according to several EEGs and an MRI, put Martine's cerebral cortex out of commission and "seriously compromised the brain stem".

I kept a positive attitude all through the process and by the last month found myself living "unconditional love" for my Lovely wife. (another gift)  Several nurses remarked about my positive attitude.

So, at this point, I have no regrets.  It was what it had to me.  Martine told me many times that her astrological chart said the she would woirk all her life and then die.  Pretty close to what happened!  Would I do it over again, knowing what I know now?  ABSOLUTELY

Angels in the Sky
Angels may be traveling with you, now.

Angels in the Sky


This photo of our balloon launch site  was taken by Martine's husband, John, shortly after initial ascension, near Sedona AZ, which was one of Martine's favorite (healing) places.   It has been said that the golden circular images in this picture are "orbs" of spiritual energy; in this case, angels and loved ones, including Martine, Brother Bill (who Graduated into the Light on September24th, 2913) and many others.


Enjoy this band of angels!  As they regularly transcend the limits of both time and space, they might even visit you.  Just call upon them in your dreams and/or prayers.


Experience The Rapture


This is how I am now integrating with life, not fearing, judging or putting expectations on anything or anybody; not just believing, but knowing and trusting that everything (not just the opening of a bud or a flower) ... all of life unfolds in right order! 


We are not separate from anything, for even as astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says; "I know that not only am I in the universe, but the universe is in me."


And when Imentioned this to my Brother Bill, on the phone three days before his heart attack, he said to me, "And it goes far beyond that."  Yes, Life is wothout bounds!

February 27 2014 - I (John) had a tooth pulled today.   Interestingly, it seemed that Martine was there for me, with me, in the dentist's office.  I first noticed her presence while in the waiting room. Then, in the dentist's chair as the dental technician was holding the impression tray in place, in my mouth, it felt like Martine had HER arms around me.  What a loving feeling!


Later, Martine told me (by thought impression) that she could never do this while in the body and working every day, though she often would have wanted to accompany me to the doctor or dentist - as she liked me to go with her.. So, this was a new and loving experience ... for both of us!


This whole episode caught my attention because I wasn't "expecting" to sense her presence, at all.  Like most of us, I thought I was "alone".  But, we're never alone, as we're all "connected", in love. (Believe it or not)


NOTE: Martine told me, last July or August, "I may be dead, but I'm not gone."

And a good medium friend has told me that Martine said, "If you need me, just
call, you know I'll be there

Our Love Connections never die, for Love Is ... All-There-Is!

MY DREAM 2 March - I was upstairs in our (or actually Martine's) bedroom (kind of like thge one we had in Moreno Valley, but at least 3 times larger), with 2 king beds and lots of room to spare.  [As I write this, I realize that I've been here before in other dreams, but
didn't remember as much]   In this bedroom, she hadsher bed and closet and I have mine. I had trouble understanding how she had lots of clothes (even though I had given them all away here on earth).  Then, I wondered, "why would she ever want to leave this luxurious place to die?" I then went to the closet to see about a sex toy, so I could play with myself (as i now live alone) [THIS IS A "BETWEEN THGE WORLDS EXPERIENCE"] . Then Martine walked in the room and asked me if we couldn't go for a walk later. Of course, I said "yes"!

And then it dawned on me that she is alive, not dead and this is where she now lives, all happy, healthy and well ... off!