Spiritual Healing Arts
Sharing our caring with the world ...

Johnny is planting Seeds of Light, Life and Love

See John in 2014:


Mile High Mystics

October 18 2014
At the

Hassayampa Inn

downtown Prescott

Mystical Spiritualist Church


Inspirational Services -

First Sunday @1 PM

Spiritual Healing Services:

at 1 PM

3rd Sunday each month

Meditation, Spiritual

Support & Development

6:30 Tues. Eve.

@ Prescott Public Library


Yavapai College OLLI:

Facilitating: leading,

 learning & loving

“Lost Christianities, Part 2”

30 Oct. - 11 Dec. 2014

“Your Soul’s Plan” - a book discussion

April-May 2014

Prescott OLLI office

(928) 717-7634




I (John M. Kohlenberger) will be at this MHM Festival of Love on February 15 as a Spiritual & Inspirational Healer.  However, at 2 PM I will be giving an overview of the Mystical Traditions class I am leading at Yavapai College, in the Garden Room (downstairs in the back hallway of tge Hassiampa Inn) for all who may be interested.   
See more about this class on this website under CLASSES AND PROGRAMS

Heart Felt
Life is a Journey to Your Heart of Hearts
Do you want to experience the Living Spirit of Light & Love coursing through your body and being?
John will be available with his healing table, channeling the Healing Light of Love, at the Hassayampa Inn, in the Arizona Room, located in Downtown Prescott, from 10 AM to 5 PM on May 21st.
Preview his Summertime Prescott OLLI Class at Yavapai College
Lover of Humanity
From the Heart
April Spirit Expo in Prescott
Sponsored by the Mystical Spiritualist Church

Public Appearances


Formerly, John worked with his wife, Martine.  However, she is now his Spiritual Consultant as he connects with "The Other Side" through channels of love.  Martine stil joins John in celebrating Life through Personal and Unconditional Love that IS the Universal Field of Consciousness.

John celebrates and honors Life through his teaching and healing with love.

Johnny Love Seed
Love is the Great Bringer and Elixir of LIFE
Standing up and out, becoming more and more of Who I Really Am - Publically!
Your Soul's Plan
What did your soul plan before you were born?.

John Kohlenberger draws on his 21 year experience as both a Health Professional, running and operating a Massage Office in Lake Forest CA and as an Intuitive Spiritual Healer ... now improved by his studies of DNA and Quantum Healing.

More Information may be found on the Programs & Classes page on this website