Spiritual Healing Arts
God moved and thought "let there be light" and so All-That-Is is vibrating light.

Are We Responsible for Evolution?


The Universe is composed of vibrating energy!  So, your responsibility
for vibration is understanding it, knowing that the Living Spirit is not only within the self, but is an evolution­ary process within every article in the room. There is
nothing that you create physically that does not come from the vibrating energies of plant or earth, whether it is the
handle of a door, or the nail driven into the board,. There is livingness within all things, and thus in these also, not evolution but livingness.


Evolution only takes part in the higher vibration of a higher form. Evolu­tion takes place in the gems of the mineral kingdom, as well as in plants and animals. You are not responsible for the evolution of vibration, only for those things that are important for your evolution on this dimensional plane.

REFERENCE: "Under the Plum Tree" by Marjorie B. Giles


Vibrational Healing with Light ... coming in 2012

May the Living Spirit that comes fourth in every vibration of your physical world come forth and give you peace, love, health and understanding.

Light and/or Vibrational Healing is all about lightening, raising and lifting the light  vibrations (mostly unseen) of the client to their highest and fullest expression possible at the time.  This is a holistic approach to healing beyond the limitations of our beliefs about our body-mind.

As modern quantum physics sheds new light upon many of the ancient esoteric concepts that underlie the religions, philosophies and healing concepts of the world, this new form of healing blends science with spirit, to use modern string theory concepts to enhance our health and healing.   However, this is an evolving view of creation and realities, of health, healing and how dis-ease evolves into disease.  So this new view takes into account the many forms of vibrating energies across the E-M spectrum that includes light, particularly as it goes back and forth between photon and wave.   Thus you may now see that all that meets the eye and is matter, is not all that matters. 

So, in this way that we begin to delve into and use the energies that contribute to the multiple and even non-physical dimensions of the multeverses, the human being and all the energy systems that compose not only our spirits, minds and physical bodies, but also our "realities".

Albert Einstein's most famous equation, E=MC2, described a new reality, where matter and energy are essentially interchangeable.  This was later witnessed in the wave/photon interchange properties of light.  So too, now, the possibilities for directing the properties of these divine, natural, energies for healing take us beyond all previously imagined limitations.

We are all multitasking and multidimensional; witness Einstein, the scientist, philosopher and mathematician playing the violin!  This is living proof that Albert Einstein was an expert on string theory; at least on the violin .



All forms of energy, and thus matter, vibrate at different vibrational frequencies and intensities; seen as various colors in rainbows and in light or heard as different notes in music. However, this vibrational energy matrix is not only true in what we can see or hear in our 3-D world, but also at atomic and subatomic levels.  Though modern quantum string theory wants to find tiny strings that do all this vibrating, energy needs no medium to operate, as much of it exists beyond our old fashioned ideas of time and space and the restrictions we have artificially placed upon energy, matter and motion.


This brings us right into the realms of what the ancients have called the unbounded, infinite, eternal, immortal and universal properties of God and "spirit". Thus, each one of us is a marvel of energies
doing miraculous things and accomplishing uncountable life affirming processes. We are far more than just a bunch of "accidental" matter that has somehow been organized as biological machines!  Again, there is much more than meets the human eye here and thus, much more that can be accomplished in the form of healing, than we have heretofore realized, or made real .

The man Jesus said, "All that I do you may do also, and much greater things than these ...".  He understood the principles of these good quantum vibrations, with no strings attached.

A Spiritual and Quantum Shift in Thought Perception and Awareness


A Shift for 2012 and beyond?


As we quiet the body-mind and allow ourselves to become in tune with the creative forces of the universe, we come closer to becoming inspired by the light, life and love of the universe; bringing new thoughts and awarenesses to our consciousness, that come to expand who we believe we are and thus our potentials.  However, all that inspiration and all those dreams are also a part of our universe, which is simply our physical concept of what God-Goddess was, is, can be and become. 


All scientists study various aspects of our physical universe, divorcing themselves from the creative energy which even they are, and thus miss this grand view of unity that Heisenberg glimpsed and even John Muir understood by simply sitting in Nature and absorbing its wisdom.

The speculative sciences of quantum mechanics and string theory, particularly, stand upon the edge of discovering the unity of all that is, which 5rthe ancients knew as the Unity of All-That-Is.

So it is that, when we call upon God, the Angels, Spirits or Guides it is we who are attuning to them and they don't really travel great distances in time or space, for in their awareness, there is no time and also no space; everything "just is". Thus, they are already everywhere present in every "here" and every "now". It is we, in finite awareness, who actually expand so that we may commune with all the sacred and wise beings of all time,
when we desire their presence ... or put more accurately, to know their presence.

Soul Energies (and Soul Healing)

The slight shift in awareness that allows us to begin to perceive the subtle energies of angels, guides, beings that exist in the realms of nature or out among the planets and stars opens us to allow even more new awarenesses, such as our bodies existing within the energy of our soul, rather than just the other way around.


In this model, the active portions of that infinite energy of the soul do exist within the confines of the body, the mind and our earthly lives, but in addition there is a greater
story to be known. Yes, there is more potential hovering about our bodies; b e it spirits or our own soul energies - which are conscious and aware. So it is, the only limitations that we and that soul really operate under are only limited by what we don't allow of that vast
energy, through into our minds, bodies and lives.

The human beings we call Jesus, Pythagoras, Mosses, Zeus, Hermes, Horus, Isis, Ra and even Poseidon (all real human beings in their own time, each expressing a different facet of divinity) allowed more soul or divine energy than most of us would even consider. But, is possible to increase your "soul quotient", to express greater love and abundance?  Absolutely achievable, but be warned, you will not become any of these beings, as you and the Creative Forces of God-Goddess have put you here and now to express your unique blend of divine (soul) energies.

Shift happens - and for good reason!