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Are our modern physical sciences bordering on metaphysics?  The parallels may be greater than you think!


My Last Conversation with Bro Bill

Bro Bill
My Brother Bill! Always ready to help and educate.

As I have not preciously taken the time to set my memorial to Bro Bill, as I have with my Earth Angel Martine, THIS IS IT!

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The most astounding


During my last phone conversation with my brother Bill, 2 days before his heart attack, I mentioned to him the words of Neal deGrasse Tyson about his knowing and awareness that "not only am I part of the universe, but the universe is part of me" ... Bro Bill said to me;

 "It goes far beyond that."

And on the day of his "Heart Attack", Bill went hiking, enjoying te many wonders of nature.  So, why would a man have a  hearty attack, when thgey have found so much beauty, joy and pleasure?

This was the day when Bill finally found his heart and his deep felt connection with All-That-Is!

In one word, God is Gravity.  For, there is gravity in each and every element of the universe; a little and a lot.

So, in a down to earth, physical sense, God is Gravity.  It has been said that God is Love, but even love is attractive, because it too is gravity.  Love. like gravity pulls things together in a tendency to unify.  So we all gravitate towards love!

However: beware!  Explosion is always predicated on implosion, so sometimes things get so tightly bound, they just have to explode in their love! and spread that love far and wide  Thus, there is the coming together and the parting of ways, all done in the name of love!  And so, Love is Ever Expanding, as is the universe; all due to the attractiveness of one thing, one person and/or one energy attracted to like things, peoples and energies! 

And, God is light, life and living ... revealing all things.

Intelligent LIFE


Intelligent Life exists everywhere, but like physical life, it exists in a myriad of forms and processes.  However, as long as human-kind persists in believing that only we humans have "intelligence" and other life forms do not, we will not be able to perceive these many other forms that already exist within the infinite universes.


Spirit and spiritual entities tell me that "You are never alone".  Thus, Life exists everywhere, in many forms and processes, even where we like to call "nowhere" (meaning "it is now here").  But, we  have to be there (now here) to perceive it, on its terms - which will not always be "human".  So, like the life forms we see on our earthly physical world, the life we find will be detectable, only as we are open to discovery.  So, as long as we humans persist in believing that all "life" is earth-like, we will not be able to even  perceive these many other forms that already exist within the Infinite, Eternal, Immortal, Universal Unified Field of Consciousness.




Like the idea of "Hell", there really is no such thing or place as a "Dead Planet"!  This is only an "idea"!   For life exists in many, yet undiscovered, forms - and processes!  Where there is movement, there is energy; and that is life revealed!


Now does earth-like life exist in a non earth-like environment?  That is almost impossible and so, by our earthly standards, we call this situation "dead".  But, all life fits in its own niche within the scheme of the universes, as it was meant to and must.


As we remove what we believe to be the "limitations" of what life is or could be and become more open to the "possibilities" of life, we'll find life, even where we thought it could not exist ... as we already have, many times over ... right here on earth!

Is Modern Science Becoming a New Metaphysics?

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.  It is the fundamental cradle that stands at the birth of true art and true science.”

- Albert Einstein

Science vs. Religion

Though I believe that the physical sciences try to logically explain how physical life does what it does, religion is an attempt to give the heart some hope of continuity and a purpose for life itself.  So, I see them as working hand-in-hand, to take us forward in fascination with life, rather than a fear of the same.


Metaphysics, to me, is a process of going beyond the dogmas of the physical sciences and the religions, to seek a spiritual understanding of the energy, or energies, behind our life and life in general.   To me, this is, then, a melding of heart and mind  for a more complete "picture" of the wholeness and holiness of life ... All Life, in all it's forms and expressions.  For, I see Life as Love Lived ... whole and complete, as a holiness!

May our love and its expression become unconditional!

 -  Rev. John M. Kohlenberger

The Gnostic-Christians and other Mystics have talked of at least some of us as being sparks of or from Godliness.  However, it may now be time to up-date that terminology with the realization that all is light (radiant vibrational energy, that is both material and non-material) and say that each of us is a quanta of the light of Creator and creation, as both at the same time!

Our current physical sciences believe that life was formed from a Big Bang.  

 -   Inspired by a lecture series by Laird Close PhD., entitled, "Life in the Universe".


But, is there more to this story than meets the eye and is there yet more to discover and real-ize?   As science is all about discovery of more and more (not just knowing the "facts" ... which will change)  this author believes that ...

there is and always will be more to discover!

So is what you read or see here a be all and end all?  Certainly not, but it is at least

A Step Along The Way of Discovery.

Big Bang Explained
Maybe we have it all backwards?
"Consciousness creates the body; not the other way around."

~ A message from Bro Bill concoured with by Rev. Martine - 10 Apr '14

Scientists want to know!

Scientists want to know "What started our universe?"  Many of them like the simple idea of a single Big Bang, a sudden explosion of highly compressed matter.  However, as physical science cannot conceive of form coming from seemingly nothing, they think that matter had to come from matter, completely forgetting Einstein's pioneering 1905 equation and what it eimplies!  


But could the "Big Bang", instead, have been an expolsion in consciousness?  Our beliefs are Powerful!

Until a few years ago, I had a brother in this world who liked to be called "Bro Bill". He was a good scientist, astronomer, physicist, optician and inventor.  However, 3 months before his "death" (when a portion of his energy that was acting in this physical world transformed into another form of energy  ... as described in the principle of the conservation of energy and by the equation E=MC2 or M=E/C2 ), Bro Bill said that he felt that he had finally solved the dilemma of the Big Bang, at least in his own mind. He said that  "Before the Big Bang, there was Information."

Now, I would say that a different way; "Before the big bang formed materiality, there was unseen energy".  Keep in mind though, when energy converges, it forms energy constructs, concentrations and nodes of energy "in formation".  So, I believe that this is what "caused" physical reality; as energies converged, coalesced and even conflicted.  In this process the extremely high vibrations of "Light and Divinity beyond our comprehension" slowed down to where it seemed to be or become what we know as physical for a while.  However, when that has been experienced 'to completion', the energies go their way in love, harmony and peace so they are again free to play with the other energies of the Universal Field of Consciousness.

"Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics!" - Albert Einstein
Tendrals of Energy
The Soul sends out tendrals of energy that become things; some of them "physical".

HYPOTHETICALLY ... messages from the "Other Side"

"As science looks for life, you don't know what 'Life' is!  Thus, you are looking for pre-defined life forms prejudiced by your intellect.  Life is not just physical as the physical.  The universe as you know it fades in and out of the energetic realms that your religions call 'spirit'.  And so do you!

Thus, it is from the spiritual quantum soup od Universal Awareness that the life forms you see have been formed; as atoms, molecules, cells, organs and bodies. Thus, each one of you are now manifesting, from that spiritual self, as physical expressions of life.

It is Life Itself that formed the physical structures that you use and depend upon for your experiences ... of the soul ... an essence you cannot see, but you can feel."


FURTHER messages:


"The universe that you know, and in particular the Earth that you identify with, started off as portions of The Oneness of LIFE, with each 'thing' being a part of everything else, and not necessarily apart from all else, though each portion od 'creation' can perceive and be perceived that way .  Some would prefer to call this 'Life', a 'Life Force', or even 'The Living God'.  And so it is that all things are portions of Life Itself and not the other way around."

All Life Procedes at Its own Pace


  The life of a rock is extremely slow, too slow for a human to notice.  Thus, humanity perceives rocks as non-living entities.  But even rocks, air and water are life in anotyher form. 

Then at the other end of the scale of Time-Life are things that flit in and out of physical reality, too quickly for us to notice.  Some of the 'artificial' atomic elements are like this.


Things are not alwas as they seem.  Thus, all things are relative in one way or another.

Fossil Light
Light is Forever, like Life and Love!

Parallel Processes?

The universe runs in parallel, as everything is occurring at once.  Further complicating this picture, this is all occuring in a non-ending instant of time, that also has no beginning.


Now we are getting into the domains of Spiritual Quantum realities, which cannot be clearly defined in our straight line limited logical processes.


There is no 'Trial and Error' in all the Universes, as everything and everybody is developing, becoming, expanding, growing and learning as Life explores its many possibilities and probabilities.  This process may better be called, 'Experience and 'Learn'.  Thus, to allow the infiniteness of experience and learning, diversity must exist. Some call this 'Diversity', 'Randomness', but it only appears random because you don't fully understand it, nor the reasons that diversity must exist for Life to Continue forever.  Life is always changing, learning and adapting as Life is always trying something new ... sometimes just for the fun of it all!


Thus, whether you see this or not, Life creates what it needs!

  • All life forms are conscious, aware and make decisions so that life continues "as a living form" in one way or another.
  •  Of course we are not all at the same frequency of consciousness or awareness.
  • Each portion of Life is individual, yet connected to all else.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." - John Muir

"Now, the creation and/or evolution of the universe, as you perceive it, has been perceived as 'creating ingredients' so that they come may into your awareness so that your logic could imagine the next step, as Life is increasingly being revealed to you (as you also create it) in all its magic and wonder. Thus, in this process, You, Your Life and
Who You Really Are, are also being revealed to you ... piece by piece." - Revealed


Fusion combines physical elements into heavier and heavier elements. However as they combine, they lose energy through radiation. As Super Novas fuse lighter elements into heavier elements more seeds of creation for our physical universe (and our bodies) are

Black Holes also serve to create the energies that are the seeds for the coming together of the lighter elements. Thus these two processes help keep a balanced physical universe that is ever growing and shall never pass away - except if or when it does. 


Not to worry, for we as humans will never know that day if it even would come to pass!  And, as energetic beings, we would still exist ... to see and be another day!

String Theory
They come in ALL shapes and sizes

No Strings Attached!

Creative Energy, sometimes called "spirit" or "God", is a bit like what you know as "stem cells", as it has the ability to become anything it wants or needs to be, when and where ever that energy is needed.  It exists without restriction.  In other words, it "Just Is".

This energy exists as an extremely high  potential at extremely high vibrational
rates.  Because of its extremely high frequency its wave length is too short to form "strings".  Thus, the String Theorists are on to something, but when they finally understand it, it won't be what they originally thought it was.  Further, they will
likely never actually see it, though by implication, they will know that it exists ... kind of like the "God" that so many talk about in churches.


The real shocker will come when scientists realize that we are all part of this creative energy, which in the Orient is known as Life Force.  Further, it is us and we are it!  This will, then, bring an understanding of the Oneness of All Creation.

Bro Bill Communicates ... from the "Other Side" of LIFE!

"Life, as we humans know it, primarily in human form and then as we may expand our awareness to the animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, etc., is actually much farther reaching in both time and space as well as in many other energetic realms that humanity has as yet not dared to think of or even imagine.  For, Life is  truely infinite in scope; it is everywhere!  So, ultimately everything is living, with its own conscious awareness. Imagine that, if you will."

E = MC2

Metaphysically, this says that Energy is the product of Mass and the square of the Consciousness which created it!


  So, when one dies and loses the mass of the human body, assuming that the energy did not change, with the mass going to zero, the consciousness has to go to infinity.
Thus, we are always and forever somewhere between everything and nothing ... possibly a little bit of each!


   Quantum Physics, by the way, is discovering that the old idea that everything is "either-or" is not always true, for often many situations and things have been found to be "both-and".

"Love said to me, "There is nothing that is not me.  Be silent" ? Rumi