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FACILITATOR: Rev. John M. Kohlenberger

Nearly seven years ago John retired as a Holistic Health Practitioner in his family owned alternative healing office.  He retired from his former job as a computer engineer and technical writer in the Aerospace and Defense sector in 1998. In addition, he was also a facilitator for  singles discussion groups, art show coordinator and president of an art association. In 1988 he served on the General Plan Advisory Committee for the growing city of Moreno Valley, CA.

John and his wife, Martine, moved to Prescott Valley in 2006 and he soon became an OLLI student and opened their California born Mystical Spiritual Church in Arizona.

Today, and always, John loves exploring a wide range of ideas and classes at OLLI, including, art, history, music, philosophies, science and even geology. 

In addition to facilitating prior classes about the French Impressionists and various books in thge Conversations with God, series, he has alsobeen a T/A for a computer class at OLLI.

John and Martine are founders of the Mystical Spiritualist Church in Prescott, AZ.

John was told by spirit in 1971 that "God is alive and hiding in each ... and every one of us!"


Privately (Martine & John - 2009):

         "Discover Your Past, Present & Future" (using hypnotherapy)

Through OLLI (John - 2010-2011):

  • The French Impressionists - "Monet through Van Gogh"
  • "Conversations with God" - Book III


These offerings are helping you and me to discover our Higher Selves and More of Who We Really Are - or aren't.

As it turns out, even the French Impressionists were almost Artistic Metaphysicians which helped them bring societie's values, art and politics to new, broader levels!  Some of them even knew, deep within, that God is alive in us ... and was working through them.

CLASSES by John & Martine ... ?

In September 2009, Martine wanted to give her class called "Past, Present & Future", based on hypnotherapy, here in Arizona, as it was well attended at the Learning Light Foundation in California.


As I recall, we had about 8 students in California, of which 4 completed the series of classes with greater capabilities than before.  Here in Arizona 4 came to the first class, in our home and 1 completed the classes.


So, in 2009, I opened a new folder for "Classes"
within my "Family" folder, on our computer, expecting that we would be doing more classes together.


I might mention that in 2010, Martine supplied several art books and clues to French history for me to share with the "Monet to VanGough" class about the Impressionists, that I was facilitating. Then, in 2012, after Martine retired, we attended a "Ghosts and Weird in Arizona"  OLLI class together.


... And, the male lead of that class died just 3 or 4 months after Martine!

So, since Martine's passing, or Graduation, as I have continued to lead other OLLI classes, and I have wondered, "Are we working together on these
classes - as I had thought we would in 2009?"


I have had a feeling, lately, that we were
somehow "working together", from both sides of the veil, especially as I have given classes about "death" and "crossing over".


So, as I quieted my mind and meditated, on June 25, 2014 (about 1:30 PM), I received the following "Message from Martine ":


So you thought, several
years ago, that we would teach some classes together, and then you only saw "Past, Present and Future" and our working together in the Tuesday evening Spiritual Development Meditation Groups, and then my help with the OLLI "Impressionists" and the "Ghosts" class we took together.  And then I went through my Spiritual Transition (or Awakening), so you wondered, "Was I
wrong?", "Or are we working together, still?". What is the truth of our work together?


So, now you know, I am
absolutely helping you in your present class (Home with God) and other classes, as you bring in your communications
and experiences with "me" and relate these to your students. As you have found, they are curious, they are
interested, and introducing people to  life on both sides of the veil is a part of your work (that you have chosen)on earth during this lifetime.


Of course, neither of
us could foresee these as the way things (your hunches) would work out, but\ your original thought of doing classes "together" is actually
"working out", isn't it?


Thoughts are things,
energies that produce movement in some realm, and thus like a tree, "produce fruit".


So, you may see what
"else" you can relate about "me" in future classes, even as we have continued experiences together - as we are forever and always a part of one another ... whether we always recognize this or not.




The foregoing story was typed on 26 June, after the "Channeling" by John M.
Kohlenberger, 25 June 2014.

CLASSES by John M. Kohlenberger 

See the article  in the left hand column explaining possible help from spiritual sources.


It is time to look with new eyes, listen with new ears, understand life from new perspectives ..
                                                               You are now seeing life with 2020 vision!
We will start, in Part 1 (January-March), with Judaism, moving to Christianity in Part 2 (April-May) and finally Islam in Part 3 (June-July).  Each Part has 6 sessions, once each week. Each class is 2 hours of video and class discussion.
You are invited to come, learn, contribute and discuss the interesting topics covered each week.

                                    FALL 2017 CLASSES

“I hope that through these pages people will realize they are not alone.  I hope they will feel their immortality, even for a fraction of a second, so they can lose some of their fear of dying.  Then, they will have a more terrific death, they will also have a better life.” – p 117


Call (928) 717-7634



The Afterlife of Billy Fingers is a fun class for those who want to explore beyond the physical limitations of this world, into some of the many worlds of heart and mind. The fascinating events that we will discuss, based on The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death by Dr. Annie Kegan, may seem completely unbelievable and far beyond this reality. However, our discussions may bring some of these other worldly and heavenly concepts and experiences, of the author, into modern perspective. Many of the experiences we’ll discuss are in line with ancient Greek beliefs about the “walkers between worlds”.


"Signs of Life After Death"

A Special Presentation in the "Out of the Box" Prescott OLLI  Class at Yavapai College


On April 22nd, Rev. John will present information from the internet, about investigations by Dr. Weiss and others, supporting the premise or idea that there is Life After Death.  He will then show and tell of his personal experiences, feelings, events, found notes, photos and other "physical evidence" that, to him, indicates the truth about the existence of an "Everlasting Life", that Christianity and other philosophies have taught for thousands of years.


Each human life and afterlife is a unique experience, as guided by Life’s ABCs:  One’s personal Awareness, Beliefs and Choices, desires, energy, fears, gusto, health, inspirations, joy … 

The Afterlif after death
Other Spring 2016 Classes
During the 2016 Prescott OLLI Spring sessions I am leading parts 1 & part 2 of a discussion class, "Jesus to Constantine" based on a video series by Prof. Bart D. Ehrman, PhD and his research into the writings and history of early church scholars.  We will see many of the opposing forces that eventually brought us the New Testament, the Eucharist and many of our current Christian traditions, liturgies and dogmas.
Early Christianity
Explore the first 2 centuries of Christianity.
First Chrches
Explore the history, times, people and literature of Early Christianity
The Afterlife!
What is ahead in the afterlife? Is there one? Why would it be?
 In OLLI Spring I (February-March) session I lead a discussion class with Prescott OLLI at Yavapai College, based in Kryon's 10th book, "Lifting the Veil", a book meant to bring us hope and love ... despite the division, dissension, disappointments, dramas, traumas, turmoil and terrorists we see in the news today.
The New Age
Why is there so much turmoil now?
World Peace?
Peace comes from within and radiates!
2015 Classes

Yavapai College, OLLI office - Bldg 31 @ (928) 717-7634


Discover your divine personal response abilities, beyond human "responsibly"!
Your Souls Gift
Gift yourself with spirirual understanding in 2015
Tomorrows God
You will "Believe" in Life, Light, Love Good will to ALL!
DISCOVER ... the lost and then found books containing the teachings if Yeshuah that could have been in The Bible, but were rejected by the Apostle Paul and the men who formed the Roman Catholic Bible, sacraments, and traditions.
This class will help you dispel many of the old myths and mysteries about death ... our next Grandest Adventure in LIFE EVERLASTING!

"Death is the biggest mystery of life.

Unlocking that mystery unlocks everything."

Havbe you ever wondered: 


What will happen when this life is over?

Will anything BE going on?

Will we even know what's going on after we die?

Will God be there to greet us?\

Will we be allowed to squeak into heaven?

Will there be Judgment Day with everlasting damnation?

Will we be reunited with loved ones who've gone before us?

What is really going on, here in this life and beyond?

You’ll discover some surprising answers in this class!


"Here is the central error of most human theology:

You think that one day you are going to meet God.

You imagine that you are one day going to get back Home,

You are not going to get back Home.  
You never left Home!”
… pg 186



Yavapai College, OLLI office - Bldg 31 @ (928) 717-7634



      "The entire universe is composed of one thing, acting differently.
     You are experiencing your Self as the Multitudinous Individuality.“ 
                                            -Neale Donald Walsch, Home with God, page 187

YOUR SOUL'S PLAN is a book reading, discovery and discussion class:

REFERENCE BOOK:  "Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born" by Robert Schwartz (2010-05-14) ... NorthAtlantic Books ... Kindle or print Edition.

In this groundbreaking book about various life situations, Robert Schwartz brings the idea of pre-birth planning into the mainstream.  Often when something "bad" happens, it appears to be meaningless suffering, but what if your most difficult experiences are actually rich with hidden purpose, a purpose that you yourself planned before you were born?  Could it be that you chose your life's circumstances, relationships, and events? 


Within these pages are stories of ten individuals who—like you—planned before birth to experience great challenges. Working with four gifted mediums and channels, author Robert Schwartz discovers what they chose—and why.

Through these remarkable stories of pre-birth planning, you can:

• Learn why each of us decides to experience such challenges as illness, difficult relationships, the death of a loved one, and accidents.
• Does your soul, along with angels, guides and family members chose lessons and experiences or is life just "God's Plan"?
• Understand how you as a soul may actually create and live your life blueprint, using your own
ices and perceptions.

• And, consciously see your challenges as they foster spiritual growth and healing!

As the interest was extremely high for "Your Soul's Plan",

John will offer it again in the Fall of 2015.

" Profound growth is possible not only for the person who experiences the incident but also for everyone that person touches. Ultimately, because all lives are interconnected, everyone is touched .”

- Robert Schwartz, Your Soul's Plan, pg 247

Understanding our World
Learn about this planet, our home.

A Lightworker is anyone who is particularly service oriented,

honoring all of life.


New Testament
Prescott OLLI Class

The path of light and enlightenment is lit by joy, compassion and healing love,

which then raises the frequencies of all who follow along in the future.




Are you ready to grow in stature, wisdom and understanding? 
How did Christianity really get started?

Bart Ehrman will give us the Roman Catholic views, from Biblical sources ...

John Kohlenberger will acquaint this class with some other branches of the tree ...

generally called "Christianity".

From Jesus to Constantine - Part II

A Continuation of a History of Early Christianity


In this follow-on series of video lectures by Professor Bart Ehrman we will discover and discuss a new portion of Christian history, from the second and third centuries. Together, we will examine early Christian reactions to the persecutions, the apologists as they formed new communities and this religion evolved .  We will then learn more about the Apocrypha and Sacred writings as certain of these books became an official part of the
church Canon.  We will then learn more about how the early church offices, liturgy and theology developed.  In our final meeting, we shall find out how the doctrine of The Trinity came about and how that helped Christianity become the religion of The Roman Empore.

This  course will be facilitated by John M. Kohlenberger in the Fall II (November-December 2012) time frame within the OLLI Program at Yavapai College in Prescott Arizona.


Its seed, roots, branches and leaves


Preface:  According to my studies, Jesus well understood  that each cultural group needs specific help tailored to their needs. as he understood this from his world travels.  We qwill find out how, even during his lifetime, there were many different interpretations and manifestations of his teachings.


A good illustration of this is when two people, even in the same culture, naturally comm9ing from different background or experience patterns, will see the same person, event or situation differently.  And even from a strictly physical standpoint, no two individuals can stand in the same spot and see life from exactly the same angle and perspective at the same time.


Thus, one seed produced a forest or field of related manifestations, but no two offspring are identical. So it is with Christianity - and it always will be this way!


The Seed: Jesus of Nazareth nourished by his love of people, cultures, wisdoms and "What Works" grew in wisdom as he grew in stature due to his open and curious mind and heart. Through his heart, he found God-Goddess and Love, everywhere.


The Roots: As the seed grew, it gathered 12, then 40, then 70 disciples to nourish and feed the life energy ... each one became a new seedand grew where it was rooted ... with more diversity in time. Then, there came a time, however, when the energy in these seeds had grown as far as they could, in the soil where they were planted. Thus branches were formed so that the seeds of truth and the light could spread.


The Early Branches of Christianity:

  • Palestine - Jews became Jewish Christians, thanks to Jesus' brother James.
  • Egyptian - Gnostics became Coptic Christians, thanks to Thomas, Phillip, Mary and Jesus.
  • Greek - Asians became Christians at Ephesus , thanks to Paul, plus all those named above.
  • Syrian - Arabs became Greek Christians in Antioch, thanks to the efforts of Peter and Paul.
  • Roman - This culture became Roman Christians, thanks to Paul and Peter ... later Constantune.


  • After the Crucifixion -
    • Christians, known as Albigenses, were in southern GAUL (France). This group was started by David AlBengentienne.  Their descencents later became known as Cathars*.
    • British - Celts became Christians around Glastonbury, England**, thanks to Joseph of Arimathea and others

NOTE: All these roots and branches of Christianity existed in the "Early Days" of Christianity, before Constantine and his "Catholic" church.


Offshoots: These main branches "branched out". Some grew longer or stronger than others and, as with any tree, some branches withered and died.

Leaves: The Catholic doctrine was not always seen as useful or loving. Thus some people protested, alomng the way. They were called "Protestants" (or "Huguenots"). Thus, following their hearts, they left the one and only Catholic Church. Since then, many leaves have sprouted and many have fallen to the ground to nourish the soil for the next Master Teacher!

New truths continually grow out of old truths. People come and people go, for this maintains that vitality and movement of life.


* Catharism (the word comes from Greek: katharos, pure) was a name given to a Christian religious movement with Gnostic elements that originated in the Languedoc (the name means "Old Language") in southern France.  Their beliefs branched out to other parts of Europe in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. As they were getting too many "converts",
 the movement was extinguished in the early decades of the thirteenth century, when the Cathars were persecuted and massacred under the Holy Catholic Inquisitions.  The common terms of self-identification were Bons Hommes, meaning "Good Men" or "Good Christians".


Your facilitator will visit Languedoc in 2013.


** Near the old (c1100) cathedral at Glastonbury are the ruins of Lady Church with St. Joseph's Grotto below the floor. This stone building was built on the same spot that Joseph built the first "church" in Britton, around 40 AD.. The sign next to the building says, "Dedicated to Mary, Sanctified by Jesus". Your Facilitator has been there and felt the energy!

Bottom Line: The natural evolution of life, as illustrated in nature, (and trees) assures continuing creation, forever and ever!
So why not simply Love one another and respect each other ... so you will be loved and  respected by others.

"As you sow, so shall you reap." is "Karma" in action.


At the OLLI office, Bldg 31 on the Yavapai College Campus,

(928) 717-7634

or set your browser to:   http://www.yc.edu/v4content/lifelong-learning/

Classes above are 2012 offerings




"Lost Christianity"

 The battles of Theologists, over the included and excluded texts in the Church Canon

Jan thru March ... 2013


Get ready to discover that God is alive in each one of us!

The class below was offered in 2011

Who is Neale Donald Walsch and why did he write these books?

If you have seen the movie, "Conversations with God", you have seen how Neal was down and out, living with the street people in a park, when after much soul searching and praying to a God that he did not know if it even existed, started hearing "answers" to his questions about life. Then, following the advice of his new-found girl friend, he started writing this material down. In parapsychological terms, this is a form of automatic writing.  Like the Impressionists, by writing these books, Neale is moving society one more step forward.

In the writing of these books, Neal wrote and wrote, almost giving up several times and finally, following the advice of his girl friend and a few other friends that he was finally developing, he submitted his material to publishers. Finally, when he was about to again give up, one of them agreed to publish "Book 1". Then, books 2 and 3 of his "uncommon dialog" series followed within a few years.  In his books, Neale stresses tfhat not only is God alive in us, but that we are alive within God at the same time.  Thus, we never left God and cannot, even though our memory and awareness of such things may be dim.  Is it time for you to awaken yet?


Neale Donald Walsch and the OLLI Program

The OLLI Program has offered classes covering the original trilogy of "Conversations with God" (Books 1, 2 & 3) and may cover these again, according to future popular demand.

This book is number 9 in his series of "channeled" books, created over 12 years. Thus, if you find trouble understanding this material, you may find it helpful to go back to Book 1, especially as that discussion group is offered at OLLI Prescott. Other books that may be offered, in this series, may include, "Friendship with God", "Communion with God" and others, as desired by the friends and supporters of OLLI.


This class continues the discussion of the uncommon dialogs found in Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God books. We hope that you will enroll on this class so you may engage in conversations with your fellow OLLI students, as you come closer to finding your own truths.



I feel very much like Neal descrines on page 286:


This Book, "has given me some wonderful

spiritual insights and deeper understandings

and awarenesses that have brought me comfort,

and that I hope bring comfort to many others -

especially to people who are dealing with the

death of a loved one, or those who themselves

are approaching death."


"Learn more about this Class and the subjects covered at:



Where can you meet John or Martine in public?


Click on

"Public Appearances"
in the Menu to your left.



Throughout 2012

and 2013


It is advisable that you should buy, borrow, beg, but not steal, this book from your library, book store or from an on-line source. Prices may vary anywhere from $.25 to $18, depending on the source



Contact the Osher Lifelong Learning Institures (OLLI) Office at Yavapai College in Prescott AZ for the Summer (June-July) session.  For Information, call (928) 717-7634 or click to:



HOMEWORK     PAGES PER WEEK ... including ...

                          How many pages do I have to read each week?

Week 1 - only 27 pages ... getting acquainted with the material

Week 2 - just 63 pages ... entering the adventure

Week 3 - up to 75 pages ... used to the pace, we're rolling along

Week 4 - only 50 pages ... half way through this book!

Week 5 - only 80 pages ... begining to understand life and death Week 6 - just 67 pages ... excluding the optional "Afterwords"



"Death is the biggest mystery of life. Unlocking that mystery unlocks everything."


  • Will God be there to greet us?
  • Will we be allowed to squeak into heaven?
  • Will we even know what's going on after we die?
  • What is really going on, here in this life and beyond?
  • Will there be Judgment Day with everlasting damnation?
  • Will we be reunited with loved ones who've gone before us?
  • What will happen when this life is over? Will anything BE going on?


We will explore all these subjects together; along with cellular memory, natural awareness in your DNA and much, much more, from spiritual, metaphysical, religious and scientific perspectives!


WHEN: 6 weeks, from June 13 to July 21, once a week for 2 hours

REGISTRATION: At the OLLI office, Bldg 31 on the Yavapai College Campus, (928) 717-7634                   or http://www.yc.edu/v4content/lifelong-learning/

HOMEWORK: To keep up, one must read several short chapters per week

FACILITATOR: Rev John M. Kohlenberger ... Holistic Health Practitioner, Engineer, Artist, Teacher ...

NOTE: By reading this book and participating in this discussion class, you will discover some breathtaking, soul-searching answers to many of your life-long inquiries.

Why not join in these Conversations with God and your fellow OLLI students ... as you join with your brothers and sisters, all of whom are a part of the One-in-the-Same Creation/Creator as you?

THE BOOK:           Dewey:       202.3   (Check it out or buy it before class)

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