Spiritual Healing Arts
Expressions of Life, the Light of understanding, and the gravity of Love transcend all dimensions of time and space, throughout all multiverses!



There is more to live than what meets the eye, ear, nose, throat, hand, foot or stomach!

The most beautiful
experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental cradle that stands at the cradle of true art and true scien
ce.” - Albert Einstei

Imagination and Intuition are Key


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the
rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift".
- Albert Einstein


Tomorrow's God

by Neale Donald Walsch

Page 351


Evolution is the bottom-line purpose of everything. And there is no faster way to evolve than through the process of your exterior relationship with another.

Holy relationship is where your interior meets the exterior of another, and where the interior of another meets your exterior, and where, in the best of moments, the exteriors of both are melted
by the heat of both interiors, allowing those interiors to meet and awaken to the awareness that they are Identical and One, and to experience that.

This is the expression in the world that you call Love.


Love is Transcendental

"John, you are Learning so much about Life, Freedom, Love!

All of this is Transcendental, as it all transcends time and space."   

- A message given by the Old Spook Dr. Peebles, through medium Summer Bacon, 30 January 2014 - one year, to the day, after Martine's transition from mass to energy, as described by Einsteins most famous equation.

In The Long View

Space and time are not issues when we talk of quantum events in our transcendental universes.

BEFORE THIS PRESENT LIFE - a message from Martine


"Don't you realize and remember that our relationship transcended time and space, even before we met?  And even as we lived upon the earth, that transcended time and space, too.  We didn't have to say everything to each other, for we knew it in our hearts.  We've been relating this way for a very long time.  And the physical or absence of the physical is
in and of itself an illusion, for you even feel me there with you at night.
This is the Love Eternal ... Everlasting."  
"When you come over here, you'll realize how very temporary this time has been


- A message given by Dr. Peebles, through medium Summer Bacon, 30 January 2014, exactly one year (to the day)  after her Graduation into the Greater Light of Creation.


Yes, Creation is on-going.  God does not die, thus creation never stops and God Loves It ALL!



 Since about 3 months after my wife Marine made her transition, so she would be able to experience the expansion of her awareness into the Greater Light of Love, I have been attending a bereavement group. 


The group leader often says to us, when a major event that you both used to celebrate together is coming up, make plans and celebrate it!  Don't be blind sided and find yourself sitting home alone!  This means that you make plans for all holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and any other important times that you used to spend time together. 

"Grief is the entrance into one's soul and one's relationship with heaven. Suddenly, the things that you thought that mattered, disappear. So, many of the ways, wiles and worries of the material world simply don't matter anymore. This is Spiritual Growth!

Thus, these processes may be seen as more like individual lessons or gifts from God and spirit (or your angels, guides or Higher Self) , rather than being random, dark and evil.  It's all part of human life ... of being human."


 - - A message given by Dr. Peebles, through medium Summer Bacon, 30 January 2014


And, simply being human is our greatest perfection in this world!

My Visit to Chez Vous, a French restaurant in Phoenix

Prior to April 15 (2014), I tried to organize a French Club car pool event to go to the "Chez Vous" French restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ for breakfast, on the Saturday following April 15.  I thought this would be a nice French Club function for April, to also celebrate the end of tax season, and hopefully the participant's refunds.  I definitely celebrated my refund, as I found the notice in my email inbox that very morning!  However, when the day came, I had no takers (no car poolers), so I thought that "Spirit" puppy and I would go to Phoenix, and enjopy a French breakfast anyway. 


So, on Saturday, April 19, as it was a beautiful morning, basically sunny, we traveled to Phoenix.  It was a pleasurable trip, as we found a little rain along the way and the temperature was in the 70s all the time we were there.  However, as I later told a few friends about my experience; I was in tears as I was reading the menu, realizing how much (my physically departed wife from France) Martine would have loved this place, the menu and the ladies who run it who are from France.  My friends told me, "She was there", meaning Martine, my departed soul mate was with me!  I think that my tears were the clue!


WOW! (20 May)  I just NOW downloaded my photo of the restaurant, taken that day, after puppy and I had a "Crepe St. Jaques" for breakfast (on the patio) and THERE SHE IS!  Indeed these friends were correct,  "She was there!" 

[NOTE the Golden Haze "orb" in the picture.  That is her presence - a present to me.] 

Interestingly, Martine and I had been in this very shopping center to have coffee more than once since this restaurant opened (4 years ago) and we could have gone to it, but did not even see this restaurant.  We might have eaten there, had we known about it then.    SO, I DID EAT THERE with her, anyway!  And, the savory crepe that I had was even made the French way, with "ble noir" (buckwheat flour).


I highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever in the Scottsdale area!  It is located at 8787 N Scottsdale Rd., with "The Shops at Gainy Village", just south of Doubletree.

"She sends you much love and wants you to know that, 'You're never alone'."    - Medium, Chris Meredith 

Walks with Spirit
John and Spirit by Martine's Memorial Tree

Mother's Day 2014

Life goes on - on both sides of the veil.   Thus, I planned to celebrate Mother's Day ... and had a very interesting day.


   In the morning, I took my (our) dog (Spirit) for a walk in Fain Park.  We visited Martine's tree (pictured) and as I touched a branch of the tree, it was like holding her hand - on Mother's Day.  The needles were like her fingers, even if they were a little pointier than I remember.
   In the middle of the day I went to our pantry and found a can of Sticky (Figgy) Pudding, like in the old English Christmas Carol, that Martine had left for me.  It was a bit dry, so I also found a can of Ambrosia, from Devon England that Martine had also left for me, to go with the Sticky Pudding.  Though the expiration dates were in 2011 and 2012, I enjoyed every bite, and I thanked Martine for all the gifts she has left for me ... and I am still finding.
   Then, just before sunset, I went to the Prescott Resort which sits on a hill overlooking Prescott, to watch the sunset while sipping a Kaluah & Cream, as Martine and I used to do on occasion.  As the sun is going north for the Summer, I could not quite see the sunset from inside the hotel, but as a couple walked out on the patio for a better view of the sunset, I remembered Mother's Day 2012 when that couple was Martine and I.

   On each of these  occasions I had tears in my eyes, as I was touched deeply by our love - that still exists.  So, while many people would assume mine to be "tears of sadness", for me they were tears of joy, for these moments and memories that we still share, as we touched heart to heart ... as a Special Celebration just for Mothers Day!

   May you, too, find it possible to look beyond the dark clouds of life so you may open your heart and find the light, life and love that exists above and beyond what the eye can see and the logical mind can conceive of.  There is more ... always!


Welcome to the Great Continuum of Love Eternal ... and how it t is "Everlasting", "Every-where" and Transcendental, transcending all time and space. 

Are these powers of the mind?  Certainly!  Greater Mind, which is beyond all logic.  Albert Einstein  and Thomas Edison knew this mind that contains both intellect and imagination, very well!

"John and Martine (and all the rest of us) exist in a sea of consciousness.  Further, it is the matching and synchronization of the individual vibratory patterns brought these two together.  Further enhancing the likelihood that they would come together, they are of the same soul group.”

 - This quote was inspired by Robert Schwartz in his book, Your Soul's Plan (p288)

Water increases spirit awareness
Lynx Lake South Shore Ramadas

The day after Mother's Day

More mystical connections ... between these of Lovers and their memories

ON A WHIM - I took a drive out of the city, into Nature

Feeling that I had not been to Lynx Lake, out in the Prescott National Forest, in a long time, I felt that it would be good to get out into nature and go to Lynx Lake.

When I arrived, I took out my writing pad to jot down a few thoughts and then the memories came ...

I remembered being there with Martine and her French family in 2009 when they came to visit.  I remembered walking the shore with them and Martine came with us.  Ah what fine memories!

And then as I looked at the picnic tables, I remembered the several picnics that Martine, Spirit and I had, at various tables (all in the picture), and what treasured moments we had, together.

Of course, these memories brought tears ...tears of joy that we had all these loving moments together. 

And then I felt that in this very moment, Martine was there with me, touching me with the Love of Heaven and the Love of God, from beyond the veil and beyond any grave (which she has none)!  We were together again, if only for a few moments and upon a non-physical frequency, mind-to-mind.  This is transcendental love at work!

Monday afternoon, after Mother's Day, "Spirit" puppy and I took a walk around the Prescott Courthouse.  While walking near the west side, I had to stop and admire the few colored paving stones that I saw.  It seemed that the sunlight falling on certain stones (not all) was being refracted by the leaf patterns above into a spectrum of color.  As I did not have my camera with me and these sort of events are usually fleeting, I did not get a photo.
However, a week later I did return with camera in hand and took a picture of the pavers so I could create a simulated picture of what I saw.
The accompanying photo is the one I took, so I could show a paving stone with the simulated color pattern, similar to what I had seen a week earlier.  But, when I started to modify the photo, I noticed a spot in the photo that had a yellowish haze, like an "orb".
So, the accompanying photo has both the paver shown with the simulated spectrum of color I had seen one week earlier and the real (even if you don't believe it) spiritual energy exhibiting as an orb. 
I believe that my brother Bill may have created the spectrums of colors a week before, but the day of the photo, this phenominon was an in dication that my friend and wife, Martine, was there with me.  FYI: Both Martine and Bill are "in spirit" ... or "quantum domains" if you prefer.

"You have been Blessed with so many wonderful memories ! The cool part is that you venture out to seek memory connections knowing that she is going along too. Spirit enjoys these connections also! A great reminder that we are always connected. Thanks for sharing." - Linda M