Spiritual Healing Arts
Section 1 -The  Evolution of Science:
 On this page, we make offer a brief review of physics over the last hundred years or so, as it has lead humankind to a new view of our world, most recently through the lens of Quantum Mechanics.

"Along the way the religions joined largely with the business interests, settling for good works and ignoring such issues as the existence of the soul; for where could that nonscientific,  nonprovable phenomena fit in with the popularly understood version of man springing from a monkey? To counter the scientific laboratory demonstrations, what did religion offer?"

From The Afterlife Journal of an American Philosopher, p 69

In 2002, walking the boulevard Champs Elysees looking for dinner, we found that it was hard to find anything to eat other than pizza. Then Martine remembered that all the fine dining places didn’t open until 8 PM. It was 4! We walked almost two hours before I finally saw a mom & pop Brasserie on a side street, featuring a Salmon dinner for 27 Franks, which was about $7.95 U.S. dollars at the time.

As it was served, the meal looked much like a meal from a Denney’s restaurant, but when I tasted it, it definitely had a French flavor! It even came with vegetables and dessert for that price! I felt that salmon and vegetables would be healthy for my body and prostate, which a doctor had just told me I had “underlying cancer.” So, I enjoyed my healthy dinner and walked out of the brasserie feeling happy, healthy and pleasantly full.

As we walked out of the brasserie, the sun had just set, so the sky had a steel blue radiance. Since it had just rained, the air was fresh and cool. As we passed some trees with flowers around their bases, I noticed the trees silhouetted against the sky and yet there was still enough sunlight to see the colors of the flowers! Everything was so beautiful! I was even enjoying the colors of the reflections of the car lights, signs and traffic lights as they danced upon the wet pavement nearby.

I suddenly felt a beauty, love and joy of the moment flowing in my veins! I felt that this was a magic moment, possibly even healing moment for my prostate which the doctor had just told me about, saying, “I believe you have underlying cancer”. As he said this, I felt that he just wanted to perform a surgery, as in that moment, in my mind’s eye I envisioned him stuffing his wallet with my money.

In this magical Parisian moment, in my heart, I knew that I had made the right decision, to come to Paris instead of going to see the doctor for an appointment that same week!

I then asked myself, “Am I feeling this way because I am in Paris?” And the answer was “No, it is just a matter of being in the moment and enjoying it. As long as you’re enjoying the world around you, you could be anywhere else in the world and experience this same feeling.”

I was not aware of any “miracle”, but inside, I knew that health, wholeness, holiness and healing were taking place in my body because I was experiencing the magic elixirs of LOVE AND JOY … for life in that moment!

To live in accordance with The Secret and the most powerful law in the Universe, we must be in Joy first - and then everything will change.” - Rhonda Byrne, Creator and author of The Secret.

Now, more than 20 years later, I can attest that no other doctor has ever found any cancer in my prostate, and they have certainly tried. If there was “underlying cancer”, as that doctor claimed that he suspected, this may have been my miracle healing moment. And, if I was healed, my healing has continued. As a friend told me later, “Lourdes isn’t the only place in France where healing occurs.”

What I found reinforced was my intuitive feeling that as one is feeling the Joy of the moment, one’s life then improves as a result of the positive energy of your own natural livingness and divinity. Life originates inside us and radiates outwards, like the radiant magnificence of the sun or a God or Goddess. Then our life giving energy, known as chi or Living Spirit, is fortified and may be seen and felt in the world around us. As we become more life, light and love, so we come into better health, abundance and happiness. The world around us may then seem to become magical.

(pp 80-81)

P.S. In 2017 I left some of Martine's ashes by a pretty little, what she told me was a, "tres tres bonne" pond in Lourdes France.


As we view the many materialistic advantages we have gained through our sciences, much of this view of our world ignores the quality of life (QoL) that the arts, muses, and social interactions have given and continue to give our lives, in "flavor" to savor. Thus, we will be taking a wider and deeper 3D, 4 or 5D view, inclusive of and beyond the current focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) education. 

Though a material oriented scientist may ask, "Where is the repeatability of the Scientific Method?", "the proof is in the pudding" of your heart, not the logic of your brain. And when a scientist is quoted, remember, these are his or her inner thoughts as a human being ... simply being human.
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