Spiritual Healing Arts

Our approach is Holistic and Complimentary ...

 to traditional western forms of health and healing




Much of the terminology used in Holistic Healing comes from the Oriental traditions.  Below are a few common terms, you may have heard, and their meanings:


Chi, Ki, Khi, Qi, Qui, Shi, Gi, Prana or Mana, allof these refer to the self-same spiritual energies, that make up the universe and create life, though each word is from a different language. The ancient Hebrews called this energy "The Living Spirit". This is the energy of healing, health and vitality and represents the idea of "unconditional love " as a life force flowing abundantly in, around and trough one’s healthy life and body.


Rei, Rein, Ray, Rey, Ra or Roi, all refer to the giver of or channel for abundance and life


Tao, Dow, Do or Doo, all refer to "the way of", "the practice of" or "Art Form", in Oriental terms.


Spiritual Readings and/or Advice:

As Mystical Ministers and/or Spiritual Healers, John or Martine may sometimes be moved by spirit to tell you something to aid in your better health.  However, we never tell fortunes or predict the future, as the information we give is only to give you ideas of how to feel better, find pain relief in body, mind and soul or bring your awareness to certain goals or directions that may take your life in a new and more bountiful direction.  The choice to take what we share and use it or not, however, is always YOURS. 

  All healing comes from love, yours, ours and that of the universal forces working through us (or not), for your benefit!!

Spiritual Healing Workshops: 


Do you want to learn how to Heal others while refilling and keeping your cup filled so you still have plenty to give?  Learn to connect with spirit and let "them" help you!


Reverend John & Martine will be offered Workshops so you may learn more about Spiritrual Healing by mid 2012, starting at $125.00 per person, provided there are a minimum of 3 new students.

"As we touch and are touched, we know not how close we come to finding and touching the face of God." - The Reverend, Doctor James M. Peebles


This Service, which is mogre ancient than the Bible, is a waay in which we help you to connect your Physicality to your Spirituality and the Health & Healing that The Presence of Divine Awareness brings.


The transformation of our frequency, taking place on earth today, is about energy and consciousness, which are Source Energies.. Beyond that, tthe process is about being able to stretch, absorb and understand new ideas. Humanity is undergoing tangible changes, but the change will not be understood except in retrospect. 

As the frequency of our endeavors shapes their results, we like to keep things light and lively!. 

"Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow'"
- from the Talmud

Helping you to reconnect with the healing energies of Creator and Creation!

Some very religious people think that spiritual things are somehow separate from physical life, but it is the energies of the spiritual realms that cause the physical world and worlds as we know them.  Even modern science is coming closer and closer to finding that unseen spiritual energies are behind, compose and within all that is. The ancient art and science of the laying on of hands is a way to help people who are physically oriented, begin to accept the existence and efficacy of unseen spiritual energies. 
Monthly Healing Event
Healing with the Light of Love ... channeled from your angels and guides

Spiritual Healing is a form of channeling spirit, or the Love of God-Goddess that exists throughout all universes, all time and all space.  These creative healing energies inspire each atom, cell and tissue to feel, remember and become more of that love, more in tune with the Higher Consciousness of the Christ Light, thus becoming inspired to renew and rebuild (raising this higher energy vibration), into a more beneficial state of being.  The man Jesus said, "in my Father's house are many mansions", thus alluding to the multidimensional realities that exist within all of spirit, all of God-Goddess and all of us, collectively as well as individually. 


Creating personal access to the many other dimensions of healing come through your own attitudes, beliefs, concentration, desire, expectations and perceptions, which together are your "Attunement".  These are some of the ABC's of Creation that guide and direct the vibrations of creation exhibited by, what science calls gravity, electromagnetism, chemistry, biology, DNA and light (all part of these spirituality sciences).  Thus, there is no teacher that can "give you" this attunement, for it is something that you create within you as you build it through practicing spiritual healing attitudes, beliefs, concentrations, desire, expectations, perceptions and live them, so that you become Spiritual Healing itself and it is you.


Since we are already spiritual energy having a human, material, experience upon the earth, the healing channeler inspires a deeper awareness of the Divine Universal Force or Love that is God-Goddess in Perfection ... within their and your human soul, aura, emotions, mind and bodily systems. This life energy is magnified in, around and through each and every living cell, organ and tissue, so that your entire being gains the consciousness of its own divine mission or function, increasing its ability to become what it is meant to become.


Using this healing mode, in close proximity or even through the distances of time or space, may also be accomplished by directing the conscious energies of light, life and love that Is The Divine, acting in harmonic vibration with the spark of love that you and your loved ones really are ... even without physical aids. (Yes, this technique is approaching the border of Quantum Healing ... for Spirit and Quantum come from the ONE SOURCE OF ALL CREATIVITY.)


What is more healing than flowing the energy of divine love to or through an individual, so they might love themselves more, as God does?  Yes, God is love, so how could love hate you in any way?  It has been know, for millennia and by many cultures, that meditation and prayer aid healing as well.  It has also been observed that using the concentration of one's higher mind in a focused or group consciousness, creates a movement of energy that often brings joy, healing, inspiration, wisdom and truth as it calms the environment and soothes the beast within.  Thus,, practicing this kind of meditation and prayer builds one's attunement (as mentioned above).

Soul healing, using often overlooked energies that are our souls, this is yet another practice that may be used as a part of our spiritual healing techniques.  All souls are part of the Body of God-Goddess, and God-Goddess is within each one, at all times, which allows the transfer and flow of love and light that encourage healing to take place, despite our illusions of separation and perceived physical separateness.  Spiritual energies connect with and inspire your life, loves and even your biology, all your life.

Reverend John, is an Artist and a Holistic Health Practitioner.(Recent Photo, 2011)

Helping You Create New Realities, New Worlds and a New Life!
As a trained Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Healer and Mystical Minister, John is still studying new ways to heal, going beyond the known into the unknown, but felt.  As he does this, Rev. John uses his intuitively guided hands to sense energy and fields to move and unblock stagnant or static energies. This is John's way of Complimentery Care & Healing, through Spiritual Healing, ReiKi, Energetic Rejuvenation, Vital Life Force Therapy (VLFT), Chakra Balancing, Meridian Clearing, Polarity Therapy, Auric Cleansing, which even influence and work with the basic Quantum levels of "reality" that our theoretical physicists are exploring.  Any one or all of these methods may be used as mediums to help Ease your Dis-ease and bring you Pain relief in body, mind, emotions and in spirit.


While some clients may be healed on the spot, not all will be. And there are a few that come for healing, that are healed and then develop the same or different symptoms afterward. These people, may have a mind that is ready, their heart is not ready to be healed ... yet. Normally, these people have a mental, emotional or psychological investment in, attachment to or have bought these into their condition such that it is hard to let go of, for psychological, emotional or other reasons.


Thus, the 3-Rs of healing are: Relax, Release, & Revise your beliefs and then you may Rejuvenate, just like 1-2-3!




Spiritually, we are beings of light and love, thus in physical terms, we are electro-magnetic beings with gravity.  All living biological beings generate magnetic energies and have electrical flow (usually acknowledged as nerve energies, but going far beyond that) plus other electromagnetic waves are being emitted, including subtle light energies.  Even our neural (brain) activities generate waves of energy that expand into the universe around us.  This is a partial, simple, scientific explanation of how "psychic" or spiritual energy sensing works and how we effect each other's lives and have (often misunderstood) interactions between people.

Way back in the 1700s Franz Mesmer discovered these energies and was able to tap into them for healing purposes. Later, Justine Kerner, noted German poet and physician of Weinsberg, authored a remarkable record of supernormal phenomena and experiments using magnetic therapeutics. In 1845 he published a book entitled 'The Seeress of Prevost; or Openings-up into the Inner Life of Man, and Merging of the Spirit World with the World of Matter'. In Germany the book made a great sensation. 
In 1850 Cromwell Fleetwood Varley, was attracted to the unseen energies, explained by Spiritualism in 1850. In his later years he had many curious psychic experiences, discovering that he possessed Mesmeric (magnetic) healing power and effected cures on his wife.


In the late 1800s and around the turn of the 20th century, Nichola Tesla began to discover certain properties of the EM (electro-magnetic) domains, as he performed his experiments with light, electricity and magnetism.  At the boundaries of our understandings of these things, today, we are beginning to realize that he was an early discoverer of quantum effects

So, it is here, in these areas that even Albert Einstein was interested in, that we begin to open the door that connects religion with science, of for our purposes here; Spiritual Healing with Quantum Healing ... two different ways of looking at the same phenomena within the same universe and same God-Goddess, or you can look at it as the same door with two sides.  Which ever side of this door you trust is the doorway we will work with you through, even though it is one and the same door.

For more information on advanced Quantum Healing Techniques, click on the Prescott Quantum Healing tab in the left hand menu bar.
Every cell in your body used the divine energies of creation to come into existence in this world and in your body, in exactly the right way and place to provide its function, so long as you both shall live.  So it is that each cell has within it, the necessary "intelligence", ability and energies to regenerate and renew or replace itself, as needed.  Thus, ultimately, you are your own best healer, especially with a little help from your friends.
Healing Disclaimer


Our complimentary healing techniques are not a substitute for seeing a qualified doctor or other health professional that you trust. As we each of us has two eyes and two ears for better seeing and hearing, so too is a second opinion a good way to know more about your condition. What we do is complimentary to other healing modalities; thus we do not diagnose, treat or cure anybody or any thing ... the Divine Living Pr4esence Within that we reinforce with our channeled energies are our inspirational healing specialty.