Spiritual Healing Arts
What would a church be like that is not based on the man Jesus, but on his teachings of love, loving way of life and love for All-That-IS, where Love, Life, Light, Inspiration, Beauty, and Truth are words that are synonymous with "God."


GOD IS ALIVE and Hiding in Each One of Us!


Each one of us is a child of The Most High. (Psalm 82:6) Since, God is Love, each one of us is an expression of that love, even as the man Jesus came to earth to express and teach and show us what God’s love is and what it can do. He expressed in in a very pure form.


Due to the conditions found in our finite world, God can not express all of His/Her love through a single form. Thus, each one of us is a unique expression of that love and so we each express that infinite love differently, though finitely.


Your brothers, sisters, neighbors, even your enemies around the world are expressing God’s Love in the best way they know how, But they are also, like you, here to experience what it is to feel Gods love, or lack of it, expressed in form.


Love is like a magic ball; meant to be tossed to and fro. It is magic in that even when you give it to another, there is always more. I might add that ESPECIALLY when you give your expression of God’s Love to someone else, you WILL find more to give to that one and others.

Toward a New kind of Church

Jesus did not come to this earth to be deified and worshiped. Jesus came as a messiah, messenger, and teacher, to uplift humanity. He came be an example of how to deal with life and other people in more loving ways to show us what is possible for humanity. He showed us that as we live more lovingly with each other new possibilities open up. As a human being, he lived and taught the ways, whys and wherefores of living and dealing with life in unconditional love to the best of his abilities. Though he was born as a human, as we all are, he became Christed as a divinely inspired human vessel of love as he lived his life of loving all God’s Creation in light, love, honor, compassion, inspiration and truth.


In this church, all you need to believe in is that you are a child or emanation of the loving God, the spiritual father of all creation and enlightened beings of this earth such as, but not limited to, Jesus. In this universe based on love all is as it should be including you. The Loving Father that Jesus talked about loves all his creation, which includes all of humanity. (Not just Born-Again Christians) This loving God excludes no one and throws no one out, so we are all “saved” by the absolute love of Creation and Creator. We are each a part of the whole, holy one, which is the loving energy of what we call God, Allah, Jehovah, or Yahweh, in a way similar to the rose which by any other name is still a rose.


Indeed, life, light and love unfold like the petals of that rose, lotus or whatever flower you choose one lovely petal at a time. This is why Jesus often used nature and natural phenomena as his examples of spiritual principles. At its core our physical world runs on the spiritual principle of love, just like we do. However, through our fears we can magically make everything seem disconnected, confusing, and overwhelming. Simply by our choices to act out of love or act out of fear, we are the creators of our lives and world.


We create our own realities by our perceptions, by the choice of lens that we choose to look at life with love or fear. So, as we practice the love of Jesus and the many enlightened masters that have walked this earth before and after us, everything becomes connected through the loving energy that created it.


Rather than building this church around a man, such as Jesus, this church is centered on you, helping you to find upliftment, as Jesus did for those in his day and time. This church has been formed to help you find your own true Divinity within yourself, as the child of God that you really are, intimately and energetically connected with All-That-IS, was and whatever shall be. As Christianity says, “We are One in God.”


The Love of God is always within each one of us and everything else, including yourself. All is in Right Order! I in you, you in me, One in God with individuality but no separation. I in you, you in me, we are one in God.


There is nobody above you and there is also nobody below you for you (we) are each on your (our) divine path, forever.

You are Born of The God of all gods and goddesses, creators all! What do you want to focus on? This is your reality that you create day by day and minute by minute by your attitudes, beliefs, choices and perceptions . Thus, you have the ability to change your choices of what or how you perceive life around you. You are the Power! Make new choices and your life will change.

Each of you, no matter how it seems, no matter what, each of you is a perfect and eternal expression of Source.