Spiritual Healing Arts
Section 3 - A Little More Light on Relativity,  Quantum, and Spirituality:
 On this page, we offer a brief review of the unfoldment and expansion of human consciousness over the last half century or so. 

Regarding our inner experiences such as (second sight, psychic awareness, near death experiences, and)  precognitive dreams ...

"A man or a woman has a precognitive dream - simple enough to dismiss, particularly if unverified ... but when scientists in their own times come across such reports, we have another situation. These are  events that by their nature happen to people in their private moments, often under emotional conditions. To dismiss such a range of experience is shear nonsense.

It is one thing to state quite properly that such events are most difficult to assess scientifically, but quite another to deny their common recurrence in the behavior of mankind, or to dismiss paranormal events as fabrication, hallucination, or the natural reaction to drugs or shock. ...

It is precisely in such areas of such embarrassing subjects that the most challenging and hopeful achievements of science lie and precisely in those avenues of thought considered too hot to handle that the answers to man's  most pressing problems will be solved.

Any hypothesis is an assumption. and to that degree any hypothesis is an statement of faith, however qualified science is operating 'as if' one hypothesis is true or can be proven as true. Experience constitutes the greatest proof in the framework that an event is encountered. A scientist who has a precognitive dream (or other similar experience
0 is qyuite right to admit that he has experienced an event that science does not recognize as legitimate. but as a man he is bound to accept te proof of his own experience."

 - Pp 150-151

"I hope you can fall in love with the wonder and beauty of Life." 

- Stewart Udal

All things are Relative
Unfolding human consciousness & Evolution?
What is the Speed of Light?
Can one unconnected thing influence another?

Albert Einstein not only came up with his theories of how our views of life are often Relative to what we are looking at and where we look from, but he also contributed to our understanding of how individual quanta (things, situations, or events) fit in and coordinate in the Cosmos or Big Picture. 

Is it ALL Connected?
Quantum Entanglement - or is it something else?
Human bonding
The topology of quantum entanglement
NOTE: The Yin-Yang symbol.   Even the old Chinese, thousands of years ago, knew that though we see things that appear as opposing forces, all things are connected; therefore coordinated.
Relativity vs. Quantum
Love and Gravity. Same or different?
Relative speed of light
Each quanta of energy is appearing as physical to us.
Basic Quantum Theory
All energy may be viewed as discrete quanta