Spiritual Healing Arts
Section 2 - Quantum is born:
 On this page, we offer a brief view of quantum physics over the last hundred years or so as it has lead humankind to some new views of our world, bringing us capabilities undreamed of 100 years ago.

"My presence in your world would be of  hallucinatory status in your terms, for the dead are "out of time" with the "display": on your screen of reality. Our mental images no longer coincide with your space-time coordinates, but go off vertically, so to speak, at the point of death, forming angles of experience in some ways adjacent to yours, but no longer connecting. We can experience  events that are quite physical to us, but they do not appear in your continuum and are not imprinted there. 
 On the other hand, it is impossible to say where my "here" is, in usual worldly terms.
First of all, the strict orientation of physical consciousness, again, is largely learned - consciousness being infinitely adaptable - so the infant learns to focus its awareness through the nervous system, pinpointing events in time and space. These are initially inner events however that  affect the objective field in a certain way, forming time-space references Those places and times require the physical nervous system for objective placement through projection outward into the exterior medium.
  The Dead cannot physically interlude again without birth into that system."
 - Pp 107-108

"Common sense is nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down in the mind before you reach eighteen." 

- Albert  Einstein


Our Religions have led to science. Science has now led us to Quantum. Always looking forward and progressing, we humans are creative explorers. Learning and growth are natural "forces" in our universe. We are not alone, as plants and animals grow too, and learning is always part of growth. Even the rocks and minerals have an evolution, or life of their own. IT NEVER STOPS!
The Quantum Wave Function
Space-Time! Is that all there is to it all?
The Quantum Wave Function
Waves of possibility flowing throughout our universes
Everything id Energy
Bridging Science and Spirit
Time is Relative to Here & Now
One of many stubbornly persistant illusions,
Time is also Relative
Our Present is a Gift from Creator
Nothing is fixed in stone or for certain, but certain (quantum?) probabilities are stronger than others. Thus, I almost went to Luxembourg Gardens in 2002, and actually went there, "when the timing was right" in 2017. I call that "Destiny."
Pablo Picasso
Infinite Space for Energy to BECOME seen & heard