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PART 4 - The Wave Function, Hidden 

Domains, and Alternate Realities:

Your reality includes whatever you real-ize or make real. By recognizing it and categorizing it, you make it real in your mind. Another person may see it differently or not recognize (re-cognize) it at all. We are each unique.
We will now begin to look at some alternate realities. 


The idea of an electron as a particle like a billiard ball  does not fit relativity theory or quantum theory. It has been replaced by the concept of a structureless point (of quantized energy) carrying a negative charge. 

Friedman, The Hidden Domain, p.99


Stefan von Jankovich had a near death experience which seems to verify the concept of various domains operating at different frequencies.

"One of the greatest discoveries I made during death ... was the oscillation principle. ... Since that time 'God' represents, for me, a source of primal energy, inexhaustible and timeless, continually radiating energy(and) absorbing, constantly pulsating. ...Different worlds are formed from different oscillations: the frequencies determine the differences. ... Therefore it is possible for different worlds to exist simultaneously in the same place, since the oscillations do not correspond(conflict?) with each other (and) also do not influence themselves. ... Thus, birth and death can be understood as events in which, from one oscillation frequency and therefore from one world, we come to another "

In summary, Seth says that our three-dimensional realit is defined by our velocity of light.

 - Friedman, Bridging Science and Spirit, pp. 214-215

and Schrodinger's cat

Here ... we may address one of Einstein's major concerns with the quantum theory. Abraham Pais recalled a conversation in which Einstein asked Pais whether he really believed the moon only has an existence when we look at it.
Had Seth been there he might have said that Einstein's moon, Pais's moon, your moon, my moon, are all different moons.... It would have been interesting to hear Einstein's explanation.

Suppose a group of religious people see the Virgin Mary and a nearby scientist doesn't. Who is 'right?'  
Perhaps we can say that everybody is right. ...
The idea that we each create our own reality raises challenging issues in various disciplines.

- Friedman, The Hidden Domain, p176

All things are connected
Unfolding human conscious REALITIES
Ballon lift-off
Spiritual Orbs appear On Camera

There is not just one reality, there are multitudinous realities, and we as individuals do, truly, create what we focus upon – this is why it is essential that we ‘be now’ and focus upon what is truly wonderful for us, as we selectively view and read that which leads towards love reather than fear.


You create your reality by your thoughts, by your emotions attached to those thoughts, by the emotion of your Thank Yous and Gratitudes, so that you may indeed create your Heaven on Earth. - Ptaah

Paul Durac
Quantum physics has brought us Modern Miracles
Relativity vs. Quantum
The unbroken wholeness is the "Holiness" we seek.

"The brain organizes and translates events, but ut does not initiate them. Events have an electromagnetic reality that is projected into the brain for  physical activation. Your instruments only pick up certain levels of the brain's activities. They do not perceive the mind's activity at all, except as it is imprinted into the brain." - Roberts, the Nature of the Psyche, p.180

The projection of mind into the brain may happen faster than the speed of light (simultaneously?) , therefore seeming to be a wave of quantum probabilities that then projects the physical event for our observation and evaluation. - Freedman, The Hidden Domain, pp 196-197
Einsteins role in Physics
Quantum Wavicles coming into our domain ...
Human bonding
The topology of quantum entanglement
Metaphysical connections too
Hidden Domain Connections Revealed
We  Ral-ized our Realities
We are experiencing many realities at once
Relative speed of light
Quantum physics is expanding our minds and more
Basic Quantum Theory
Understanding our Physical and Nonphysical worlds
Behind the scenes
What is the basis of our views of our lives?

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Universal Energetics
Personal Energetics to live your life by
David Bohm
Is the Universe also conscious?

ABOVE:  See my personal dream experience.

Student: I think that many times when we’re walking in a garden or through a forest we get that sense that there is an intelligence that is present, that is with us. We don’t often think about or recognize it but I think that we could see it if we knew it was there.

P'taah: Absolutely. It is absolutely to be still and feel.

I think that many times that when we’re walking in a garden, through a forest, we get that sense that there is an intelligence that is presence that is with us. We don’t often think about or recognize it, I think that we could see it if we knew it was there.

Absolutely. It is absolutely to be still and feel.

BELOW: See my personal waking experience.
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