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Spiritual Healing Arts: Physics meets Metaphysics
BIRTH: Science has been birthed from our religions. They both, then, look for the truths of life, passing along that information by the light of education. Thus, we have two eyes, or ways, to view life, giving us more depth perception than either one could provide, alone. In this presentation we will begin looking at life multidimensionally.

"The universities foundations, and the family itself - all of these elements of American life altered their viewpoints drastically. Though the changes were beginning in my period and will come to an end in yours, not for many years hence will it be seen that the twentieth century Western world was as united in basic scientific philosophy as the Europe of te middle ages was in religious rigidity."

From The Afterlife of an American Philosopher, Pp 68-69

It is appropriate to mention, right up front, that some viewers of this website may find certain statements or concepts posited on this site to be controversial or even outrageous, but we often become outrageous when we fall in love with something, even Life itself? And, judging by my title, this class is based on a love of Life, that we all have fallen into.

I hope that you as the viewer will stop to think and realize that we as a society have changed over time, not only from the renaissance, but in the last decade. As you go through this site, I hope that you realize that our societal assumptions may not always apply to a well lived quality life, then or now. Thus, here and there, you may need to “think outside the box” of your preconceived notions about life, what is "real" and about "possibilities." As you do, it could open up a whole new world for you to explore!


Educated by religious institutions, early scientists based their findings on church views and Bible passages. Thus, when dinosaur bones were found, they were thought to be proof of giant humans (Gods?) roaming the earth. Indeed, they were evidence of giants, but they were not human!

So it is that religion and science look at the same world, but with different eyes. Thus they each have their own views and descriptions. Neither is completely wrong or right! Nor do they need to be enemies if you understand their unique contributions to humanity in understanding creation and what we call our own realities, today.

Digging deeper, beyond religion and science, this class strives to show the parallels between the quantum worlds and spirituality, showing how "It's All Connected" in many ways. And we play a part in it all so, should you choose to, you can "put yourself into the equation" of life.
On this page we will briefly cover the evolution of our former education being sponsored by religion as it transitioned to public education and acceptance of science. 

 All is Truth! No matter how outrageous, somebody believes it!
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