Spiritual Healing Arts
After living a good life, it just seems too complicated to love this and dislike that ... so we eventually learn to just love it all!  Above and beyond all else, who we are is love!
Love is All there IS!


The journey of grieving and honoring begins before the person "passes". This is a part of the "perfection" of being perfectly human. Nothing is higher or lower than anything else, for it is ALL GOODLY, GODLY AND GOD MANIFEST IN THE EARTH! It simply IS! This is being one's true unconditional self.

Bottom Line: A deep respect from my core, the core of the earth , sun and moon, expanding that to include the universe and Universal Energies! ...

AND BEYOND ... NO FEAR: "The problem with death is that it happens so quickly." "The transition is so glorious and then all of a sudden you're on the other side". "It is a magnification of love, and so it is a ride that you want to take more than once."

While we believe that we are a body - the real "you" des't die. The body is just your vehicle (space-suit Earth) in which to travel through this life.

You see, upon "death", "they" (Martine) have Graduated into a larger EXPANDED reality, even they (she) didn't "go" anywhere, so they can know more and do more ... especially with electric or magnetic devices. Because they (the "dead") are now attuned to a higher frequency, they now exist outside our visual range of perception. However, there are technololgies on the way that will soon break through this "veil".

Reality has many expressions. And our individual reality is what we make "real" in our lives. So, there are also multiple ways to look at life and the situations we encounter.

I ran across this a few days ago: In our Greater Beingness, we exist in every dimension of reality and thus we are never separate from our Source (or God) which is the greater part of Universal Consciousness. Thus, we are all connected, forever .. and discovering that through time. The connection, of course, is love.


"Life on Earth is so precious, because it offers such an intense experience of all the emotions humans are capable of.   Even a short lifetime lived in poverty offers the soul a range of experience and a level of understanding that would be hard to achieve in many centuries on the other side of the veil."

 -  Jeshua, in "Your Soul's Gift" (p274), by Robert Schwartz


"Of course they are not gone.There is no place to go outside the One (capital O) that we are."  So they (departed loved ones) are alway with you right here, loving you and understanding you in ways they did not seem to during human interaction" - Judith Coates, channeling Jeshua

"Lo, I am with you always, until the end of the world"...


All of our loved ones, Jesus, Abraham, Neptune, Zeus and Buddha plus many more, all are included, are with us until we release our illusions of separation (from Love) and real-ize our Oneness in Creation ... as Creators who are always dearly loved as a part of the Heart of God-Goddess

... "No Matter What!"

"Hear Ye oh Hopeful ones (Isreal), The Lord thy God is One".

(in all things) 


God is love and Love is God.  Love is all there IS.  All else is simply the illusion of the ONE,  creating and expanding as creation manifesting as the Many and Diverse Realities.


"I had a choice to come back or not.  I returned when I realized that Heaven is a state, not a place."

-Anita Moorjani in her book, Dying to Be Me

Healing from Abpve & Beyond
The above logo was created by John for Martine in about 2002, for Martine's Day Spa that was part of our Therapeutic Dimensions holistic healing office in Lake Forest CA.

As we Live Life, we Discover our Hearts

"The reason that we are all on this earth, or school called Earth, is to make love manifest, to the best of our abilities in all that we do, and then experience what that feels like."   This nourishes our souls.

 - Rev. John M. Kohlenberger's Guidance, July 2013

From John's  21 October dream:

"In the greater Scheme of things (Life itself) we're all here to help each other, whether we partner in marriage, business or socially." Everything is in divine order. Thus we have graduations into and out of relationships with each other. This is orchestrated more in the spiritual level than the physical. This is a piece of what happened between Martine and myself.  - 4 Our Understanding

Thus, there really is no place for blame or sorrow in the passing of a loved one or a relationship; as things are truly as they are supposed to be! NOT TO WORRY!

"When the emotion is that of generousity, of service, of unconditional love and of understanding, then benevevolent emotions can reach out and assist the personality and the soul is advanced" - Your Soul's Plan (p223-224) by Robert Schwartz

Beyond Belief

Looking beyond this earthly life, all is life, light, love, lightness, learning and joy!

Martine has graduated into that light, as we all will do, eventually.  None will be left behind, though each will come in  their own time and way.

The unconditional love that is All-That-Is or God-Goddess, lovingly accepts all as a part of self, as a part of life lived and not simply contemplated.


So, why would one even want to come back to experience earthly, physical life?  

In Martine's words, "Because Life is so much FUN!".  (Aug. 2014)

"I no longer viewed death in the same way as others did, either, so it was very hard for me to mourn anyone. Of course, if some­one close to me passed on, I was sad because I missed them. But I no longer mourned for the deceased, because I knew they'd transc- ended to another realm, and I knew that they were happy! It's not possible to be sad there. At the same time, I also knew that even their death was perfect, and everything would unfold in the way it was meant to in the greater tapestry". - Dying to Be Me (p108) by Anita Moorjani

"The kingdom of heaven is within you, and all around you, not in some mysterious or exhotic place". - The Gospel of St. Thomas

In Death, we ALL Find our Hearts

When you, I, we graduate into a greater awareness of the everlasting field of conscious that is pure living love, we will feel and know (experientially) that life is to be enjoyed beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations!  This is the "Awakening" or "Quickening" that Christianity has talked of, and yet did not understand, for over a thousand years!  This is a journey to your heart, which is and always has been not just your core (coeur) but also the Heart of God-Goddess and All-of-Creation.


Find out more about my new views by way of the Essenes of Christianity, at:


A Message from Martine

On the One Year Anniversary of her Apocolypse (The Great Revelation)


To John:  "Don't you realize and remember that our relationship transcended time and space, even before we met? And even as we lived upon the earth, that transcended time and space, too. We didn't have to say everything to each other, for we knew it in our hearts.

We've been relating this way for a very long time. And the absence of the physical is in and of itself an illusion, for you even feel me there with you at night and sometimes in the day.

This is the Love Eternal ... Everlasting."  


This is the Love of God-Goddess that courses through each and every one of us;

for we are always a part of, and can never be apart from, this Grand Love energy !


And, nothing was made without love!

(30 January, 2014)


"When you make love a priority, Spirit does its best to replenish that feeling in their absencewhether it's by demonstrating that they're with you through signs or sending you others to fill their roles."

- Theresa Caputo (Long Island Psychic) in "You Can't Make this Stuff Up", p 147

Life Changing Lessons from Heaven

An Apport?


 What are apports?  Simply put, apports are 'gifts of the spirit' that come from energy manifestations created in the dimensions of non-physical reality, that then come into our physical reality.  A good example, ofteh talked about are, "Pennys from Heaven".  If you want to know "how" this is even possible, I suggest checking with a quantum maniac, as one has to be out of their mind ... and into their heart to understand how "spiritual energy" or quantum science works.



 Today (16 Sept 2014) I went to the linen closet to find a table cloth for an up-coming church potluck.  Yes, as expected, I found several plastic table cloths of various colors there, that Martine had left, and then I unexpectedly noticed a coin on top of the stack of red (cloth) Christmas napkins, nearby.  The napkins have gold decorations below a gold and white angel on each one.  And, just below the gold and white angel on the top napkin was a coin!  So, I thought, "Why would I leave a coin there?"  And then I put the golden angel together with the silver coin (a 2001 Louisiana (French) Quarter) ...


 The light went on!  "Ah, Martine knows how to make Apports."  And, as I think of it now, though I had a shortage of money last month and now feel more money coming.  Martine and her angel friends just may be helping to bring this (as I had asked)!


 Later in the day, as I was returning from a bereavement group meeting, when I felt Martine's happy energy presence and the words, "Don't you know, I am with you."  Then, she added the word, "Always".  My "Golden Girl" strikes again as the gift that keeps on giving!

Holding Others Back After Death!

Can we, REALLY?

Upon wth event we call "death" that other soul is as FREE from the confines of earth and body as they choose to be, just as we on earth are free to miss them or not. Thus, their conscious awareness may be anywhere or any time they choose, just as we many times think, or day dream, about being somewhere else in another time. Thoughts are real in their own context and consciousness is the stuff we are made of!  Why do we deny these metaphysical facts tyhat are a part of our everyday lives - and we know it, but try to ignore it.  Why?

So, if, as or since you and another dearly departed one did certain things together, they may indeed show up in thought form, whether or not you are aware of them, as you continue doing what you used to do, together; especially of it is or was joyful! And since we're all joined together, spiritually, in love to help and assist each other, this is all a part of a loving natural process we call "God". Thus, as we are in communion with others, whether living in a human body or not, this is truly a Divine Communion of love. So, there is no "there" to get to as each "here" and now is chosen.

Love connects us all, and these events are proof of love, (the love of God in self) the connections it enables and the continuance of life beyond these earthly environs and limitations. Thus, though each consciousness is unique and sovereign, we are all connected, (though we don't want to believe it and thus can't see it) like a flock of birds or school of fish, dancing the dances of love as we follow our paths through this life and others.  So why not relax and enjoy the journey!

Further, time is timeless so we are always in our everlasting Now, examining various portions of this infinite instant. So, bringing this a little more down to earth, all things are happening at once; and we just choose the order in which we want to experience them.

We write the stories, then see them through our own eyes, with whatever kind of lenses we choose; showing us a world that may be good, bad, beautiful, ugly, fearful or loving. We even invent the lenses through which we view the actors we gathered and the stage we set for our lives. This is all very creative! We are the Creators we've been looking for! And the news is that The Divine Creator is within each one of us!

Now, those disincarnate ones you might have been aware of, seemingly "hanging around", they may just be coming back to see a loved one or to re-experience some earthly joys ... like us "going to the movies". But, the portion of their infinite soul that you become aware of is just one personality or portion of the Grand Soul of the Infinite, Eternal, Immortal Everything that is The All-That-IS. We are each and all a portion of divinity having a physical experience and this experience is a part our greater divine plan of experiencing All-That-IS that is, was and never shall be separate from God-Goddess, or you!


As for my former wife and lover (many lifetimes, I might add), MARTINE, in her larger awareness is in multiple places at once, in many time frames and dimensions. Given that scenario, there is no way I can hold her back!  As always, I let her make her own choices!


- Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP

At Day's End

We may finally see Nature's beauties


Death exists as a part of life so that those of us who are aware and deeply involved in this life may deepen our respect for Life ... All Life,  just as it is!!


This photo was taken on a mid summer evening at sunset near John's home in Arizona.

A Funny Thing Happened

on My Way to the Opera!

December 13, 2013 about 8 PM, Relaxing and watching a PBS Great Performances
Opera, "Silent Night" - about when peace broke out during WW II ... the actors spoke
in English, German and French!   
(Martine loved Operas, I did not).

While thinking of that, as if Martine was watching with me, I decided to have a virtual conversation with her:

John: "Martine, I love you still. I wish you were here with me (physically)."


Martine: "Likewise!  But, I had (have) things to do. I am finding purpose 'here'.

I lost my purpose 'there'. Not only about you, but my work, too.

I could have kept on a while longer if I had kept my job. (You did not understand that.)  But, I knew that eventually I had to go, as I had not planned to stay any longer (in my life). It was not my goal to go beyond that point.

C'est Fini!"

John: "Is this real?   Or is this the 'automatic, inspired writing' that medium Chris Meredith talked to me about in my last session with him?"


My Guide: "Certainly! And, we have more for you, later. This is enough for now. The door has been opened. That is enough for now.



John: "Will I get help in my dreams?

Guide: "We will help. This dialog is the meaning of 'the car' that you saw, with all the doors removed, in your dream last night!  You are now looking within, unimpeded."


"And, 'She is coming' (soon in our time, but you'll have to wait a while longer in your reality)."


John: "Am I making all this up?"


Guide: "Yes and no."

(I/You/We make it all up, but then what you/I/we make becomes so real that 'others' then interact with you in a co-creation ... and you believe that what you are experiencing is all outside you ... and "they" did this or that TO you!  The "they" is also you and you are they.)  This is the ONENESS OF GOD AND CREATION!

Love is Forever
Love is a transcendental energy, working beyond any limits of time and space.


This is partly how the "holographic quantum-spirit" of God, Spirit and Creation "works"!

I am now reminded of an 11/18 Email from Bev (www.SimpleSpirituality.com)

"Sounds like everything is totally in right order and that Martine is seeing that everything falls into place.

I just love how God/spirit work."

December 14 - DREAM - It seemed that Martine was with me ... in my early dreams, but not later in the night.   Martine was talking to me about our human lives being like cameo appearances of actors in a movie or in a stage play.  The actors and actresses come in and out, play their roles and then are gone from the movie, the play and seemingly no more after that role was played and all the interactions necessary were performed.  Yet, though they are no longer on the stage, they are still alive, now in different roles and their lives still go on in other ways, doing other things.   So, indeed, while they still exist, it
appears to the movie viewers that they no longer exist.  So it is with our human lives - as actors, interacting, experiencing, learning and growing; finding out more about who we are or could be ... or might like to become!

This change of roles is what happens in "death".  The actor leaves that role, only to take on another.

A Message from Martine - 2015-10-10

 Let us in!  This is what Jesus meant when he talked of "standing at the door and knocking".   We are all with each other in our hearts, (all in the Ever Loving Heart of God) but do you let others in ... do you even let us in, who have passed on before you; in to your thoughts, your caring, your love?   You can't do it while holding the world at arm's length, can you?  We are honored and enlivened by your communications with us.  So, please open your hearts and keep us in your thoughts, for as you love and remember us, we can do nothing more than respond in like kind.

  Let us in regularly and you will surely feel our love, our touch and even our hugs."  We love you so very much, as does God-Goddess/Creator and All-That-Is, Was and Ever Shall Be, and we are only a thought away; for We are All One.

"The way you solve the Mystery of Life is by living it". 

-  Ashlem, a Buddhist Monk, channeled through Bob Copeland

BELIEF is what makes things BE-come ... into "being"

We are Creators, made in theImage and Likeness of "CREATOR.

This is how All Things, Events, Situations and Experiences, "living" or "dead", even us, believing in ourselves ... came into Be-ing or what we call Real-ity!   But the essence that even has the ability to believe, goes on, beyond our imagined boundaries of time and space, through infinite love and grace



So, there IS

NO PAST & NO FUTURE ... "All is One"

All that you, I, we experience is by way of our expanding awareness (the awareness of God, if you will) ... as we Real-ize (through belief) "There, by the grace of God, go I",  "I wonder how it feels to be that (way)" and "I AM THAT, too!".

Spirit at the Polls ... 

4 November 2014

While working at an EPB (Electronic Poll Book)


Sometime in the late morning of the November 4th Mid-term election process, I noticed that somehow, without my touching the screen of the EBP I was sitting at, letters would appear on my screen as if I had typed them.  It seemed that some of the commonly typed letters were like, C-X, C-F, C-D, D-S, D-V, F-B, etc, including many two letter combinations limited to the lower left corner of the on-screen keyboard.


Then, after lunch, I noticed that the letters were being typed as I reached out to hand the voter validation tickets to the voters.  These tickets provided
the information needed so that the voter could get their proper ballot.   However, my left arm obscured my view of the keyboard so I could not actually see the letters being typed!  Shortly after that, I saw the letters C-Z and  Z-F appear on screen as I withdrew my arm from handing a voter their ticket.  Then it struck me that not only are the letters Z-F 5 keys apart, but my dearly departed wife liked CZs (Cubic Zerchonium)!

During this process, I mentioned what was happening on my screen to the poll worker sitting next to me.  Then as we talked, it seemed that something "paranormal" might be happening, as he also observed these happenings several times. 


Then, about 2 O'clock, I looked out the window to see what the weather outside was
like and I saw the letters ONU (actually UNO backwards) reflected on the glass.  These letters were reflecting from the "UNO MASS ..." (One Last Snackbar, in Spanish) down the service aisle and on te otyer sife from us.  Immediately my subconscious mind said
"UNO ... You Know what is happening"! 

I now believe that my deceased wife, Martine, who used to frequent this Event Center that we were working in, as she was the
accountant for the hockey team that played here, was playing games with me.  I believe that my former wife, now deceased, was orchestrating these "interesting events" for me in order for me
to see that Spirit (deceased loved ones and others) Knows what we are doing and can act in certain physical ways (electronics are easiest) ... even though their energy is no longer "physical"!  And, as they are In Love (immersed in The Love of The ONE, The Source if Liufe that some call God) they love to play!


The process of placing our energy within a body, and in so doing forgetting that we are vast, majestic, Divine Beings made literally from the energy of Unconditional Love, is akin to being struck on the head by a heavy tree branch and rendered unconscious, only to awaken with no memory whatsoever. What would happen if you actually had such an experience? All who love you, each member of your family, every dear friend, would come to your side and express great love for you. Though you would recognize none of them, their powerful outpouring of concern and affection would touch you deeply. You would conclude that only a truly loving person could be so beloved. And in that instant of realization, you would know, beyond any doubt, your true nature.

 ~ Robert Schwartz


Now Graduated into Heaven

"Don't you realize that our relationship transcended time and space, even before we met?
And even as we lived upon the earth, that transcended time and space, too. We didn't have to say everything to each other, for we knew it in our hearts.
We've been relating this way for a very long time. You even feel me at night.

This is the Love Eternal."

This Love Story is ... To Be Continued


So Many Dreams!


The dawn is filled with dreams
So many dreams which one is mine
One must be right for me
Which dream of all the dreams
When there's a dream for every star
And there are oh so many stars
So many stars

The wind is filled with songs
So many songs which one is mine
One must be right for me
Which song of all the songs
When there's a song for every star
And there are oh so many stars, so many stars

Along the countless days, the endless nights
That I have searched so many eyes
So many hearts, so many smiles
Which one to choose, which way to go, how can I tell
How will I know, out of, oh
So many stars, so many stars

Yes, the wind is filled with songs, so many songs
Which one is mine, one must be right for me
Which song of all the songs
When there's a song for every star
And there are, oh, so many stars, so many stars

Along the countless days, the endless nights
That I have searched so many eyes
So many hearts, so many smiles
Which one to choose, which way to go, how can I tell
How will I know, out of, oh, so many stars

So many stars
Oh, so many sta
rs ... So many stars ...


Written b Sergio Mendez, Alan & Marilyn Bergman

That love you are channeling is incredible enlightenment.

Love is All There Really IS!