Spiritual Healing Arts

All That Is is light; vibrating eminations of infinite creativity.  Some call this divinity or quantum.  Our material world is created from this energy.  Thus, Life may be a Delight, if you want to see it that way!

 All-That-IS is Love!



Erik: Now, when you get to the afterlife, Mom, I’ll appear to you however you want. Do you want me to be a little boy? Do you want me to be grown up? You don’t have to decide now. Wait 'till you get here, and I’ll be whatever you want— or a beam or ball of light.


 You know, come to think of it, Mom, when you’re in spirit too, it won’t matter to you at all. It won’t matter to you. You won’t be going by how I looked when I was there. You’ll just be interacting with my soul, which you will see and feel as a beam of light.


Me: So , do your buddies appear to you as beams of light or as how they were when they were alive?


Erik: Balls of light, kinda like in that movie Cocoon, when they take their skin off. Oh, but we don’t look like extraterrestrials or anything. We look like balls of light.


Quoted from My son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (p. 90), by Elisa  Medhus M.D., (2013-10-01). ... Atria Books/Beyond Words. Kindle Edition.

Heaven is exactly what you imagine it to be - a place where you can have anything you wish.

After merging with The Essence of Life, the soul understands that there is no such thing as judgment and condemnation. It understands that nothing negative can
possibly occur in the Afterlife .  It understands Who and What the soul is.  It understands the Purpose of Life and the Process of Life.  It understands completely the nature of Ultimate Reality.  And it understands that the Afterlife will always be there, waiting, waiting for all eternity.”


The above is from Home with God, by Neale Donald Walsch, pg. 259


"Of course they are not gone.There is no place to go outside the One (capital O) that we are."  So they (departed loved ones) are alway with you right here, loving you and understanding you in ways they did not seem to during human interaction" - Judith Coates, channeling Jeshua

"Lo, I am with you always, until the end of the world"...


All of our loved ones, Jesus, Abraham, Neptune, Zeus and Buddha plus many more, all are included, are with us until we release our illusions of separation (from Love) and finally real-ize our Oneness with all Creation ... as Co-Creators who are always dearly loved in the Heart of God-Goddess

... "No Matter What!"

"Hear Ye oh Hopeful ones (Isreal), The Lord thy God is One".

(in all things) 


God is love and Love is God.  Love is all there IS.  All else is simply the illusion of the ONE,  creating and expanding as creation manifesting as the Many and Diverse Realities.

What is God?Love, Life, Light … all
that is?

In the book, “My Son and the Afterelife: Conversations from
the Other Side” , on paged 249, Dr. Elisa Medhus M.D gives a description from her son of his meeting with “God”:


Then as soon as I met God face to face, in front of— It was a light— an expansive light. Not much shape that I could describe —like the shape of a heart or of a person.”

Born Into The Greater Light!


"In "death", we still continue living, just deeper in our Hearts!

NOTE - Martine, is now experiencing and celebrating Freedom and Flight of her Soul, in her Essence which we sometimes call the "Light Body".

The Love, experienced in death is the ultimate healer!
The above "burst of light in darkness" was created by John, July 2014

                                       REMEMBRANCE XVI

    "You are continually in the act of creation, in life and in death.”
From Neale Donald Walsch,s book, Home with God: in a life that never ends, pg. 217.


                                          As we are each "created in the Image and likeness of God",

                                          we, too create our lives and co-create the worlds we live in. 

              My former “wife”, Martine, has Graduated

               into The Greater Light, Deep Within Her Soul

                 ... which is now, and always, a portion of the Living Spirit

                  Below is her new and deeper understanding of God.

She now says that God is that light that permeates all things where she is and she's aware of the closeness of this presence around her, like the guiding presence of a father.

And, it's everywhere, its light permeates through everything and there is a sense of never being alone; never being lonely. You can be on your own if you wish to be, but you're always feeling very connected.


Sometimes, she says, that doesn't always happen in the physical world.

"Even darkness is merely a density of light." - Dr Peebles

"HEAVEN" ... In the words of William James, in
 "The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher", 
by Jane Roberts:

"Nowhere have I encountered the furnishings of a conventional heaven, or glimpsed the face of God. On the other hand, certainly I dwell in a psychological heaven by earth's standards, for everywhere I sense a presence, or atmosphere, or atmospheric presence that is well intentioned, gentle yet powerful, and all-knowing. This seems to be a psychological presence of such stunning parts, however, that I can point to no one place and identify it as being there in contrast to being someplace else. At the risk of understating, this presence seems more like a loving condition that permeates existence, and from which all existence springs.

The feeling of safety mentioned earlier is definitely connected here, in that I know that no evil or harm can befall me, that each of my choices will yield benefits, and that this loving condition upholds me in all of my ways. 

 - Chapter 10, Page 163

Martine's Rose,

is now in the Garden of Mary


I and the Father are One.

I stand forth into the Light of the Christ.

For I am Light, I Am Light.

I Am That Light!

A Message to John, from Martine

... from Dr. Peebles, through Summer Bacon, nearly two months after Martine's official "Release" date from her body, here on earth:

She says, "I would like you to take a hot air balloon ride, because it would be a beautiful adventure." And she says, "You'd really feel me there." And she says that she would like to walk with you. And she wouldn't mind if you went to Aix-en-Provence and enjoy the sunshine. She wants you to be there when it's warm."

So, here (below) is a photo that I took in January 2014 from the gondola as I took that balloon ride within days of the first anniversary of Martine's passing on to her next Grandest Adventures.  This picture which includes several golden orbs of light, I believe, gives me photographic evidence of her continuing energetic presence, along with my brother Bill (who passed on nearly 8 months after Martine) plus many other friends and family who are also "alive" in the energy domains we call "The Other Side" of the Veil or what many generally call "Heaven".

Of course, "Heaven" is not a place; it is more of a state of being, feeling  loving peacfulness and awareness that "everything is OK, after all".  It is a kind of like a state of perfection and a feeling of completion, when you are in that moment.

NOTE: The "unseen" energies in the above photo were recorded as orbs of golden light by my camera, though I saw none of this with my eyes.  I believe, that these bodies of light are the energies of my relatives and friends who, though "dead" in body, are still quite alive in the energy domains that both science and metaphysics know about.  As Newton said, "Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form".  And that, I believe, is exactly what the creative act of "death" is doing for and by the soul of each one of us.  The most prominent orb, of course, is either Martine or Dr. Peebles!
     The yellow object at the upper left is another balloon that launched minutes before the one I was floating with.
     The white circular object near the center of this photo is the last balloon launching.  The three white objects nearby are the trucks and trailers that brought the people and the 3 balloons to the launch site, near Sedona AZ.

I recently attended a seance in Sedona and was told that I have a whole group of "helpers" (8 or 10 family and friends) and Martine is the leader of this group. I believe that we can see several members of that group in the above photo.

"The way you solve the Mystery of Life is by living it". 

-  Ashlem, a Buddhist Monk, channeled through Bob Copeland - 2011

The day I received my 2013 Federal Income Tax refund, I took my traveling companion, Spirit, to celebrate with a breakfast at a French restaurant, as Martine and I would have if she was still in or with her physical body.  Our trip was beautiful, with gentle temperatures and even a little rain. (unusual for Phoenix)


As I sat at a table on the patio, I heard a "bonjour" from one of the waitesses, most of whom, I discovered, spoke very good French.  Then as I read the menu, I was in tears as I realized how much Martine would have enjoyed the selection and eating here.


My savory breakfast crepe was made to (Martine's idea of French) perfection. As I left, I knew that Martine would have enjoyed my experience ... or was she there with me in spirit?

ow is a photo that I took of that restaurant before leaving Scottsdale.

Again, as in January, a golden orb showed up in my photo of the restaurant!  So, was Martine there, in spirit, AS AN ORB OF ENERGY, along with our puppy, Spirit, and myself?  I believe that she was and this is photographic evidence!  You can decide for yourself! 

And, then, above the golden-yellow energy is a round grey circular energy (between the store namers).  Could this be Martine's former Keeshound Darty in his light body?  I now know that Martine missed him very much after his "death", even though she did not say much about it; she was looking forward to being with her friend Darty as she moved towards her transition.


For some reasom, I went back to look at the picturtes I had taken in July and noticed that in the second one (shot from the hip, so the image was at an angle) the orb is there, too, in a different place.  I believe that at this late date, and the fact that this ligt energy was in both picturtes, Martine is telling mne, "I'm still in the picture". 

And if you look on the left, near the waitress who is walking out of the restaurant, you will see another greyish orb of light energy.  I believe that this is likely Martine's frend and former dog, "Darty".

“Life challenges break open our hearts, not for the purpose of harming us or making us suffer, but so the love we are on a soul level may flow more easily and powerfully through our hearts.”


- Quoted from: Your Soul's Gift, by Robert Schwartz, pg 508

About a month after I downloaded the photos from my camera to the computer, that I had taken that I took at the French restaurant (above), I found a photo of Martine at the 2005 Christmas Party put on by the Leisure World Parapsychology Club, where we were in charge of finding speakers for the meetings. 


Here is my "Golden Angel", manifesting in her human form, happy and smiling as usual.  You should see her JOY now ... as a Heavenly Angel!

         Celebrating our 19th Wedding Anniversary!
I again drove to Scottsdale to have a real French breakfast, as I would have done if Martine was still in her human body.  As I sat on the patio with my little dog, Spirit, at my feet, as we did at many other restaurants in the past, it felt like Martine was there with her French family.  It seemed that they were "in the air" around us.  So, I ordered a typical French family breakfast of baguette, orange marmalade (and butter), to start with.  In particular, I could "feel" Martine and her cousin Daniel who used to live only a couple of miles away in Paradise Valley.  They were good friends as kids in France, so this may very well have been true.
I followed that breakfast with "une omelette avec champignon, onion et chevre".  However as I could not eat all that in one sitting, I took some home or later.
And, as before, I took some photos before leaving and as I later viewed them, I saw indications of the French family, as many small white orbs in my photo.

"Life is an outrageously creative game, without limits, for you to express your divine immortal sparkle in physicality!"

- Guide for the Journey Home, by P'taah and Jani King


Angelic Love
The flames of Angelic Love

I HAD A DREAM - 20 December 2014

In the early morning I was dreaming, feeling something about the merging of
my male and female energies and then I saw two candles, both lit; a red one and a
sparkling silvery one, burning.  And then, as I became consciously aware of what I wa seeing, I wondered, is this the burning flames (twin flames) of love between Martine (sparkling silver) and myself (red)?


Later that morinig, I drove to Sedona to hear what Dr. Peebles has to say through his channel(er) Summer Bacon.  During this channeling, my name was picked to ask a question of the Good Doctor:


Dr. Peebles Comment (20 Dec. 2014): You’re a mysterious one these days, we
hardly hear from you. You’ve really gotten down to earth here, helping people and talking to people. This is great. You’re not having to send your prayers to
heaven so often because you’re sending them out to the world. It’s beautiful, it really is. We’re very proud of you. So what would you like to ask, my friend?


John: I had a dream, last night and it seemed like there was something about putting the male and female together, similar to what you addressed briefly earlier, and at the ending of the dream I was shown a silver candle and a red candle. Do you have any enlightenment about what was going on there?


Dr. Peebles: Yeah, that’s you my friend and your dear wife and you are two candles in the night and for the whole wide world. And that was, really what it was, her Christmas Present for you. The red is the love she offers to you and the silver is the angel that she is. You see, you light each other. "When one went dim, the other lit them up." That’s the way the relationship went, yeah?


John: Yes, Thank You


Dr. Peebles: You’re very welcome.


Learn more about Dr. Peebles at: www.SummerBacon.com

Loving Allowance
The Gift you can give all year long.

BELIEF is what makes things BE-come ... come into "BEing"

We are Creators, made in the Image and Likeness of "CREATOR.

This is how All Things, Events, Situations and Experiences, "living" or "dead", even us, believing in ourselves ... came into Be-ing or what we call Real-ity!   But our essence that even has the ability to believe, goes on, beyond our imagined boundaries of time and space, through infinite love and grace



So, there IS

NO PAST & NO FUTURE ... "All is One"

This is the "One God" ... explained in simple terms.

All that you, I, we experience is by way of our expanding awareness (the awareness of God, that lives within each one of us, if you will) ... as we Real-ize (make things real through our belief).  And then we realize, "There, by the grace of God, go I",  And then you may "I wonder how it feels to be that (way)" and then you realize, "I AM THAT, too!".


Now Graduated into Heaven

"Don't you realize that our relationship transcended time and space, even before we met?
And even as we lived upon the earth, that transcended time and space, too. We didn't have to say everything to each other, for we knew it in our hearts.
We've been relating this way for a very long time. You even feel me at night.

This is the Love Eternal."

7 December 2015 - (While driving to see hospice patients in Sedona area):

Martine: "Yes, I know that you read much of the Kryon book 12 (DNA) as you sat with me in my hospital room when I seemed to be sleeping or non-responsive.  But, then, you were identifying 'me' as my physical body, which is definitely a part of who I am, in total, but certainly not all there is to 'me' and Who I Really Am.

But, now, as we come together energetically and psychically, you can feel me in a different level of vibration, akin to 'the music of the spheres' which is the music of love as expressed through light, remembering that matter is simply the density of light.

And, so, in your tears of sadness. of missing my physical presence, you are learning to just tune in to a higher vibration (like tuning to another channel on your TV) and here I am!  And, we're together again, in our loving and sharing light.  So, now, as you re-attune, you have tears of JOY!"

Spirit Helpers
Angelic Helping Hands - as they APPEARED on my computer!

(28 Jan, 2016, while going to see hospice patients)

Here are some revealing and inspired words about celebrating Martine's Graduation into the greater Light of Creation on 30 January 2013 ... 3 years later.

IMPRESSIONS:  Martine and her soul are one and as divine as any and all other creation.  She is was and always will be a part of the divinity of God-Goddess and All-That-Is.  Thus, her life and existence deserves a celebration.  And, as I celebrate her divinity, I also celebrate my own, and that of all Life and all Creation.

THEN SHE SAYS:  "Life Rules!  For, Life is everywhere undiminished, not only in the light, where you can see it, but even in the darkest places I have been in, where you can only feel it.  Where ever you go, Life, Love, God EXIST!             So, you may, and it is always good to, Celebrate the existence of Life, Love and God-Goddess."

P.S. I had considered going to a French restaurant in Phoenix to celebrate this anniversary.  But, as the weather will be changing from warm to storm on Saturday (Jan. 30) and the restaurant is about 97 miles from home, I believe I will opt for a Prime Rib buffet dinner at the Cliff Castle Casino, which is only 41 miles away.

AN END  NOTE ABOUT THIS EVENING'S  PHENOMENA:  I was editing the church and personal websites this evening, to add the above text and picture.  While editing the personal website (Into the Light page), after inserting the text describing today's experience (See the file under My Books/2016/Epiphany) I could not insert the picture of Helping Hands.  So I went to edit the church website and added the text and picture to the church website (under Martine's Memorial) with an added 'P.S." that was not part of the original entry on  my personal website.

When I then went back to finish editing my personal website, everything was already there ... the text, picture and PS!  (I must have had Helping Hands!!!)

This Love Story is ... To Be Continued

Acronyms to remember:

What is "GOD"? 

"Getting Over Divisiveness"  and/or the "Grand Oneness Diversifying"


- Quotes from  Neale Donald Walsch & John Kohlenberger


So, now, What is the DEVIL?


"Denying Everything Vital Is Love"  and/or

"Denying the Existence and Validity of Infinite Love"

- Quotes from  John Kohlenberger


What about those infamous "Lost Souls"?  Is there hope?


In  the eyes of God,

"lost" simply means: "Letting Our Soul Takeover"!


- Quote from  John Kohlenberger



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The love that you are channeling is really incredible enlightenment.

Love is All There Really IS!